An Upsetting Ending.

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2 dumb friends and one mean man.

Drama / Action
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Chapter 1

I held his hand as we walked in the park, smiling at him. Our arms swung as we talked about our history, but never our future, I never asked though, incase I ruin the moment. Most of the time, I just shut up when he talks, its mesmerizing to me how he knows exactly what he wants to say. Flashbacks of discord calls crawl back into my memory, my smile got even wider. We sung all night, we always knew the words.

"Darci?" He then tapped me on the shoulder.

"Yeah Mikserki?" I looked up.

"I have to go but meet me at 1AM tonight outside my house." He then patted me on the head and ran off.

I knew what he wanted to do, he's obsessed with space, and I am too, but not so much with the stars like him.

I checked the time, it was 1AM so I shoved on some warm clothes and ran outside. Luckily, he only lives a block away so I was there quick.

"Hey Mikserki!" I yelled, then hugging him from behind.

"So we're going to watch the stars tonight darling."

I smiled and kissed him on the lips, then getting on his back for a piggy-pag. He was walking for around twenty minutes when we came to a stop at a hill. He layed down and pointed at the stars,

"They're so bright, I wonder what they actually are."

"Mhm." I nod, then laying down next to him. I yawned, and vision became blurry... I was... asleep?

A sharp pain in my back struck. I opened my eyes to a bright light, me on a stretcher being pushed around the hospital.

"What's going on?" I questioned, then trying to sit up.

"DON'T SIT UP!" My mother yelled.

I immediately layed back down and straightened out.

"Where's Mikserki?" I asked.

My mother stared at me, swallowed hard then looked at the paramedic, he shook his head. I started crying, tears rolling down my face.


"Where the fuck is Mikserki..?" I stuttered.

My mother wiped my tears and hushed me,
"He protected you, he's in a better place now."

I began crying that much, I passed out.
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