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Emily and Ethan are twins Siblings in a family torn Twins that don't see eye to eye

Drama / Romance
xX Carlisle Xx
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Chapter 1

"Em,get up you're going to be late"

Why are the weekends so damn short.I just wanna sleep my ass off.Five minutes,I just need five minutes.Another week of school,might as well sleep it off.

"I hope you still aren't in bed Em"

Dammit.Let me get away with something today.Reluctantly,my body moved to the bathroom although my mind objected.A look in the mirror was all it took to discourage me.Bags under my eyes and a sullen look on my face.A sigh escaped my lips

Oh well,let's get this over with Em.

Within half an hour(Which I know is a pretty long time due to me being late)

Emerged out from the bathroom with a robe and a towel wrapped round my head.Digging through the bundle of dresses piled up on the floor hoping to find something normal to wear.

A hoodie with jeans ended my search.Screw normal dressing.I'm not normal and I know it.I'm ready for school.(Sarcasm detected)

"At least you have fashion sense"Only one person I know will say that and I didn't need rocket science to figure it out.

"Don't you have some victim to go torture other than me?I really don't have your time"

"Don't worry dear sister,you're a special one"Ethan cooed.

Why is the universe so wicked?

What did I do wrong to deserve such punishment?

To be related to this psychopath of a brother who I have no interest with?

"Are you two done fighting world war three or this is just the battle?"

"We're on a truce"

She sighed"Just hurry up and leave for school,you're already late as it is"

I opened the front door,the cold air gushed onto my face,giving me a cold awakening.

I hate Monday mornings. Why can't school start on Tuesdays,I wonder?

Because it's not the beginning of the week?

"Hey princess hurry up,I'm not your Prince Charming to be waiting for you"

I sighed,trottingny legs to the car before he left me.Most a times,I'd seldom get him to drive us to school but this time,I won't waste it.

Minutes felt like hours,the trees passed by giving a sense of serenity,the birds chirping in delight.To what I dunno.The smell of freshly baked bread making my stomach grumble.


I glanced over to Ethan,peering hardly at his face

"Your stare is boring holes in my skull.It's annoying"

"Oh....sorry.Thought I saw something."

We can't even get along as siblings neither can we talk as one.

When did it all go wrong,what happened?

I miss my brother and I would do anything to see that side of him again but I can't blurt that out and I'm so damn sure that side of him died eons ago.

"We're here"

I hopped out the car,shutting the door.Another hellish week has begun.Let this day be a good sign.The bell rings.Students littered on the school grounds begun swarming in.Bodies pushed against each other,like a pack of sardines.

Shouldering through the bunch and finally made it to class.Ploped by the seat next to Lynette.

"Em,your love for hoodies is a real treat.Can I see you without wearing a hoodie for a day?"She joked

"That isn't gonna happen Lyn"I teased.

"Alright,settle down class."

There he stood,Mr jaxon,in all his badness.

"Today we'll be having a quiz"

Groans and murmurs surfed the class.It wouldn't be a Monday without olé Jaxie's quizzes.

"Time's up!Miss Emily,kindly collect the papers"

Why?Why does a teacher have to know me more or less know my name.

I rose and begun collecting the papers.

"Nice being the teacher's pet"Nadia snarled.

I rolled my eyes.Ignoring her is my best option.

Hey you!Bless your soul for selecting this

This is my first story so take it easy on me :)

Any questions or just wanna chat IG:bluebelle_dia.

I hope you enjoyed the story as much as I do :)

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