A Truly Wicked Tale (Book 2)

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I never thought I would have anything worth living for. Not until I met him. He was nothing like everyone else I had met through my life. He was the devils pet in so many ways. Something about him drew me to him. And if I was being honest, I was scared. Scared to let him in. Scared to trust him. Scared to Love him.

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Chapter 1

I never thought I would have anything worth living for.

Not until I met him.

He was nothing like everyone else I had met through my life.

He was the devils pet in so many ways.

Something about him drew me to him.

And if I was being honest, I was scared.

Scared to let him in.

Scared to trust him.

Scared to Love him.

But at the same time I was scared to be away from him.

Until Fate came calling.

5 years.

That’s how long it has been since I was in that place.

Since I was saved from that place and that man. I’ve been bounced around in the foster system. Go figure. Taken from 1 nightmare only to be put in another.

2 years after I was saved. I was adopted by what I thought was the sweetest couple in the world. That is until I witnessed something I wish I hadn’t. The man who had become my father, was a bigger monster then Mr. K.

Though, I was never made to do what she was made to do. She saved me before it got that far. Told me to seek out a someone named Megan. Which I did.

What I didn’t expect to find was the right hand man of Mr. K waiting with her.

Daniel Marks.

He helped me get into the foster system. Which he didn’t know was ran by Mr. K as well. I didn’t know that at the time either. Neither of us would have guessed to be honest.

After about a year of being there I found out that the man who became my father was a monster. I had come home from school early one day since I wasn’t feeling well and what I walked into will scar me for life.

There on the sofa was a woman, who was not the woman who had become my mother. I’ll always remember her. Blonde hair, dark brown eyes, bright red scarlet lips, deep and dark eye shadow, and she was wearing a black and red lace underwear set. She was laying on the sofa, her ass in the air, while the man who had became my father, pounded into her from behind. His hand in her hair pulling her head back to look at him while she screamed random words. She looked at me. And smiled. It seemed to turn her on even more, she screamed louder while she slammed herself back into him to meet his thrusts.

Luckily, he didn’t see me. Or so I thought at the time.

I tore my eyes away and made a beeline to my bedroom. That was more then disturbing. I decided to take a long hot shower then take a nap. I decided not to tell the woman who became my mom what I saw. Unless it happened again that is. She was at work. Or that’s what I thought at the time.

After my shower, I listened for the noises that were coming from the living room earlier. I heard nothing. I figured it was safe to go get some crackers because my tummy was hurting and I wasn’t sure if my tummy could handle anything heavier then crackers.

I walked out only to see the blonde woman tied up like a pretzel on the sofa. She was gagged, which explained why I couldn’t hear anything. I looked around for him, but I couldn’t see him. I noticed a white powdery substance on the dark wooden coffee table.

Great...′ I rolled my eyes. I grew up with shit like that before I was traded to Mr. K. I knew exactly what it was.


That shit made you jittery and wired and up for hours or days depending on how much you took. I’ve witnessed it too many times. My biological parents were drug dealers who ran a strip club. I knew more about sex and drugs by the time I was 3 then most people did by the time they hit their teens.

Don’t get me wrong my parents seemed normal on the outside to the point that you would have never guessed that they were both drug dealers and strip club owners.

My bio-mother, Katrina, was a dancer so I would always come home to her entertaining guests in living room on the coffee table. If you guessed it, no she barely wore anything. A Skimpy bra and a piece of cloth that could hardly be called underwear.

She would do more then just dance too. By the time I was 5 I knew what orgy’s were. Specially when you walked in on a few here and there that involved your own mother while your father just watched drinking a beer or smoking something from the sidelines.

I never understood it. But I was also little at the time.

I never brought friends home because you never knew what you would walk in on. Lord knows I never did.

Like the day before I was sold.


My mother, if you can even call her that, was entertaining like normal. But instead of dancing she was laying on her back on the coffee table with at least 5 guys around her.

2 guys were doing lines of Coke off her stomach and chest while letting their mouths wonder. Another one was fucking her mouth while another guys laid under her fucking her in the ass while another was eating her out while the guys doing lines on her were playing with her tits.

My father was just leaning back against the wall just watching while drinking his beer or at least that’s all I could see from the front door until I walked in closer. A friend of mine from school was on her knees in front of my father sucking his cock and it looked like it didn’t even phase him.

No one even batted an eyelash when I walked through the living room to the stairs. This was normal for me.

"Baby... Come here..." I heard my father say. Not sure who he was talking to so I kept walking. "Gabby! I said come here..." I heard him say again.

I knew I couldn’t walk away. So I turned around and walked back keeping my eyes on the floor.

"Yes dad..." I said when I was in front of him.

"Your turn... On your knees..." He said.

I gulped and closed my eyes while I walked over replacing my friend laid on the floor keeping the 2 guys that were doing lines on my mom busy.

"Be a good girl..." He said as I got on my knees in front of him. "Show them how it’s done baby..." He purred.

I hated myself but what could I do? Say No? Yeah that would have been worst.

So, I did want I was told. I took him into my mouth and slowly bobbed my head back and forth using my hand at the base since I didn’t want the entire thing in my mouth. I found my rhythm quickly. It’s not the first time I had to do this.

"Oh god... Yes... Oh fuck... Yes... That’s it, just like that baby..." He repeated over and over as he tangled his fingers in my hair and gripped it tight. He bucked his hips and pulled my hair to force me to go faster and take him deeper.

Luckily for me, he never lasted too long, so this only went on for a few minutes before he was cumming.

But I couldn’t stand the taste, it was sour and gross. So after he was done I ran and spit it in the sink and washed it down with water.

All I heard was his laughter after that. He was sick.

I went to my room and locked the door.

After 2 hours and not hearing anything from the living room I decided it was time to get something to drink. But when I went out there I was so wrong.

Mom and dad were arguing. Which was new. They never argued. Next thing I knew there was a gun going off and my dad hit the floor.

"Fuck you...I don’t need you to make the money that you wasted..." My mother said before her eyes landed on me. ”You my sweet girl are going to help mommy with that... Aren’t you baby..." My mother asked walking over to me as she ran her fingers through my hair.

I wanted to run to be honest, because the next day a man arrived and took me after handing my mother a bag of cash.

~~Memory End~~

I sighed and decided to go back to my room and ignored the pleading eyes of the blonde of the sofa. I wondered what the woman who became my mother would think about all of this.

Does she know? Would she care? Should I tell her?

The last one was most definitely a No. I wasn’t going there. I’ve witnessed enough violence to know how jealous lovers acted. I’ve already seen a woman almost kill another over their jealously. It wasn’t a pretty sight.

As I was passing the room that belonged to the people who became my parents, I saw something I don’t think I was meant to. In fact, I know I shouldn’t have seen it. But again, I couldn’t look away.

The fear in the eyes of the woman who became my mother was frightening. She was tied to a chair naked covered in blood. Her own blood. Her body was covered in cuts. It was sickening.

I backed into the wall behind me when I saw the man who became my father standing in front of her with his hand in her hair making her head bob back and forth as he made her suck his cock. I knew he didn’t see me. His eyes were closed as he had his head back as he grunted and groaned.

I felt tears prick at my eyes. I ground my teeth together as I turned my back and returned to my room as if I didn’t see anything. I entered my room and slowly and as quietly as I could closed my door and locked it. I walked over to my bed as grabbed my phone off the night stand as I sat down.

"I need help..." ~Gabby

I waited for her to answer. I knew I was risking a lot by doing this but I can’t stay here. I thought I escaped this world. Apparently I was wrong.

"What is it? What happened?" ~Megan

"I’m scared..." ~Gabby

"I think I saw Cain kill his wife..." ~Gabby

Almost instantly.

"WHAT?!" ~Megan

"I’m not joking... There’s another woman in the house too..." ~Gabby

"I’m calling Daniel..." ~Megan

I sighed.

I was wondering what was going to happen next.

I jumped dropping my phone as my door was kicked in. There in the door way was the man who became my father and he looked angry.

“What the fuck are you doing home?” He growled.

“I w-w-wasn’t f-f-feeling well...The school s-s-sent me home...” I stammered out. I was frightened. Beyond frightened.

“How long were you fucking here?” He said through grit teeth. He never cursed around me before. I knew it had to be because of the drugs. That shit fucked with your head.

“Not long...” I lied. “Maybe 15 minutes...” I said as I shrank back from him. His gaze was threatening.

“Don’t lie to me, Gabby...” He growled as he stepped closer.

“I’m not...” I said in a whisper as I looked away from him. I was afraid he’d hurt me too.

But what happened next shocked me.

“Get up... You’re going to help me...” He said a smirk appearing on his lips.

I just stared at him blinking every now and then. “What?” I managed to ask.

“You heard me... You’re going to help get rid of these 2... Unless you want to join them?” He purred as he looked me up and down. He licked his lips and I knew exactly what he meant.

I gulped and nodded, “Okay... I’ll help...” I said as I got up ignoring the vibrating phone by my feet.

“Good girl...” He purred as I approached him. He petted my head affectionately.

My tummy churned. I didn’t like how he touched me. But I didn’t have the strength to fight back. I still didn’t feel well.

He led me into his bedroom where the woman who had became my mother sat, tied to the chair. Her eyes now pointed towards the ground. Her chest wasn’t moving. I assumed she was already dead. Which she was. I could tell.

He had me help move her and the other woman that was on the sofa to the trunk of his car.

“Stay inside... Lock the door and do not answer if anyone comes to the door... And fucking clean up the damn mess... Do I make myself clear Gabs?” He asked as he narrowed his eyes at me.

All I could do was nod and walk back into the house. I locked the door like he said as I heard his car pull out of the driveway.

I vaguely remember him coming back. The only thing that reminds me of those days when he returned was the cigarette burns and razor blade cuts he put on me.

8 girls later over a 4 day span. I didn’t find out till later that 4 days have had gone by.

He made me clean up after them all. Clean the house make sure there was no blood.

After he left after the 8th girl, I think it was the 8th, I was tired. I had just gotten into my room when I noticed my phone vibrating across the floor. I had totally forgotten about it. I picked it up and it stopped. I turned the screen on and saw why it was going nuts.

15 Messages. 12 Missed Calls.

All from the same 2 people.

Megan and Daniel.

I sighed as I opened the texts from Megan.

"Daniel said he’s going to call you..." ~Megan

"He says you’re not answering..." ~Megan

"You need to pick up! Please!" ~Megan

Let’s just say it went on like that for at least 7 more messages.

"I’m sorry..." ~Gabby

"He made me help him get rid of the bodies..." ~Gabby

I sneered at the screen, then I opened the 5 from Daniel.

"Gabby, you need to answer the phone..." ~Daniel

"I can’t help you if you don’t answer..." ~Daniel

The other 3 messages were similar.

I was just about to answer back but I heard the front door slam open. I jumped and was ready to run for it. But before I got a chance an arm wrapped around my waist. I yelped in surprise. But when I looked over my shoulder it was Daniel who was glaring at me, his expression hard.

“Daniel...” I mumbled.

He sighed. “Seriously? You can’t answer your phone?” He growled sounding out of breath.

I huffed. “I just got to the room... He made me help him get rid of the bodies... I just came in here to get changed and to ′clean up the mess′ as he put it...” I said as he let go of me.

“Don’t bother... You’re coming with me...” He said and started pulling me out of the room.

I didn’t bother protesting, it wouldn’t get me anywhere anyway.

Once outside I looked around and saw an older woman with green eyes. She was pretty. I couldn’t help but feel intimidated by her. I grabbed onto Daniel’s arm and hid slightly behind him. I heard him chuckle slightly as he led me to the woman.

“Is this her?” I heard the woman ask her voice raspy from too much cigarette use.

“Yes... But I believe she needs to be relocated due to current events...” Daniel said as he pulled me out from behind him. “Don’t mind her... She’s always been a bit shy...” Daniel added after I tightened my hold on his arm.

“It’s fine Daniel... Your name is Gabby right?” She asked. I nodded. “Not anymore...” She said before turning and walking away.

I watched her walking away as she left me totally confused. I heard Daniel chuckle again.

“Don’t mind her... She’s mainly all business... Don’t take it personally...” Daniel said moving his hand to the middle of my back effectively pushing me to follow her.

“Now what’s going to happen?” I asked curiously.

“Now... We create a whole new identity for you and move you somewhere far from here...” Daniel explained. “Think of it as Witness Protection...” He added when I looked at him as I tilted my head slightly in confusion.

“Oh... So... New name and all that jazz?” I asked.

He nodded. “Now come on, let’s get you out of here before he gets back...” He said as we got a van.

I sighed and nodded as I got inside.

I was used to stuff like this. It seems odd but it’s true, I am used to it. I never stayed in one place very long. I was actually surprised that I was there for as long as I was.

We drove for what seemed like forever. It was for so long I had actually fallen asleep. But unfortunately for me, my mind kept going back to what I saw and did. I woke up drenched in sweat and panting. I always hated dreams.

Daniel looked at me with a worried look on his face. I just shook my head and waved my hand dismissively at him. He seemed to have let it go as he continued to drive. I didn’t know where he was taking me. I just hoped it was some place better then where I was.

It turned out that he had gotten me my own apartment. Though I was only 16 but I would 17 in 2 months and only had one more year of school left after this one.

I was slightly confused but he explained to me that for all attempts and purposes he would be my guardian on all legal documents. Which in the long run I guess was okay. But he wouldn’t actually be around at all. So I would be all by myself here.

I didn’t see a problem with it but then again, I wasn’t a big fan of being all my myself all the time. But there was nothing I could really do at the time.

From what Daniel told me they arrested Cain about 3 months after my relocation. He didn’t need me to testify or anything but decided to keep me under his care.

I was grateful. Beyond grateful.

~~2 Years Later~~

That was 2 years ago.

That day still haunts me from time to time. But this year I started at UCLA. I lived on campus in the dorms like the others. And some how Daniel made it that I had my own. But I still had my own apartment that wasn’t far from here. It was more of a place to go when I wanted to get away. Which surprisingly Daniel agreed. He also agreed to keep paying for it. Even though I had a job that he set me up with.

He admitted though it wasn’t the best idea he’s ever had but he knew the owner. Which happened to be his brother Dominic. Which also happened to be a strip club. I was a dancer and or bartender depending. Also I only worked there when he needed. Which honestly wasn’t all that much. Maybe twice a week if that.

Daniel had only a few rules. No back rooms. No private dances. No removing of clothing. And everyone had to keep their hands to themselves. Which I had no problem with. I didn’t like people getting to handsy with me.

Despite my background and where I came from I was still a virgin and both Daniel and Dominic were determined to keep it that way. I found it adorable. I wasn’t planning on losing it anytime soon. But I let them be their overbearing and overprotective selves. Whatever makes them feel better.

I was walking around campus trying to learn where everything was. I never imagined the school being this big. But what do I know.

What I didn’t expect was to run directly into someone. Literally.

When I looked up after I had landed on my ass. I gasped.

“Megan!” I practically shouted.

“Hey there girl...” Megan said with a smile while helping me up to my feet.

“What are you doing here?” I asked.

“Well... I may have heard that you were starting here and wanted to see you again... You know since the whole thing happened I haven’t seen you in awhile...” Megan said with a giggle.

“I see... So you still talk to Daniel...” I asked as we began walking.

“Yup... He told me you could use a friend since you were starting a new school...” Megan said as she led me into a a small cafe.

“I see... I do feel a bit out of place you know...” I said with a nervous giggle.

“I bet... Oh! Since tomorrow is Friday, how about you come with me to a party?” She asked as she clapped her hands together once.

“A party?” I asked and she nodded. “I guess that would be alright... I’ll have to ask Dom if he needs me to work at all though...” I said.

“Okay great! My number is still the same!” She said happily.

I giggled. “I’ll send you a text... I was made to get a new number...” I said pulling out my phone.

“I figured that much considering... What is your name now?” She asked.

I smiled. “Crystal... Daniel let me pick my own name... But since Cain is in prison he figured I could go back to being a normal person without being under watch 24/7...” I explained typing a simple text to the number I had for Megan.

"Crystal." ~Crystal

“I like it... So how has it been to have a ′father′ like Daniel?” She asked pulling her phone out and saving the number.

I giggled. “I wouldn’t exactly call him that... Granted he made sure I had a roof over my head and food in the house... But he was never really there... He was still undercover at the time... Since Mr. K is gone he’s moved on with other similar cases...” I explained putting my phone away.

“Didn’t you ever get in trouble at school?” She asked putting her phone away.

I shook my head. “All in all I was a social outcast... I never got noticed so there was no trouble to get into...” I said with a slight shrug.

She shook her head.

We ordered some drinks and I order fully loaded waffle fries.

“Oh! I almost forgot! You get to meet my brother!” Megan said.

“You have a brother?” I asked putting a fry in my mouth. I didn’t know Megan all that long and only talked to her now and then so I didn’t know much about her.

“Yup! I just got back in touch with him a little over a year ago now...” She said. I could tell she was happy by the smile of her face.

Thinking about it I felt bad in a way, I was the only one my parents gave away, they kept my 2 older brothers who were never home anyway. But they got rid of me.

I kept a smile on my face so I wouldn’t worry her while we continued to talk.

It had been about an hour when a few guys on motorcycles showed up right in front of the cafe. I blinked looking at them it seemed they were looking at us. All of them were men. But only 1 had a female on the back. She looked sort of familiar but I couldn’t put my finger on where I saw her before.

Before I could ask, I heard Megan groan. “Got to go... That would be my brother...” She said as she got up.

I stood and followed her out. “Lucky you...” I mumbled in her ear when she gave me a hug.

She giggled. “I’ll talk to you later... Text me, just like old times!” She called over her shoulder as she walked towards a white Harley with a man with dark hair riding on it.

I’m guessing that’s her brother.

I couldn’t stop staring at him while she walked up to him scolding him it seemed. He was absolutely gorgeous. Something about him was drawing me to him. Something that I had to fight. I gulped and forced myself to take a step back when his eyes met mine.

His eyes stayed on mine as he spoke to Megan. The smirk on his face had my insides melting. I couldn’t make out what he was saying but it had to be something not so nice considering she smacked him upside his head.

I bit my bottom lip to keep from laughing when he moved his eyes to her to glare at her.

After a few minutes she got on the back of another persons bike.

She waved at me. “Text me Later!” She yelled as they all started to take off.

I waved and giggled but I couldn’t keep my smile from faltering. Once she was out of sight I sighed and walked back to my dorm. I was exhausted already.

I had a really bad feeling that I couldn’t shake and I didn’t understand why.

~~Wicked’s Perspective~~

After returning to the clubhouse from picking up my sister, Lion had called church. We talked about the normal shit. But after all was said and done myself, Ryan, Faith, Lion, Annabelle and my sister were the only ones left to talk. And of course, so was little Wolf, but I really didn’t count her exactly. She was too young to know what was going on anyway.

The little peanut was dare I say adorable. Ryan and Faith’s pride and joy. Not to mention Lion and Annabelle’s too. She was spoiled beyond belief. But I couldn’t blame her or anyone because I was just as bad as the rest of them. She was my niece. I was her Uncle Wicked. Megan kept threatening to teach her to call me Uncle Lenny. There was no way in hell I was allowing that.

“Megan? You wanted to talk to all of us why?” I heard Annabelle ask which broke me out of my thoughts.

Megan looked like she was conflicted. “What is it sis?” I asked.

“A friend of mine just moved here to start at UCLA... She’s studying to be a psychiatrist...” Megan started to say nervously. I was a bit confused as to why this was important so I raised a questioning eyebrow.

“Okay? And why is this so important?” Annabelle asked my unspoken question.

“I’m not sure how to explain it... I mean... Um...” Megan exhaled a heavy breath. “Faith...” She looked to Faith, her eyes pleading for understanding. “She’s one of the girls you saved...” Megan said.

I watched Faith’s eyes widened. “Was that the girl you were at the cafe with?” Faith asked.

Megan nodded. “Yeah... Um...” Megan fidgeted. “Daniel said I can tell you and a few of the brothers about her only to keep her protected...” Megan explained.

I was confused about that statement. ′Why would she need protection?′ I asked myself internally.

“Protection?” Lion asked like he was reading my mind.

“Yes...” Megan said. She looked to Annabelle. “You know how Cain Peters is in jail right?” Megan asked.

Cain Peters?′ I asked internally turning my attention to Annabelle.

“Yes... I made sure he was behind bars 2 years ago... Why?” Annabelle asked crossing her arm over her chest.

“Daniel told me that he made a few attempts to escape... He’s afraid one of these days he’s going to get out and go after her again...” Megan said with a sigh.

Again?′ I furrowed my eyebrows as I tilted my head slightly.

“Oh! So that’s who you’re talking about...” Annabelle said, a smile slowly forming. “Bring her here so I can talk to her again...” Annabelle added after a moment.

“I’ll be bringing her tomorrow as long as she doesn’t have to work...” Megan said.

To say I was still confused was an understatement.

“What’s her name?” Faith asked as she was cleaning Wolf’s face of the food she was just eating.

“Crystal...” Megan said.

For some reason I liked that name. And from what I saw today she was definitely hot. I wouldn’t mine taking her for a ride. And I don’t mean just on my bike.

“I don’t remember saving a Crystal...” Faith said breaking me out of my thoughts.

“Her name was changed for her protection... She goes by Crystal now...” Megan explained.

Faith nodded as she leaned back against Ryan’s chest as Lion took Wolf from her. This was normal Faith never got to hold Wolf for long. Someone was always stealing her from her. Faith though, just went with it. We all somehow came into a routine with the little peanut around.

“I want to make one thing clear though...” Megan began breaking me out of my thoughts once again. “She’s off limits to everyone...” Megan said mainly looking at me.

I blinked. “Huh? What did I do now?” I asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Don’t give me that! I saw you eye-fucking her earlier... She’s off limits!” Megan scolded.

I groaned. “Yeah, yeah... I got it the first time you told me...” I said shaking my head.

“I don’t want her getting hurt and lord knows all the men here can’t stick to one girl to save their lives...” Megan said still glaring at me.

I never said I was a saint.

“Hey!” Ryan snapped. “What’s that supposed to mean?” He asked his arm resting over Faith’s shoulders.

“You were just like them so don’t even start... Do I have to mention Leah, Sam, Carla, Maggie...” Lion started listing off using his fingers until Ryan growled.

We all started laughing. We all knew how he was. But since Faith came back into his life, he has been different. Never touched another female after being with her. Sometimes I envied him. It must be nice.

“Shut it old man...” Ryan grumbled.

Faith was covering her mouth trying not to laugh at his expense but was failing big time. She smacked him when he bit down on her neck. Those 2 have always been openly affectionate. It’s sickening at times.

“Hey not in front of me... She’s still my daughter, fucker...” Lion scolded causing Ryan to chuckle as he buried his nose in her hair.

Like I said, sickening.

I shook my head. “God please both of you...” I groaned laying my forehead against the table.

“Aww... Poor Wicked...” Faith cooed. God sometimes I think it would have been easier to hate her. “What’s wrong?” She purred as she scratched behind my ear.

I swatted at her hand causing her to giggle. “Keep her in line will you...” I growled at Ryan who is hiding his laughing face in Faith’s back.

“Please... He couldn’t even if he tried...” Faith said flicking her hair over her shoulder smacking Ryan in his face.

Serves him right for laughing, the asshole.

I heard Megan sigh as she sat heavily back in her seat. I looked towards her. Something was bothering her. I couldn’t gather what.

“What’s wrong Megs?” Faith asked as she smacked at Ryan’s wondering hands.

“She seems different... I’m worried about her...” Megan said. I watched as she pulled out her phone looking at it confused.

“What’s wrong Sis?” I asked.

“I... I don’t know...” Megan mumbled putting the phone to her ear.

~~Megan’s Perspective~~

It was weird she texted me a sad emoji face and that was it and now she wasn’t answering her phone. I called her 3 times now.

I was getting weird looks from everyone at the table. I didn’t care either. Gabby or should I say Crystal wasn’t acting like herself. I mean I knew her for a good year, stayed in contact the entire time she lived with Cain.

I sighed and tried one more time but this time she actually answered.

"Hello..." She said in a whisper.

“Are you okay? That text was weird...” I asked.

I heard some shuffling in the background. Then a door closing.

"Yeah... Sorry didn’t feel like typing much... But... Um... Is it okay if I talk to you tomorrow? I’m really tired and all..." She said still whispering.

“Where are you?” I asked. I knew she didn’t have a room mate and the only other door in the dorms themselves are the bathrooms. 1 Bathroom per dorm.

"Um... The Apartment... I needed to get some things that I forgot... But I’m considering giving up the dorm and just staying here... I’ve never been a fan of large groups..." She said. Her voice sounded off. I mean really off. Before I was able to say anything though she spoke again. ”I got to go... I’m sorry..." She said.

Before she got to fully hung up I heard a males voice say something in the background but I couldn’t get much other then its a male voice.

I put my phone down on my lap. “Something’s not right...” I said looking at Annabelle.

“What do you mean?” Annabelle asked while holding Wolf up in the air.

“I heard a man’s voice in the background... And it wasn’t Daniel... She’s not at the dorms... She’s at the apartment...” I explained trying to piece it together.

Annabelle brought Wolf down and handed her back to Lion. “Let me call Daniel... I’ll find out what’s going on... That girl has gone through way to much already... She doesn’t need anymore problems...” Annabelle said standing from her chair.

I looked at my brother after Annabelle left the room. The way he looked at Crystal made me nervous. He’s a great guy. Amazing big brother. A bit overprotective. Annoying. But most of all he’s very trustworthy.

But he’s also a man whore, for the lack of a better phrase. Never slept with the same girl twice, minus Faith from what I understand. Although I can’t imagine Ryan being okay with that. But who am I to judge.

The way he looked at her has me on edge. I don’t want or need him hurting her in any way. She’s my friend and I’ll be damned if I let him ruin it and hurt her.

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Michelle Jewell: Like the story just too short wish it was longer more detailed

Wanda49: Not all romance is dead. It lives in the heart of this novel and in the hearts of any reader of this novel. Our first crush, our first kiss all of us remember these things fondly. Add a fantastic imagination and some incredibly erotic scenes and you have this novel, Booking Roy Cesar.The autho...

rebekahbarlow1212: I love the passion and the heat of this story I would highly recommend this to any of my friends and I'm excited to see what's going to happen

Jay♾🤍: I loved this so much pleasee don’t tell me this is the end of it

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Maserati26: Loved everything about the book... I mean not the rape/sexual assault if it was real life, but in a story; well written. Would recommend the book to anyone who is into romance, sexual adult stories. I gave the rating because Lulu Waters; the author is by far, an outstanding writer.

Laurie: A little marred by typos and grammar, this could use a proof-reader. There were a couple of words that don’t mean what you think they mean.The story is great. The scenes are well done and the dialog isn’t cringey. (Don’t start getting “olde timey” fake medieval” - there was a hint of it a couple ...

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