A Truly Wicked Tale (Book 2)

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Chapter 10

~~Megan’s Perspective~~

No... No... No...′ Was the only thing that echoed through my head.

It came out of no where. We had no idea until we heard the horn and then Crystal’s scream.

We didn’t even realize she was that far behind us. We thought she was right next to us but I guess we weren’t paying much attention.

The car was black with black tinted windows, no plates and no lights.

We ran to her. Her head was on my lap as Faith tried to find where the bleeding was coming from as we waited for the ambulance.

“Damn it... I can’t find it...” Faith muttered. “Call your brother... Tell him what happened...” Faith said as she till looked over her body trying to find where the blood was coming from.

“What?! Are you insane he’s going to flip shit!” I snapped.

I knew my brother and how he felt about Crystal. There was no way he would take this well. Considering the danger risk we were taking by leaving the clubhouse in the first place.

“What choice do we have? They got to meet us there anyway!” Faith snapped back.

“Call Ryan! He’ll be the cool headed of the 2...” I said.

She shook her head but pulled her phone out anyway and dialed a number.

“Am I on speaker?” She asked before nodding and continuing. “Are you with Wicked?” Faith asked before she pulled the phone away from her ear for a second. “It’s not like that! Seriously? How can you still be hung up with that!? This is serious!” Faith snapped into the phone.

I could only guess how this conversation was going. Anytime Faith asked about my brother Ryan would flip on her. It was pretty funny at times. But right now, not so much.

“Look... Shit... The ambulance is here...” Faith said as she looked at me. “Yes you heard me ambulance... Now will you shut up and listen?!” Faith said with a growl. “You and Wicked need to meet us at the hospital... Crystal’s been hit by a car...” Faith said as the ambulance pulled up and 2 EMT’s stepped out and ran over to us.

She hung up the phone without saying another word and out it back in her pocket.

They loaded her into the ambulance and we both followed behind.

Faith’s phone was ringing again when she picked it up.

“Hey, mom...” Faith answered. “It’s Crystal actually... She got hit by a car...” She paused for a minute. “Yeah I know... We’re following the ambulance now...” She said as she nodded her head a few times. “Yeah, will do... See you guys there... Bye, love you...” Faith said as she hung up the phone and put it back down.

“Wait... Annabelle and Lion are meeting us there?” I asked.

“Yeah... My dad said something about that doesn’t seem right so he wants to be there when she wakes up...” Faith said shifting into the next gear.

~~Wicked’s Perspective~~

We’ve only be driving for about 2 hours before Ryan’s phone went off.

“Yeah babe?” Ryan answered. Just by that I’m assuming it was Faith. “No... You’re not on speaker, Why?” Ryan asked. “What the fuck?! Why the fuck would you ask about him?” Ryan snapped.

Now I was sort of curious. Ryan never snaps at her for no reason.

“Fine... What is it?” Ryan huffed in annoyance. She must have put him in his place. “What? Why?” Ryan asked as he pulled off the to side of the road and stopped the car.

Now I was beyond curious.

“Wait?! An ambulance? Why?” Ryan asked making me get a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach. “Fine... Continue...” Ryan said with a sigh. Ryan nodded now and then before hanging up the phone.

I looked at him. “What’s up?” I asked and I seriously was dreading the answer.

“We need to meet the girls at the hospital...” He said calmly.

“Why?” I growled.

“Look, bro, you need to stay calm...” Ryan said slowly.

“Tell me!” I snapped.

“Crystal’s been hit by a car...” Ryan said and I felt like my world was ending. “Wicked...” I heard Ryan say cautiously.

“Drive...” Was the only words I could get out of my mouth.

I felt like I couldn’t breathe. Like everything was closing in on me.

I vaguely remember Ryan nodding and turning around.

I heard him talking to me but I couldn’t think, I couldn’t do anything but worry about Crystal.

She was the only thing on my mind.

I knew I shouldn’t have let her out of my sight.

I didn’t realize when we stopped moving until Ryan hit me in the back of the head.

“What!?” I snapped.

“We’re here... Let’s go...” He said in a calm but serious tone.

I nodded and got out of the car.

We were walking up when I noticed a lot of bikes lining the front of the hospital. All of them I knew.

The entire Pack was here.

When we entered the hospital I noticed everyone in the waiting room. Faith was pacing and ranting as her hands were flying in the air every now and then. Lion and Annabelle watching her. My sister just sitting there staring at her phone. And the other brothers were scattered.

The only question I had was why was EVERYONE here.

“Any news?” Ryan asked.

I was glad he decided to ask because I wasn’t sure if I could get the words out right now.

“No! Damn it! She’s been in there for almost 2 hours! What the fuck could be taking them so long!” Faith ranted still pacing.

“Babe... Calm down...” Ryan said. I could tell just by his tone he was trying not to laugh at her.

When Faith got worried about someone or something she was normally restless but this is way worst then her normal.

“Calm down! You want me to calm down! Crystal was hit by a totally fucking blacked out car! No plates! We all know who the fuck it was! And you want me to calm down!” Faith snapped as she pounded on Ryan’s chest when he trapped her in them.

Now she was just crying.

Ryan sat down bringing her with him onto his lap letting her curl up on him.

Lion and Annabelle let out a sigh of relief before shaking their heads.

“Sit down Brother...” I heard my sister say but my attention was on the doors that led to the OR.

I don’t know how long I stood there, or how long it was before the doctor came out but when he did everyone around me stood up to face the doctor.

“How is she?” I found myself asking.

“She’ll be fine... We stopped the bleeding, she should be waking up soon... She hit her head pretty good but we were able to relieve the pressure...” The doctor said.

“When can we see her?” I asked.

The doctor looked around the room, his eyes going wide.

“Well, only 2 maybe 3 of you can go back... But not all of you...” The doctor said in a slightly worried, or maybe scared tone.

I nodded and stepped forward, Megan and Faith came up to my sides.

We were about to go back when a voice stopped us.

“What the fuck happened?!” We heard being yelled from behind us. We all turned to see Daniel standing in the middle of the waiting room.

“Daniel... Calm down we’re going back to see her now...” Megan said.

“One of you are staying back, I’m going... Legally she is my daughter at the moment I have that right...” Daniel growled.

“I will...” Faith said before she walked back over to Ryan and sat on his lap.

“If that’s settled then let’s go...” The doctor said.

The 3 of us, Myself, Megan, and Daniel, all followed the doctor back to what I’m assuming was Crystal’s room.

Once we got there the doctor explained that she might be really groggy and not to put her under too much stress. Which I totally agreed with.

We walked in and I rushed over to her side and took her hand in mine.

She looked like a mummy. She looked broken.

I swore right then I would kill the fucker who did this.

“Why didn’t you tell me Megan?” I heard Daniel hiss at Megan.

“What was I supposed to tell you? That not only did Crystal loose her virginity to my brother but has also been dating him since she moved here? Yeah that would have went real well...” Megan retorted while she rolled her eyes.

I didn’t care, all I cared about was making sure Crystal was okay. They could bicker till their hearts were content for all I cared. And believe me they kept at it too.

I was sitting in a chair by her side when her eyes started to flutter.

“Shut it!” I hissed at the 2 still bickering.

They both stopped and looked to see Crystal’s eyes open and looking around.

Her eyes landed on me and she smiled which made my heartache.

I cupped her cheek as she leaned into my hand.

“Hey...” I said softly.

“Hey...” She said, her voice horse and raspy.

Her eyes moved to Megan and Daniel and I felt her stiffen.

“We’ll talk about this...” Daniel began motioning to me and her. “Later... Not now, you need rest...” Daniel said as Crystal nodded.

“I understand...” Crystal said softly as she hung her head.

I glared at Daniel.

He better not do or say anything to hurt her or I’ll kill him, Fed or not I don’t give a fuck right now.

“Don’t you have a run to do?” Megan asked glaring at me.

“Ryan can handle it...” I snapped.

“Go... She’ll be fine... She needs to rest anyway... You can come back when you’re done...” Megan said.

“Why?” I asked. It seemed she was trying to get rid of me.

“It’s fine...” Crystal said giving my hand a squeeze. “I’m pretty tired anyway...” She said as her eyes were getting heavy.

I sighed knowing I’d do anything she asked me to do.

“Alright... I’ll be back later...” I said before kissing her forehead and heading out of the room.

Daniel and Megan stayed behind as I made my way to the waiting room where Ryan was sitting with a sleeping Faith on his lap.

“How is she?” Ryan asked.

“Tired...” I said.

Ryan nodded and nudged Faith till she woke up.

“Come on... Me and Wicked gotta finish this run... We’ll be back when we’re done...” Ryan said kissing Faith’s forehead.

She nodded and curled back up in the chair.

I turned to Annabelle. “Make sure Daniel stays in line... And she isn’t left alone, someone is to be here at all times...” I said before walking out with Ryan.

~~Megan’s Perspective~~

Not soon after my brother walked out Annabelle walked in with an amused look on her face.

“What’s so funny?” I asked.

“Wicked told me to come make sure Daniel here, stays in line...” Annabelle said giving a look to Daniel. “That boy is very protective of Crystal...” Annabelle added when Daniel glared at her.

“Are you sure Cain did this?” Daniel asked changing the subject.

“Pretty sure... I mean who else would run her down like that? We did check to see if it was Riley, but it wasn’t she was no where near the girls when it happened...” Annabelle said.

“Why would you think it was Riley?” I asked.

“She has a thing for Wicked, so I wouldn’t put it past her to go after Crystal like that... But then again she’s been leaving him alone...” Annabelle said as she thought about it.

“I’m going to have no choice...” Daniel began as he glanced at the sleeping Crystal. “I’m going to have to relocate her until he is found and captured...” Daniel finally said causing me and Annabelle to share a look.

“I don’t think that is a good idea... Wicked is not going to like that...” Annabelle said.

“I don’t care...” Daniel began. But Annabelle cut him off.

“No! It’s not that you don’t care, you just don’t like that their together say it right... I can see right through you...” Annabelle hissed.

“You’re right I don’t... I told both of you to keep the brothers away from her...” Daniel growled. “I’ll be relocating her... And neither of you can stop me, this is her safety we’re talking about here...” Daniel said before he left the room.

“My brother is not going to be happy about this...” I said crossing my arms over my chest.

“I am not looking forward that conversation...” Annabelle said shaking her head.

I sighed and sat down in a chair by Crystal’s bed.

This wasn’t going to go well at all.

“He went to talk to the doctor’s about him taking her home...” Annabelle said breaking me out of my thoughts.

“He can’t just take her like that can he?” I asked.

“Well, he is her guardian... Though she is 19... So I don’t fully know...” Annabelle said sitting the chair next to me.

“He can’t just take her... And not just because of my brother but because I don’t want her to go, she is one of my best friends...” I said looking at Crystal’s sleeping face.

“It’s not our choice...” Annabelle said just as Daniel walked back in.

“You both need to leave...” Daniel said as a few more men in suits walked into the room.

“Daniel... Think about this... Do you really think she’s going to be happy about you taking her like this? Specially when she’s not even awake to voice her opinion?” Annabelle asked standing up and crossing her arms.

“As long as Cain is still out there she’s in danger... And with this new information I don’t have a choice...” Daniel said giving a disapproving look towards Crystal.

I raised an eyebrow wondering what he was thinking while he looked at her.

“Daniel you know this isn’t right!” Annabelle snapped.

“Again Anna, Leave...” Daniel said. “You too, Megan...” He added looking at me.

I sighed and stood up. “Fine... But you better bring her back when you catch him... That means you actually better be looking for him so you can bring her back...” I snapped.

“I’ll do what I can...” Daniel said before pointing to the door.

Both me and Annabelle walked out back to the waiting room where the brothers and Lion all were sitting.

“What’s the word?” Lion asked.

“Not good... Daniel’s relocating her...” Annabelle said in a disgusted tone.

“He can’t do that can he?” Slim asked.

“Well, there’s a lot of factors... Crystal is still sort of in witness protection so he does have the right to relocate her if he feels her life is in danger...” Annabelle explained.

“Wicked’s not gonna like this...” Slim said shaking his head.

I hated to actually agree with him but I knew he was right. My brother was not going to be happy at all.

“So... Who is going to be the one to tell him?” Lion asked.

None of us wanted that.

And none of us said a word.

~~Wicked’s Perspective~~

It took us 5 hours till we got back and as soon as we got to the hospital it felt eerie and it was too quiet.

“Something’s not right...” I found myself saying out loud.

Ryan looks around. “Weren’t they all supposed to stay here?” He asked.

“Yeah... It was one of the things I demanded while we were away...” I said.

We made our way to Crystal’s room and when we got there she was gone.

There was nothing left of her even being in here.

“Where the fuck is she?” I growled.

Ryan ran out of the room and came back a few minutes later looking grim.

“She was taken...” Ryan said and snapped my head towards him. I was ready to grab him by the throat when he spoke again. “Daniel took her... He had it arranged to have her moved into protective custody...” Ryan explained.

“Let’s go...” I said as I stormed out of the room and headed straight for the car.

Ryan ran to catch up with me. “Where are we going exactly?” He asked. I didn’t answer him I just grabbed the keys out of his hand and climbed into the drivers seat. “You think that’s a good idea...” He asked cautiously.

I just glared at him and started the car.

He sighed and got in without saying a word.

I drove us back to the clubhouse barely stopping from hitting the building.

“Dude... Will you calm down...” Ryan said and I just ignored him as I shut off the car and got out.

I walked inside and everyone moved out of my way. They knew not to get in my way.

Ryan was hot on my heels.

“Bro... Calm down before you...” He couldn’t finish his sentence because we reached the door to the room we use for church.

Everyone sat in their spots just waiting for us.

“Where the fuck did he take her!?” I growled.

Ryan sighed and just sat down next to Lion.

“Wicked, calm down...” Lion tried to say but I didn’t let him finish.

“I asked, Where. The. Fuck. Is. She?” I ground out.

“We don’t know... Daniel refused to tell us anything other than that he was relocating her... We know nothing else...” Lion said looking down at the table.

I didn’t stick around I turned and walked out.

“Fine... I’ll fucking find her myself...” I said mainly to myself.

And I meant it I was going to find her if it was the last thing I did.

Ryan ran up behind me. “Where are you going?” He asked.

“I’m going to find her...” I said as I walked outside and straight to my bike.

“And if you can’t?” He asked.

“I won’t come back until I do...” I said starting my bike.

“Come back at least once a month to check in with us... I won’t stop because I would do the same thing if it was Faith but... Remember we can help...” Ryan said.

I nodded and peeled out of the driveway.

~~Megan’s Perspective~~

“That went well...” I said coming up behind Ryan.

Ryan sighed. “Yeah sure it did...” He grumbled.

If I was being honest he looked like a hurt little puppy. But I was in no mood to make fun of him for it.

“What was Daniel thinking?” Ryan asked as he turned to after seeing that my brother was no longer in sight.

“I don’t know... He said it was to protect her...” I said.

“He didn’t think we could? The fuck? Did he know about Wicked and her?” Ryan asked.

“Yup...” I popped the ′p′ when I said it. “He didn’t seem to care at all...” I added.

“Wicked just left to find her...” Ryan said.

“What?!” I asked.

“Yup, you heard me right... He left to go find her...” Ryan said shaking his head.

“Great... Is he coming back?” I asked.

“Don’t know... He said we will when he finds her... I asked to stop in to check in every once in a while...” Ryan said.

Boy did my brother have it bad.

“I hope he does...” I muttered as we both walked back into the clubhouse.

~~Crystal’s Perspective~~

I woke up in a room that definitely wasn’t a hospital room. It looked like my old room when I lived in Washington. But slightly different.

I slowly sat up because my head was killing me.

The door opened to reveal Daniel.

I blinked.

“Good you’re awake...” He said.

“Where am I?” I asked.

“Washington...” He said.

“Why am I here?” I asked.

“For you’re own protection...” He said.

“Why couldn’t I have just stayed with Megan?” I asked.

“You mean Wicked, don’t you?” He asked with a glare daring me to deny it.

“Well, yeah him too...” I said no even trying to deny it.

I mean why would I he already knew.

He sighed. “I told Anna to make sure the brothers stayed away from you...” He said as he took a seat in a chair that was at my desk.

“I know... It just happened... What can I say...” I said with a shrug.

He shook his with a sad chuckle. “I should have seen it... But it doesn’t matter now... Cain got really close to killing you this time... I can’t risk you staying there and being a target in your condition...” He said.

“My what?” I asked shook at his words.

“You don’t know?” He asked with a tilt of his head.

“Know what?” I asked mirroring him.

“You’re the one who had sec with him you should have known it would happen...” He said making me more confused.

“What are you talking about? Yeah, we’ve had sex but what does that have to do with anything?” I asked.

“I thought I taught what unprotected sex can cause...” Daniel said and it stuns me.

“What?!” I shriek. “I’m not that stupid!” I snapped. “We’ve always used a condom!” I continued even though my head started pounding.

“Then how did you get pregnant!?” He snapped catching me off guard.

“WHAT?!” I shrieked. “There’s no way! What?” I kept freaking out.

Literally there was no way.

“That’s what the test result said when they ran them at the hospital... You’re telling me you didn’t know?” He asked.

“No! I don’t understand how! We always and I mean always used one! There literally is no possible way?!” I snapped even though I was feeling dizzy.

“Then how?” He asked.

And I couldn’t answer him. I didn’t know.

The only thought I had going through my mind at the time was that Wicked for sure was going to kill me.

Not for just getting pregnant but for disappearing.

“I’m assuming he didn’t know either...” Daniel asked breaking me out of my thoughts.

“No... How could he know if I didn’t even know?” I asked laying back down while covering my eyes with my arm.

How was he going to handle this?

How was I going to handle this?

I didn’t know what to do.

“You could always have...” Daniel began but I snapped up and glared at him.

“Don’t even say it! You know damn well I would never do that...” I growled.

“Alright... Then what?” He asked.

And again I didn’t know.

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