A Truly Wicked Tale (Book 2)

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Chapter 11

~~6 Months Later - Wicked’s Perspective~~

I’ve been driving around for months. 6 months to be exact.

But still nothing. No sign of her at all.

I drove from state to state with no results.

I’ve shown her picture to everyone I’ve come across.

Still the same answer from everyone.


I’m really starting to hate that word.

Ryan had texted me earlier asking me to check in at the clubhouse but I haven’t in 2 months.

It’s too painful being back there because everywhere I look I see her.

I ignored his calls and texts for days until I finally answered him a few hours ago and somehow he guilt tripped me into returning to the clubhouse.

But again I wasn’t planning on staying too long. I didn’t want to be there if she wasn’t there.

The last time I was at the clubhouse which was 2 months ago I found out something very interesting. And honestly I could have killed Riley for it.

She had broken not only into my room but into my night stand and had to break open the drawer because I kept it locked.

She had poked holes in all of the condoms I had in there.

In hopes that I would come back to her, which I never did, but she hoped I would.

So, now I wondered more about Crystal.

Knowing that information had me on edge and I needed to know if she was alright but I couldn’t find her anywhere.

She wouldn’t leave like that if something was wrong? Would she?

She’d tell me right?

I just didn’t know the answers to these annoying questions.

I had a few more hours to go before I made it back to the clubhouse.

But I had already booked a hotel near by. There was no way I was staying in my room at the clubhouse or at Ryan’s without her there with me.

When I did finally pull up to the clubhouse Ryan was outside smoking a cigarette. He looked slightly surprised to see me.

I don’t know why considering he is the one who guilt tripped me into coming.

“You made it!” Ryan said coming up to me.

“You really didn’t give me much choice...” I sighed out shutting off my bike and getting off of it.

“Bro, don’t be like that come on... You really don’t want to miss Wolf’s birthday do you? She hasn’t seen you in so long...” Ryan said and sadly he a point.

“I know... But I swear I was close to finding her this time and you made me turn around and come back...” I almost whined. Almost.

“Bro, it’s been 6 months... If you haven’t found her yet you’re not going to...” Ryan said and I swear I could have punched him in his face.

I just glared at him before a voice made me snap my head towards the door.

“You’re back!” My sister said running up to me and hugging me.

“I’m not staying too long...” I said as I patted her head when she frowned.

“Why not!?” She asked.

“You know why...” I said walking passed her.

I heard her huff but I couldn’t really care, maybe seeing Wolf would make me feel a bit better. Her smile always made me feel better. But then again nothing really makes me smile anymore.

“Well, look what the wolves dragged in...” I heard a sweet but accusing voice say.

When I turned around I saw Faith standing there with her arms crossed tapping her foot. A look of disapproval on her face.

“Don’t start with me...” I grumbled and kept walking until I hit the bottom of the stairs.

I couldn’t bring myself to walk up them again. Not without her.

“She’s a survivor you know that right... She’ll be fine...” Faith said coming up next to me.

“I know...” I muttered looking down at the floor.

Faith sighed. “Look, go talk to my mom maybe she’ll tell you something... I heard her talking to Daniel the other day...” Faith said and my head snapped to her so fast I swore I’d get whiplash.

But I didn’t care.

I also didn’t care what Ryan would do to me when I grabbed Faith to hug her tight and spin her around before setting her back down on her feet.

“Thank you...” I muttered before running off to find Annabelle.

I ran through the clubhouse until I came upon Lion and Annabelle sitting out back with Wolf.

I practically burst through the back door glaring right at Annabelle, who looked slightly startled by my appearance.

Hell who wouldn’t be right now.

“Where is she?” I growled.

“Wicked...” Lion said in warning.

I ignored him. “Faith said you talked to Daniel... Where is she Anna?” I asked again.

Annabelle sighed. “He didn’t tell me where they were... Even if he did Wicked you know I couldn’t tell you unless he said I could... It’s for her own safety...” Annabelle said calmly.

I was pissed. Beyond pissed by this point.

Wolf held her hands up in the air at me saying ′Up. Up.′ while looking at me with her big green eyes.

She had her father’s hair but her mother’s green eyes.

I finally caved after her eyes started watering and her lip started quivering.

I picked her up and went to sit down far from everyone else.

I need to be by myself, sort of. Again I never counted Wolf as company exactly.

I sat down on a chair while putting Wolf in my lap.

Her giggle was so infectious it wasn’t even funny.

I managed to smile slightly looking at her.

She cooed and made her noises while smacking her hands against my chest as she stood up on my lap.

I chuckled lightly. “Yeah, munchkin, I missed you too...” I said causing her to giggle.

I don’t know how long we sat there, but when Faith and Ryan came over it was dinner time.

I was disappointed mainly because Wolf was being taken away and I was actually enjoying my time with her.

I knew I’d only be here till after her birthday party which was 2 days away. I wish I could stay longer but I need to get back on the road to try and find Crystal and bring her home.


I really liked the sound of that, a little too much if I were to be honest.

~~A Year Or So Later – Crystal’s Perspective~~

It’s been over a year, like a year and a half maybe, since I’ve seen anyone other then Daniel.

And well of course my 2 little monsters.

I guess I should start there shouldn’t I?

After Daniel made me leave LA behind and leave my life there behind I found out I was pregnant. Yeah complete shock to me too.

Well after the 4th ultrasound, is well they found there was 2 in there and not one like they kept saying. The little brat kept hiding on them they couldn’t find her.

Now they are 4 months old, and still no sign of Cain. Meaning I can’t go back home. Or go back to him.

Though I’m not sure how he would take this news.

Not that I would trade these 2 for the world but I would like to hope he was accept them.

But at this rate I’m not sure if he’ll even find out about them.

Daniel stays in connect with Annabelle from time to time but refuses to tell her any information, including about these 2.

Not that I blame him, she would guilt him into bringing us back if he did. Which I was silently hoping he would let it slip one time but no luck he is very careful when talking with her.

I had just put the 2 of them down for a nap when the front door opened.

I listened to the foot steps.

They were Daniel’s that’s for sure, he always shuffled his feet.

I quietly made my way out of the twins bedroom and to the kitchen where Daniel was getting a cup of coffee.

“How are the monsters today?” Daniel asked.

He asks this everyday.

“Their normal... You know how they are...” I said keeping it short.

He plays the role of grandpa well.

I see him a lot more now. Which tells me he’s not really looking for Cain or making much effort himself, he’s letting the others do it.

“Do you need a shower?” He asked.

“Yeah... You mind keeping an ear out for them for me?” I asked.

“Yeah, go head... Take your time...” He said with a smile. Sneaky bastard. “Don’t even think about waking them up just to play with them... They need their nap...” I scolded making him pout. “You heard me...” I said before turning and heading to my room for a shower.

I must admit the hot water felt amazing. It helped loosen the tight and sore muscles I had from carrying those 2 around all day.

Twins weren’t easy to care for by yourself.

And most of the time I was by myself.

Which is why most of the time I wish I was at the clubhouse still.

I knew I was being unrealistic about it and probably getting my hopes up way too high. But I couldn’t help it.

I missed him a lot.

Last I heard he left the clubhouse. So who knows what he’s doing now. Maybe he moved on. Maybe he’s with someone else. Maybe he forgot all about me.

The thing was, I would never know the answer to these questions.

When I was finished in the shower and got dressed in my yoga capris and tank top I threw my head up in a messy bun on top of my head and headed out the living room where I found Daniel sitting on the floor with the 2 monsters in front of him.

I let out a frustrated sigh as I got closer.

“Before you say anything, I didn’t wake them up... They were awake after my phone rang...” Daniel explained.

“The walls are sound proof try again...” I said crossing my arms while tapping my foot.

“I was in there checking on them because I thought the monitor was broken because it was going all fuzzy and when I looked in my phone went off and woke them up...” Daniel explained waving his hands around as he spoke.

I rolled my eyes. I knew my kids better then he did. They slept through anything.

A bomb could go off next to them and they’d sleep right through it.

I let it go for now, maybe he’ll cave this time if I do.

“Fine... I’ll let it go...” I paused and he smiled. “Only on one condition...” I added and his face fell.

“We can’t go back not...” I didn’t let him finish his words.

“We can! And we will... I can’t do this anymore... I hate feeling like a damn prisoner in this house all the time... Not to mention he deserves to know about them and they deserve to know their father if he wants them...” I snapped.

Normally I wouldn’t loose my temper but I was at my wits end right now.

“Crystal... It’s risky... We haven’t found him...” He tried to reason. Not this time.

“Risky? Risky was moving this far away without anyone knowing...” I snapped but I thought about it. “Wait... That’s right no one knew...” I said mainly to myself. “He still thinks I’m there in LA...” My eyes went wide along with my smile.

“No don’t even think about it...” Daniel warned.

“It’s the only sure fire way to catch him... Or don’t you want to catch him?” I asked glaring at him.

“We do but...” He tried but I didn’t let him finish.

“Then it’s settled... We’re going back...” I said putting my foot down, not leaving any room for arguments.

“It’s risky and you know it... Specially if he finds out about these 2...” Daniel said motioning to the 2 monsters playing in front of him.

“They’ll be protected...” I said finally.

I heard Daniel sigh as I turned to head back to my room to pack up some clothes. This was going to be a long ride that’s for sure.

Daniel knew it was pointless to argue with me when he knew I was right.

It was the only way to catch Cain.

I had to be the bait.

~~2 Days Later – Megan’s Perspective~~

I haven’t seen my brother in almost a year, after Wolf’s birthday party, true to his word he left and he didn’t come back.

He was still out looking for her.

I don’t blame him really I didn’t.

But this was going overboard.

He’s been hung up on her for so long now, and the only way to get him to return was for him to find her or for us to tell him that we found her.

But that wasn’t going to happen like ever.

Daniel made it a point not to say anything about Crystal when talking to Annabelle.

He was normally checking up to see if there was any sign of Cain which there hasn’t been.

I was brought out of my thought by a crashing sound coming from the kitchen.

And I wasn’t the only one who heard it, everyone heard it and went running in.

Annabelle was at the counter with her phone to her ear and there were shattered plates that covered the floor.

“YOU’RE KIDDING?!” Annabelle shrieked. “OH MY FUCKING GOD!” Annabelle continued to shriek and it made me wonder who the hell she was talking to that she is going all insane on us for. “I’ll let them all know... They are going to flip...” Annabelle said before hanging up the phone and turning around to see all of us looking at her like she lost her mind.

“Mom...” Faith said cautiously.

“Get a hold of Wicked... Now!” Annabelle demanded. Again we all looked at her like she was crazy. “Now! Crystal’s coming back!” Annabelle snapped.

Now this got everyone to snap out of their staring and going nuts.

Ryan just smirked and pulled out his phone. I assumed he was either calling or texting my brother.

I didn’t care if he was I was going to text him too. Maybe if it came from more then one person he’d actually listen and come home.

"You need to come home. Now!" ~Megan

I wanted to wait for his reply but I did doubt he’d reply at the same time.

“Lion, we have to meet up with Daniel and Crystal to bring her here...” Annabelle said rushing around the kitchen.

“Not Daniel? Just Crystal?” Lion questioned.

“Daniel said he needs to go into the office to organize something and he needs us to take Crystal and put her under the Wolf Pack’s protection... He said she’s going to need it...” Annabelle said grabbing her purse and walking towards the door. “Let’s Go!” She yelled over her shoulder.

“I guess we’re going... Try to get hold of your brother and get him here...” Lion said before he ran after Annabelle.

Well this should be interesting.

Just then my phone buzzed. I looked and saw it was a text message.

"Why? I haven’t found her yet. I’m not coming home till I do." ~Lenny

I rolled my eyes.

"Seriously! Come Home! Crystal’s on her way here! Like Now!" ~Megan

I finally had it. I was going to kill my brother myself if he didn’t listen to me this time.

"What?! Please tell me you’re not fucking with me right now." ~Lenny

"I’m not kidding. This is real. She’s coming home." ~Megan

I knew he would come back just to make sure I wasn’t lying.

After all, he did love her. Even if he wouldn’t admit it. His actions alone spoke for him.

~~Wicked’s Perspective~~

Holy fuck.

Was this for real?

She’s really coming home?

I really hope to fucking god she’s not fucking with me right now.

I walked out of the hotel room I booked for the night since I was beat and needed sleep, but now, I’m wired. There’s no way I’m going to be able to sleep now.

I practically ran to the front desk to check out even though I literally just checked in.

I’d have to thank Ryan for keeping the cash flow for me when I get back.

Once I was finished with that I ran to my bike and I was on the road again headed back to the clubhouse, a place I have been in a year.

I couldn’t be there anymore, I just couldn’t.

But now. If it’s true that she’s coming back, that she’s coming home, I’ll have no problem being there.

After all, she is everything to me and I couldn’t wait to show her.

~~Crystal’s Perspective~~

We’ve been driving for almost 2 days and I had fallen asleep not long after the twins fell asleep after spending all morning playing in the hotel.

Daniel had said that we were meeting up with Anna and Lion so they could take me back to the clubhouse.

The only thing I didn’t like was that no one would tell me anything about Wicked.

Maybe I was right and he moved on.

Maybe he was with someone else that he loved.

I didn’t want to think about it but it was hard when there was nothing but silence surrounding you in a van with 2 sleeping babies in the back and an anti-social FBI agent in the van with you.

My mind wouldn’t let me rest.

But the biggest thing on my mind was would he accept them.

I guess I would find out soon enough even though I was seriously dreading it.

I was broken from my chaotic thoughts when we stopped in the middle of no where.

“What’s going on?” I asked sitting up straight to look around.

“We’re waiting for Anna and Lion...” Daniel said simply.

For some reason that made me sad.

He wasn’t coming.

“I see...” I muttered as I leaned back in my seat to listen to the soft snores of the 2 in the back.

They really did sleep through anything.

The drive was taking longer due to the twins and needing to get them out of the car now and then so they weren’t stuck in their car seats forever.

We only waited maybe 10 minutes before I heard the loud rumble of a bike.

God, did I miss that sound.

But I knew it wasn’t his bike, it was Lion’s.

Daniel got out of the van and quietly shut the door behind him. I rolled my window down slightly because I was nosy. I wanted to see if I could hear what they were talking about.

But of course I couldn’t hear anything.

I watched in the side mirror as Annabelle and Daniel started to approach my side of the van.

I opened the door and stepped out because I knew what Daniel wanted to do.

“You look really good Crystal...” Annabelle said with a look of adoration in her eyes.

I smiled sadly. “Thanks...” I said to her before looking to Daniel. “Did you tell her?” I asked.

He shook his head. “No, not yet I figured to show her instead...” Daniel said the smirk never leaving his face.

“Show me? Show me what?” Annabelle asked looking confused.

I sighed and put my hand on the handle of the van’s backdoor.

“Promise not to freak out...” I asked.

“Depends on what you’re showing me...” Annabelle said which sounded like a challenge but then again I could be imagining things.

I shook my head and pulled the handle so the automatic sliding door could open. And I did reveal my 2 sleeping monsters.

Annabelle’s mouth just dropped and her eyes went comically wide as she stared at them.

She honestly looked like she was going to freak out because she kept looking back forth between me and the 2 monsters.

Finally after what seemed like hours but really it was only about 5 minutes, she spoke.

“Wicked...” Annabelle whispered to the point of not being able to hear.

But I could and I could feel my heart start cracking. It was never easy for me to hear his name and not know where he is or what he’s doing.

“Yeah...” I said sadly looking down at the floor.

“I take it he didn’t know...” Annabelle made it sound more like a statement that question.

“No... I didn’t even know until we had already left...” I answered.

“Well he doesn’t fool around that’s for sure... Twins on the first shot...” Annabelle joked and I was glad for that it made me smile.

“I need you to take these 3 with you to the clubhouse... They are to be protected... I’ll be in touch to set of up the rest...” Daniel said to Annabelle before he turned to me. “Are you sure you want to do this? If no one gets to you in time he could kill you...” Daniel said causing Annabelle’s head to snap to him and look at him like he grew an extra head.

“I’m sure... You had no luck catching him this far... I’ll lure him out...” I said sternly.

“You’re using her as bait!” Annabelle semi shrieked remembering the sleeping monsters in the van.

“Honestly... It wasn’t my idea... It was hers...” Daniel explained.

Annabelle turned to me. “Why?” She asked.

“It’s the only way for me to come back and not be hunted... I mainly need these 2 protected... I can draw him out and then I’m hoping Daniel and his crew can catch him...” I said crossing my arms.

I knew the risks of it all. I knew my chances in the long run but it had to be done it’s been a year and a half and still nothing.

I had to.

“It’s risky you know that... And I doubt he’ll like it very much...” Annabelle said.

I knew exactly who she was talking about.

I couldn’t help but snort lightly. “Don’t Anna... Just don’t...” I said.

She gave me a confused look before glaring at Daniel.

It looked like they were arguing without actually saying anything, both of them glaring at each other. To be honest I felt a bit uncomfortable at that moment.

“Whoa... Twins?!” Lion’s voice suddenly broke the tense silence.

I couldn’t help the blush that creeped across my face or looking at my feet. I still wasn’t used to people saying things like that.

His chuckle made it even worst, made me want to crawl under a rock and hide.

“My god... They look just like him... ” Lion cooed.

Annabelle giggled and shook her head. “He’s always loved kids...” She said.

“We should get going... Specially before they wake up...” I said with a sigh.

This was going to be a long day.

After saying goodbye and another car showing up to take Daniel Annabelle hopped into the drivers seat and we were off to the clubhouse.

I was beyond nervous of seeing him.

Those questions floating through my head and making my nerves worst.

What was I going to do?

“You shouldn’t worry too much...” Annabelle said breaking me out of my thoughts.

“Oh?” I said making it sound like a question.

I never really knew how to talk to her if I was being honest.

She smiled. “He’s going to be happy to see you...” She said which made me smile.

“Yeah?” I asked. She nodded. “What about them?” I asked looking over my shoulder at the still sleeping twins.

“That I don’t know but I do know he adores kids and wouldn’t say or do anything to hurt them... Or you for that matter...” She said like she sure knew for sure.

“I hope you’re right...” I muttered before looking at the window.

We still had about another hour of drive and I was hoping they stayed asleep the entire time.

Needless to say we were 15 minutes away when they woke up and started making noise.

I groaned knowing the crying was going to start soon if I didn’t get them out of their car seats.

But we make it to the clubhouse before they do thankfully.

But once I see that everyone of the brothers along with Faith and Megan minus Wicked are outside waiting I feel my nerves start again.

How are all of them going to take the news.

I swallowed the lump in my throat as Faith, Megan and Ryan all started to come towards the van.

“I don’t know if I can do this...” I whispered as my nails dug into the seat I was sitting in.

“You’ll be fine...” Annabelle said as she got out of the car.

I take a deep breath before opening my door and stepping out.

“Crystal!” Megan squealed as she bounced over and gave me a hug that almost knocked me over.

“Hi, Megs...” I said softly.

“I’m so glad you’re okay! My brother is going to be here within the next 2 hours! He can’t wait to see you!” Megan continued to squeal as her grip on me got tighter.

But before I could say anything 2 little cries sounded from behind me in the van.

Megan’s grip on me loosened as she stared wide eyes at the van behind me.

I turned and opened the door and climbed in to get them out of their car seats.

“When? How? WHAT?!” Megan shrieked with her mouth dropped open and her eyes wide.

“If I have to explain how then I’m going to have to question how old you are...” I said trying to lighten the mood.

“Is this why he’s been looking for you this whole time?!” Megan yelled which made me halt my movements.

He’s been looking for me?

“What?” I asked looking at her confused.

“You didn’t know my brother has been looking for this entire time?” She asked as she tilted her head to the side.

“No... Daniel never said anything... Even if I would ask he never said a word...” I said still in somewhat shock. “But I didn’t tell him either... I didn’t know till after I was already taken from the hospital...” I said refusing to look at anyone.

“So... He doesn’t know?” Megan asked.

I shook my head as I continued to unbuckle the twins.

“So... Um...” Megan fidgeted trying to find her words.

I giggled. “Yeah you can hold them...” I said get out my little girl first.

“What are their names?” Megan asked as I watched the others come up behind her.

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