A Truly Wicked Tale (Book 2)

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Chapter 2

~~Crystal’s Perspective~~

I hated lying to her but I didn’t really have a choice though. Hopefully when I get a chance I’ll try to explain. But right now I can’t. I won’t put her at risk like that.

I don’t care if I die. I have no one anyway. So if I left this world I wouldn’t be missed.

Her though.

She has family and friends. I can’t let her get dragged into this world.

My phone vibrated indicating I had a message.

"What wrong? You didn’t sound fine..." ~Megan

I smiled as a tear slid down my cheek. I wiped it away.

"Nothing... Just tired... Talk to you tomorrow okay?" ~Crystal

"Alright... Remember you’re coming with me to a party tomorrow!" ~Megan

"Only if I don’t work... I won’t know until tomorrow afternoon..." ~Crystal

"Do I have to call Daniel?" ~Megan

I rolled my eyes. Like he could control me.

"No... I’ll do my best..." ~Crystal

"Don’t roll your eyes at me! You’re coming!" ~Megan

I stared blankly at the screen. ′How the hell did she know?!′ I asked myself internally.

I shook my head.

"For the record I didn’t roll my eyes at you. But fine! I’ll tell Dom I don’t have a choice! Happy?" ~Crystal

All she sent was a bunch of smiling emojis. I giggled mainly to myself as I shook my head.

I’m really going to miss her.

~~Next Day – Wicked’s Perspective~~

I woke up to what I have considered normal lately.

Which consisted of my hair getting pulled by an adorable little girl because her mother believes it’s hilarious to watch m in discomfort in the morning. It’s even worst when I hear giggling as I try my damnedest to ignore the tiny hands pulling at my hair.

I finally growled at the adorable little girl who then decided to smack my head with her tiny hands as she giggled to no end.

She sat on top of my shoulders so I moved quickly to roll onto my back and caught her before she fell off my bed. I sat her on my chest.

“You think that’s funny don’t you?” I grumbled but I couldn’t help but smile when her face lit up. “Yeah, yeah, you’re lucky you’re adorable or there would be no way in hell I’d let you get away with this...” I said as she played with my face.

“Will you stop annoying Wicked?” I heard Ryan call from I’m guessing the kitchen.

“Just trying to get him up since we all have to go and the lazy ass decided not to come home till god knows what time last time...” I heard Faith’s cocky little attitude from beside my bed.

I couldn’t see anything since I had 2 tiny hands covering my eyes.

Leaving one hand supporting the munchkin on my chest I used my other hand at swatted at my side. I grinned when I heard a nice cracking sound and a yelp.

“You Ass!” Faith yelled as I heard her stomping out of my room. Of course leaving the munchkin on me. Not that I really minded.

I chuckled listening to her rant as she crossed the house.

“Is mommy cranky this morning?” I asked the little girl when she uncovered my eyes. She giggled her infectious little giggle causing me to chuckle. “I’ll take that as a yes...” I said sitting up bringing her with me.

“You left a nice hand print on her leg you know that right?” I heard Ryan from my doorway. He stood there leaning against it with his arms crossed with a raised eyebrow looking at me.

“She deserved it...” I grumbled getting up with Wolf.

“If I wasn’t engaged to her I’d fucking kill you...” He said through grit teeth.

Yeah you guessed it. He still doesn’t like the fact that I fucked Faith in the past. Though in our defense, we really didn’t have a choice in the matter and the other time he was there inside her too. But neither one of us at the time knew it was her. Needless to say he still doesn’t let me too close to her. Overly possessive bastard.

Not that I really care. I’ve made it clear that I see her more as a sister now more then anything. We just get along. A little too well at times if you ask me but what can I say some habits are hard to break.

“You really need to chill bro... It ain’t like that and you know it...” I said with a yawn as I passed him in the doorway. “When do we need to be at the clubhouse anyway?” I asked sitting down on the couch settling Wolf on my lap.

“Right after you guys drop me off at the school...” Faith said coming out of hallway pulling her hair up into one of those messy bun things on top of her head.

She had taken the rest of last year off since she had missed a lot and was starting her classes early to get caught up. Which we all understood. She needed a break after dealing with Kevin Carter and being pregnant with Wolf.

I can say for sure, I do not miss her being pregnant and her weird cravings at the worst possible times. Like 2 in the morning and her wanting fully loaded fries with chili and Doritos on top, a chocolate milkshake and a double bacon cheese burger with pickles and ranch dressing. Myself and Ryan would take turns making craving runs. I don’t miss it, not one bit.

“So, we’re taking the charger then...” I said ruffling Wolf’s hair causing her to giggle.

“Yup...” Faith said as came over taking Wolf off my lap. I’m assuming she’s going to get her ready to go now. “That means you need to go get dressed lazy ass...” Faith said walking towards Wolf’s room.

I rolled my eyes. “God can’t you put a muzzle on her?” I asked laying my head back against the couch.

“Nah... She’s more fun this way...” Ryan said as he licked his lips.

You would think because it was Ryan, that he would have gotten tired of her by now. Considering they had a kid and all. But nope. They are still head over heels for each other.

I sighed and headed back to my room to get dressed. Living with those 2 isn’t at all that bad actually. Ryan had the walls redone to make them all sound proof. For obvious reasons. I’m so glad he did too. Wolf had always slept through the night but they still had a monitor to listen for her just in case. I was also very glad that I was on the other side of the house then on the same side they were on. Again for obvious reasons.

Once I was dressed I picked up my phone and saw I had a few missed Texts.

4 Messages

"Time to get up sunshine!" ~Faith

I rolled my eyes and chuckled.

"I’ll meet you at the clubhouse... I need to check up on Crystal... I’m worried about her..." ~Megan

I sighed before I replied.

"Okay. You better be there by the time I get there." ~Wicked

Next message was an unknown number.

"We should do that again. It was fun." ~Unknown

I chuckled.

"Yeah? How about No." ~Wicked

The next one was from Austin. I had texted him yesterday after talking with Lion and Annabelle about the whole Crystal issue. My sister was very insistent that we, meaning the The Wolf Pack keep an eye on her and protect her if needed. I had asked Austin to look up Cain Peters to find out more info on him than what my sister and Annabelle were willing to give us.

"Cain Peters is apparently a serial killer, rapist, and pedophile. He killed his wife and several other women and their children, mainly daughters, after raping them. I don’t know why you asked about him but he seems like bad news and I’d stay away from him if I were you. I also found out he has a daughter named Gabrielle Peters. But according to records he only had her for a year and the age is unknown and she disappeared after they found Cain’s wife’s body. But the daughter’s body was never found. I hope that answered your question. Sorry I couldn’t tell you more there isn’t much on him other then he’s been in prison for 2 years now." ~Austin

I was tempted to message him and say I think I found the daughter but until I know for sure I’m not saying anything.

"Thanks. I’ll keep you posted. That’s more info then what we had originally on him." ~Wicked.

As I was putting my phone into my back pocket, it dinged a few times indicating I had a few messages that just came in. I sighed and continued to the living room still looking at my phone.

"No problem. Just make sure nothing happens to our sister." ~Austin.

Another overprotective bastard when it came to Faith. Then there’s Owen. Owen, Austin and Ryan have been overprotective of Faith since they all met her. No one was allowed to go near her. From what I remember hearing both of them were sort of pissed too when they found out about what happen with me and Faith. But there’s nothing any of them can really do about it. Not that I would do it again anyway. It would be too much like fucking my actual sister. Just the thought of it makes me cringe.

"Yeah I know. Don’t worry nothing will. I wouldn’t allow it to begin with. For once it doesn’t actually involve her this time." ~Wicked

I shook my head after closing his messages out. I opened the one from Megan next.

"Don’t worry big brother. I will be. I’m just leaving her dorm. She wasn’t there so I’m checking her apartment that’s a few blocks away from the school." ~Megan

I sighed. I was still quite curious about this chick Crystal. Her eyes alone looked haunted. They also looked golden, I could have gotten lost in them. And in all honesty, I wouldn’t have minded.

"Alright. Just be careful." ~Wicked

"Don’t worry, I have Slim and Fluff with me." ~Megan

Her message was pretty instant. Like she was just waiting for me to say that. But I still couldn’t help by roll my eyes.

I allowed Megan to ride with most of the crew expect Gypsy. I don’t trust the fucker not to keep his hands to himself. The others know better. I’d kill them, brother or not.

"You don’t have to be an asshole about it." ~Unknown

I chuckled. Obviously she didn’t know me too well. I ignored her. I don’t even remember her name. She wasn’t one of the normal club girls. Which honestly I preferred it that way. I don’t have to face them on a daily basis. And have them hanging on me expecting me to stay with them. I’ve stayed away from club girls for that reason.

You’re probably wondering about L’artistants. Well, we still run it and keep it going along with helping out Annabelle but none of us really attend anymore. Ryan has Faith. Austin and Owen have their wives and don’t live anywhere near here to attend regularly anyway. And me. Well, I just don’t see the point going without the others. We still hold our events once a month but never attend anymore.

“Ready finally?” I heard Faith ask. I looked up to see her standing there holding Wolf and tapping her foot giving me a look that said ′You better hurry the fuck up’.

“Yeah, yeah, I’m coming... Don’t get your panties in a bunch...” I grumbled as I walked towards her. What scared me was the smirk that appeared on her face.

“Oh you don’t have to worry about that...” She said. She leaned towards me close to my ear. “I’m not wearing any...“She whispered in my ear before turning on her heel and heading towards the door.

I groaned. “Really!? I really didn’t need to know that!” I yelled following behind her. “Rye! Seriously control her!” I whined. I won’t deny the fact that even though I see her more like a sister that she’s not fucking attractive. And I’d be lying if I said that I have no reaction to her.

The bastard was too busy laughing his ass off as he leaned on the counter. I really hated him sometimes.

“Sorry but there is no controlling her... At least outside of the bedroom anyway...” Ryan said causing me to groan again. Those 2 sometimes make me sick.

“Alright! Let’s just go... Megan will meet us at the clubhouse... She’s checking up on that Crystal chick she was talking about last night...” I said walking up to the charger and getting in the back with Wolf.

~~Megan’s Perspective~~

I’ve just about checked everywhere for her but I couldn’t find her. I finally pulled up to the apartment that Daniel said he kept for her just so she could escape campus if she wanted to. She was never a big fan of groups and crowds. I mean she’d put up with them when she had to but she always stayed to herself. Daniel said it was because she was really shy. But I’m not sure.

I mean having a serial killer and rapist for a father for about a year can really screw a persons mind up. Not to mention her life before that. I have no idea about anything she went through and I don’t know how she dealt with it. Daniel said once that she shuts her brain off and is like running on auto pilot to where she doesn’t remember anything she did during that time.

The day she told me about Cain killing his wife was days after it happened. She was in that house for 4 days before she contacted me and Daniel finally. Though she thought it all happened the same day. Neither one of us wanted to tell her that she willingly helped him kill the 8 women and their daughters. There were 10 daughters total.

To this day she doesn’t know that she helped actually kill them. She knows she’s cleaned up after him but she didn’t know she had a hand in killing them. Neither one of us had the heart to tell her. She doesn’t remember anyway why force her to remember something like that.

Daniel said since she’s been away from Cain she hasn’t had an episode of lost time. And nothing else seemed to be wrong it was just him and what he made her do. I don’t blame her. I wouldn’t want to know either.

Daniel kept her pretty sheltered. For good reason too. He felt bad for not being able to help Faith all those years. He figured he could at least help someone from being thrown into a similar world like Faith was. It was the only reason he never threw in the towel and saved Faith. He had Gabby to take care of.

I befriended Gabby at the time, so she wouldn’t be alone and so she would have a friend. Even though she was a year younger I felt she needed someone to turn to if she needed.

But I never expected her to go through all of that and survive. Luckily Cain never touched her like he did the others. She is still innocent in some way.

When Daniel gave me the task of keeping an eye on her, I jumped at the chance to see her again. Although after meeting with her the first time I had no choice but to ask Daniel if I could bring in Annabelle and the Wolf Pack brothers. Something was bothering her I could tell. She was very evasive and vague when it came to some things. And in all honesty it wasn’t like her.

This just proves it more.

We pulled up to the apartment and there was movement in the window so I knew someone was here.

“Wait here...” I said as I got off of Slim’s bike. I decided to bring at least 2 of the boys with me. Just in case you know.

“Wicked ain’t going to like you going by yourself...” Slim said.

“He’ll get over it...” I said as started walking up to the door.

Before I could knock though the door opened as Crystal walked out wearing a pair of black yoga capris, a gray tank top with a black zip up hoodie over top that was zipped half way hanging off of one shoulder, a gray sports bra underneath the tank top, and black and pink sketchers. Her hair pulled to the side in a braid that hung over her shoulder. Apparently she was not paying attention because she jumped and shrieked.

“Megan! Holy shit! What the hell!?” She said her hand over her chest trying to catch her breath. “You scared the hell out of me!” She added breathless.

“Sorry!” I giggled holding up my hands. “I was worried you never answered me this morning...” I said.

“Oh?” She said as she put her hand into her back pocket. She pulled out her phone. “Oh! I’m sorry! I had in on silent! I’m so sorry!” She said bowing her head repeatedly.

I giggled. She was adorable. “It’s fine but you had me worried... Where you off to?” I asked.

“Oh! Work... I need to talk to Dom and see if he can find someone to cover my shift...” She said waving her hand dismissively.

“Want a ride? I’m sure Fluff wouldn’t mind!” I asked.

She looked around me to look at the 2 boys I brought with me.

She shook her head. “No... I’m fine...” She said a bit nervously.

“Don’t tell me you’re afraid of the bikes?” I asked.

“Well... I can’t lie there... They’re a bit terrifying...” She said. I almost laughed. Almost. If I didn’t know that she would have taken it the wrong way, I would have.

“Oh! There’s nothing to be afraid of... But if you’re sure... I’ll pick you later?” I asked.

“I’ll let you know... I know Dom pretty well... He’ll do his best to find someone to cover for me...” She explained.

I nodded. “I hope so! I’m sure Faith would want to see you again!” I said and I almost smacked myself.

“Faith?! As in...” She trailed off as I saw her eyes dull.

“Yup the one and the same... The one that got you away from Mr. K...” I said reassuringly.

“Oh... Okay...” She said nervously.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

She giggled nervously. “Oh nothing! It’s just that I don’t think she’ll remember me... My name alone will throw her off...” She said as she locked her door.

“Oh don’t worry so much! I’ll explain it all to her!” I said walking with her away from the door.

“I’m not sure that’s a good idea...” She said nervously as we approached the boys and the bikes.

Yup, she’s still shy. It’s good to know that some things haven’t changed.

“Oh it’s fine! If you want I can talk to Daniel about it...” I said even though I already did.

“Well... I guess if Daniel says it’s okay I guess that’s fine...” She said looking to the ground with an adorable brush spread across her cheeks.

I rolled my eyes. “Alright I’ll ask him and let you know... Are you sure you don’t want a ride to work?” I asked leaning against Fluff’s bike.

“I’m sure!” She squeaked.

I giggled. “Alright... As long as it’s not because you’re afraid to ride on the bikes...” I said.

“It’s not... I rather no one know where I work... It’s a bit embarrassing...” She mumbled with her hands folded behind her back.

“It can’t be that bad...” I said.

She nodded her rapidly. “It is... Daniel doesn’t like it either but he left it alone because his brother owns it...” She said.

“Oh now I have to see...” I clapped my hands together.

“Megs... We don’t have time... You have to meet Wicked...” Slim said from his bike.

I sighed. “Yeah, yeah... My brother is a pain in the ass... Mainly mine...” I grumbled.

“Your brother’s name is Wicked?” She said with a gulp.

I smirked. “Well... You could say that... His real name is Leon but he goes by Wicked...” I explained. “But don’t let the name full you, he’s not all that bad...” I added after she paled slightly.

“I see... But since you have to meet him it’s not a good time then...” She said as she was backing away down the road.

“I can just text him and tell him I’ll be a bit late because of taking you to work...” I said pulling out my phone. I elbowed Fluff behind me when he started snickering.

“No no no, that’s okay I wouldn’t want to get you in trouble...” She said waving her hands in front of her.

“Oh it’s no trouble...” I said typing a message to my brother.

"Taking Crystal to work I’ll be late. Sorry brother." ~Megan

“See all done! Now let’s go!” I said bouncing up and grabbing her hand and pulling towards Fluff and his bike. “Don’t worry he won’t bite!” I said pushing her towards him.

“Unless you ask me to that is... I’m pretty harmless otherwise...” Fluff said with a chuckle when Crystal’s face turned red.

My phone dinged.

"And where is that?" ~Lenny

I rolled my eyes.

"I’ll let you know when I know." ~Megan

“Come on get on! It’s actually fun!” I said hopping on the back of Slim’s bike.

Before Crystal was able to protest, Fluff pulled her to him and onto the back of his bike.

“Now hold on tight...” Fluff said wrapping her arms around his waist.

I almost laughed. Her face was so red it wasn’t even funny. I felt sort of bad for her but she did need to come out of her shell.

We took off down the road with Fluff leading the way since Crystal was giving directions.

What surprised me most was where we pulled up to.

4Play Gentleman’s Club

I was shocked to say the least.

“You work here?” I asked still in disbelief.

Crystal stepped off Fluff’s bike and nodded her face hidden by her hair. I’m guessing it was red beyond belief right now.

“No wonder... Oh well... Nothing wrong with it...” I said with a shrug of my shoulders.

“Come on... Let’s get this over with...” She said as she practically ran up to the doors.

Once we were through the doors I was surprised to see that it was pretty packed for a morning.

“There’s my favorite girl!” I heard a man say from across the room.

He looked like Daniel so much it wasn’t even funny. In fact I wanted to laugh. They could have been twins for all I knew.

“Hey Dom...” Crystal waved nervously.

“You brought friends?” He asked.

“Oh! Yes... They helped me come in today... I was going to see if you needed me to work tonight...” Crystal said as she played with the hem of her shirt.

“Well... Cherry did call out so I was hoping you could cover for her... Why?” He asked as he looked over a clip board.

Before she could say anything I stepped up in front of the boys.

“I wanted to know so she could come join me tonight!” I said with a smile. I could practically feel the heat coming from both Slim and Fluff behind with how close they got.

“Oh? And you are?” Dom asked.

“This is Megan... She’s a friend of a Dan’s too...” Crystal said.

“Ah! I see! You’re that Megan? I heard a lot about you...” He said. “Well let me see if I can get a hold Amber to cover and then I don’t see why not... But how about a quick dance now? Some of your fans are here waiting for you...” Dom said wiggling his eyebrows.

Crystal groaned. “Okay but it’ll take a bit... Megan isn’t your brother waiting for you?” She said hinting for me to leave apparently.

“He won’t mind... I have my own personal body guards here...” I said motioning to Fluff and Slim.

“Wolf Pack huh? How is Lion now a days?” Dom asked looking at the boys.

“You know Lion?” Slim asked.

“Oh yeah! We go way back! He married one of the girls who worked here years ago when my father ran the place...” Dom explained.

“Bonnie... She died over a year ago...” Slim said sadly.

“Yeah I heard... Shame too she loved that old fool...” Dom said checking his phone. “Get going Crystal, don’t want to keep everyone waiting...” Dom said pushing her towards the back.

“I’m going, I’m going...” She grumbled as she walked away.

“She may seem super shy but just wait till you see her dance... You’d never guess that she’s shy...” Dom said looking towards the back where Crystal disappeared.

“How often does she work here?” I asked.

“A few times a week... Monday’s, Wednesday’s and Friday’s normally... Unless I need her to cover for one of the other girls or bartenders...” He explained.

“Oh... Friday’s are the night’s we all get together for a cook out...” I said. Trying to make it sound like a family get together then a full out party.

He laughed. “Yeah sure... I’ve been there before I know what happens at the Clubhouse... How about this... She comes and works directly after school is over until about 8pm and she can join you? Amber can’t come in until 8pm... Tonight that is... And since I know it’s an every Friday thing I can work something out then...” He said.

“That should work... I can come by and pick her up...” I said knowing exactly how to get her to come back to the clubhouse.

“Sounds good to me... Just do me a favor... I haven’t seen Lion in awhile why don’t you see if you can talk him into coming and of course the brothers too... Can’t leave those fuckers out...” He asked with a chuckle near the end.

I thought about it. “I’ll try... Lion normally doesn’t leave but maybe if I explain he might...” I said.

He nodded. “Oh! Here she comes...” He bounced off as the lights turned off.

“Can you boys back up... You’re crowding me...” I growled causing them to take a tiny step back from me. I rolled my eyes.

"Hello Gentlemen! You’re all in for a treat! Everyone’s favorite jewel is here just for you! Remember hands to yourself, this girl is not allowed to be touched after all most jewels can break if handled the wrong way!" I heard Dom’s voice come from over the speakers.

“Well, that’s a bit reassuring...” I muttered.

Music began playing as the spot lights went straight for the stage. I knew this song.

Stranger′ By Hilary Duff.

What surprised me was when I looked up to the stage I found Crystal in almost the exact same outfit that Hilary wore in the music video. But instead of all black it was white and very see-through. The next surprise was the fact that it wasn’t Hilary’s voice singing it. It was Crystal’s voice. And I must say she sounded amazing. She sang it better then Hilary. And danced better then Hilary did in the video too.

The way her body moved had all the men hypnotized and drooling. She used that pole better then most dancers could. The way her wrists crossed behind the pole above her head, the way she lifted her body flipping it upside down and hooking her ankles around the pole as her wrist uncrossed and she came sliding down just to fling herself back up grabbing the pole with her hands spinning in a circle before coming to her feet. Never once missing a beat of the song or a even a word.

I chanced a glance back behind me and saw that, yup, the 2 boys I was with were just as much under her spell as the rest of the men in the room. Now I really wanted to bring the brothers here. I wanted to watch them melt under her spell.

The combination of the way her body moved and her voice alone had all the men in the palm of her hands. No wonder Dom said everyone had to keep their hands to themselves. He was afraid they’d have a heart attack if they went to actually touch her or if she touched them.

I bit my lip as I watched the boys behind me start to drool from keep their mouths open for so long. I don’t think they even blinked.

I heard a chuckle. When I looked over I saw Dom.

“Never fails... Even without taking her clothes she has them all like putty in her hands... I make more money when she works then any of my other girls... And she is the only one who doesn’t take off her clothes...” Dom explained.

I must say I was impressed.

“So, this always happens?” I asked motioning to the boys behind me.

“Yup... It doesn’t matter if your married, single, young, old this always happens with every male in the place... I’m grateful that Dan let her come here... Believe it or not she pretty much helped save this place when she started... Word got around and now it’s always packed... Specially when she’s working...” Dom explained.

“But you’re not effected?” I asked.

“Nah... I prefer blondes to be honest but I’ve seen it so many times it has no effect on me... It’s what happens when you watch the girls practice...” He said with a shrug of his shoulders.

“I see... It looks like some of the other girls are no better though...” I said pointing to where 2 girls were standing.

“Oh them...” He chuckled. “They have a thing for her so it’s only natural... They like to dance here because they don’t like men in that way...” Dom said with a shrug.

To be honest it made sense.

I knew it was over when I heard clapping as Crystal gave a bow and a wave as she walked off the stage.

I looked behind me and saw the boys shake their heads and blink their eyes rapidly. I wanted to laugh at them. Wait till I tell the other brothers about this.

“Bring her back for 5pm and then pick her up at 8pm and she’s all yours...” Dom said breaking me out of my amusing thoughts.

“Alright... Sounds good...” I said with a giggle. “You okay boys?” I asked.

Neither one said anything. All they did was glare at me. It was too late. I started laughing at them. I never thought I would see the day that they would drool over a girl. Which just made me want to bring the other brothers here even more. Including my own.

I mean who wouldn’t want to watch men who didn’t have to do anything at all for girls to just flock to them start drooling over a girl that was untouchable. Hell, if I had to I’d pay to see it.

“What time does she preform?” I asked.

“7:30pm...” Dom said looking down at his clip board.

I nodded. “Alright I’ll be here with some of the others...” I said not bothering to hide my smirk.

He chuckled. “I would love to see the boys of the Wolf Pack drool too... That would be funny...” Dom mused.

He had the same thought as I did. I couldn’t wait for that.

“Alright! I’m done!” Crystal said as she came back out in her normal clothes, her face bright red not that you could really tell with all the make up on her face. But I could see the red tint under the cover up.

“That was amazing!” I said excitedly. “I’ll bring you back later they don’t need you till 5pm so you’re coming with me...” I said grabbing her hand.

“W-W-What?!” She stuttered.

“Come on it’ll be fine you’re with me...” I said dragging her with me. “Nice meeting you Dom! See you later!” I said waving at him over my shoulder.

“See you at 5 Jewel!” Dom called out as we walked out the door.

~~Crystal’s Perspective~~

Oh My God!′ I screamed internally.

I can’t believe he made me dance with Megan there! It’s so much easier to dance and sing with strangers who don’t know you at all then with people you know and who could judge you. Or at least that’s how I think about it.

I must admit though I didn’t like idea of being on a bike before but I don’t mind it now. But I did sort of demand that they drop me at my house instead but they didn’t listen to me.

We pulled up to a body shop looking place and we all walked over to a red Chevy sedan. I was a bit confused. But I followed anyway.

“Sorry... Can’t pull into the clubhouse with you on the back of the bike... It has a different meaning that way... Driving Megs around is a different story...” Slim explained as he opened the drivers door.

“It’s fine...” I muttered looking down.

“It means you belong to the one who’s bike your riding... Tells others your off limits to them... But since you’re not like that with any of them we can’t pull in like that... Me though... I’m a totally different case...” Megan explained.

I nodded sort of understanding. “I get it... Don’t worry I’m not offended or anything...” I said with a smile. It may have been a fake smile but its the best I have at the moment.

After last night I can’t bring myself to smile anymore. Which I’m still trying to figure out how I can get out tonight. It’s not that I don’t want to go. I do. But I don’t know if I can hide there.

“Are you sure it’s alright if I come with you?” I asked.

“Yeah don’t worry about it! No one will say anything!” Megan said from next to me.

We both sat in the back while the 2 boys sat up front.

I had no idea what Megan was thinking to be honest but, Daniel told me I can trust her. So for now, I’ll trust her. I just hope I don’t end up regretting it later.


I looked down at my phone and closed my eyes once I saw who had messaged me.

"When are you coming back home, my precious charm?" ~Unknown

"Not till Later... I have to work..." ~Crystal

"You better be home tonight." ~Unknown

"I will be..." ~Crystal

“What’s wrong?” I heard Megan ask.

“Hm? Oh! Nothing sorry! Just Dom making sure I’m coming in tonight...” I lied.

“He doesn’t trust that I’ll have you there?” Megan asked.

“Nope... Last time someone said they’d make sure I was there got me there really late... And I’m not talking a few minutes... More like a few hours... He wasn’t very happy...” I said.

Which wasn’t a lie. Amber decided to take a detour and it made us really late. He blew up at us as soon as we got there. God I hated his face and tone that night. Amber on the other hand was lucky to keep her job according to Dominic.

“I’ll have to prove him wrong then!” Megan said with a sly grin.

I shook my head. She was something else.

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