A Truly Wicked Tale (Book 2)

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Chapter 3

We pulled up to a place that Megan said was called the Clubhouse. There were a a few guys standing out front. It seemed like they were waiting for something.

I heard Megan groan next to me. I looked at her confused.

“My brother...” Megan said rolling her eyes.

“Told you he wouldn’t be happy...” Fluff said with a chuckle.

“Oh shut it...” Megan hissed.

Once the car was parked. We got out. I stayed behind Megan. I couldn’t help being terrified. I don’t know any of them and it’s a Motorcycle club. I mean come on who wouldn’t be scared!

“What took you so long?” One of the them said. I remember him from the cafe the other day. Megan was talking to him and at one point she smacked him upside his head.

“Was waiting for Crystal to finish up... She has to go back for 5pm... But we can pick her up again for 8pm...” Megan said with that sly grin on her face. I was a bit curious as to why. But I brushed it off.

I’m guessing this one was her brother. The one who I had felt a pull from, drawing me in. This one was dangerous to be near. I would have to be careful.

He looked around Megan and at me. I couldn’t help but hide behind her more or the red that stained my cheeks. He was like a god.

I heard Megan giggle. “Oh, it’s just my brother, he’s harmless...” Megan said which earned her a growl from her brother. Megan pulled me out from behind her. “Everyone this is Crystal! Crystal this is the Wolf pack... You have Lion, his son Gypsy, Ry...” She paused before she cleared her throat. “As I was saying that’s Psycho and his daughter Wolf...” She said each name as she pointed to each one. “Then of course this is my brother Len... I mean Wicked, then you have Roo, Justice, his old lady Mandy... Oh you’ll be here a while you’ll meet everyone sooner or later...” Megan said finally giving up on going through everyone’s names.

“Um... Hi...” I said, well more like whispered. But I couldn’t help it. They all were intimidating. I couldn’t keep my eyes on any of them for long. They always landed back on the floor.

“She’s a bit shy...” Megan said as her hand rubbed circles on my back.

“Ah! There she is!” I heard a very familiar female voice. I looked up and saw Annabelle. “It’s been a while that’s for sure hasn’t it...” Annabelle asked.

“Y-Y-Yes... It has...” I stammered out.

I could feel eyes on me and it made me nervous. I know that sounds strange due to where I work but these people I know their names, at work I don’t. It’s different for me when I can put a name to a face. It really makes no sense but it’s just how it is.

“Come on in! Let’s catch up shall we?” Annabelle asked.

“Um... Maybe another time... I really should get home, I have some stuff I need to get done before I have to go to work tonight...” I said looking to the floor.

“I think she’s just scared to be around all of us...” I heard one of the men say. I looked up and saw it was the one name Psycho. He was smirking.

I wrapped my arms around my middle protectively and stepped back. It was sad that I couldn’t help but confirm his statement. They all did scare me.

“Well if you all would stop glaring at her maybe she wouldn’t be so scared... Ignore them come with me...” Annabelle said coming up to me and practically dragging me away from them. Not that it bothered me. I was glad to away from their eyes.

We entered another room with a giant table with a bunch of chairs. I couldn’t help but look around in awe. The room was huge and looked amazing.

“Please take a seat...” Annabelle said.

I took the seat near to where I was standing. I was still looking around the room that I almost failed to noticed the others come into the room. Almost.

I went ridged. I felt him behind me. I felt the pull he gave off. It was intoxicating.

I felt him take the seat beside me but I kept my focus on Annabelle. I couldn’t let what I was feeling distract me. Even though I really didn’t mind it distracting me.

“So, Are you living on campus now?” Annabelle asked.

“I’m supposed to be... But I decided that I like the place I have a few blocks from campus better... The dorms feel... Wrong for me... I like my place better, I’ve lived there for too long...” I said looking at my hands in my lap.

“Oh Daniel is okay with that?” Annabelle asked.

“He said it was okay... He knows how am I...” I said vaguely.

“I see... Well, you should be fine this year, our daughter...” She gestured towards Lion and herself. “Faith, is attending also...” Annabelle said.

I was surprised to know that Annabelle was Faith’s mom and this man Lion was her dad. From what I gathered she adopted or something. But it has been about 5 years since I saw her.

“Oh... That’s good...” I said looking up at her.

She definitely looked older then she was when I saw her last. And she looked happier. I was glad for that.

I couldn’t help but feel uncomfortable still surrounded by all these unfamiliar people.

“I should really get going though... I do have a lot to do before I go to work...” I said pushing the chair out.

“What do you have to do?” Megan asked from the other side of Wicked, who was seated next to me.

“You know... Shopping, making myself something to eat, laundry... That sort of stuff...” I said fiddling with my hem of my shirt.

“I can take you back since I know where you live and all...” Megan said standing up.

“I’ll take you...” I heard someone say from behind me. I turned to see Wicked looking directly at me.

I couldn’t help but take a step back from the intense feeling of his gaze on me. I also couldn’t help the red tint that stained my cheeks.

“Brother...” Megan said in a warning tone. He just looked her making her sigh. “Fine... Come on Crystal there’s no fighting my brother on this...” Megan said with a slight huff.

“R-R-Really isn’t necessary...” I said waving my hands in front of myself.

“Nonsense! I brought you here and you live too far to walk from here... Don’t worry I’ll keep my brother in line...” Megan said causing my already red stained cheeks turn even redder.

I heard a soft chuckle from beside me.

I wanted groan and say no but I was already being dragged out the door by Megan. Wicked followed behind us with the one they call Psycho behind him.

I stayed quiet the rest of the time. I found it was useless in arguing with Megan and them. It’s like I was a rag doll being pulled where ever they wanted me to go.

Once we walked outside the house and to the car I heard a female voice yell over to us.

“Wicked! There you are! I was wondering where you have been hiding...” The girl said as she approached.

She was pretty. Brown eyes, blonde hair that reached her shoulders, skinny and curvy. She had her nose, eyebrow and lip pierced. She also had tattoos but most were covered to where you couldn’t see all of them. She wore jean shorts and a white tank top with red flip flops.

I heard him groan behind me. Next I felt an arm wrap around my waist which made me stiffen. His breath on my ear furthered my reasons of needing to stay away from him.

“Play along and I’ll owe you...” He whispered in my ear as he slid the tip of his nose up and down my earlobe.

It felt wrong but I sighed and nodded. Why I have no idea. I had no real reason to help him. But it’s not in my nature to turn someone who needs help, no matter what it is, away.

“Riley...” Wicked said as he rested his chin on my shoulder.

I couldn’t help but lean back into him. He was warm. Don’t judge me.

He tightened his arm around my waist pulling in closer to him.

The girl, Riley, gave me a dirty look. “And who are you?” She spat.

Before I could answer Wicked chuckled. “She doesn’t concern you... Now leave... You Riley, you are not welcomed here...” Wicked said sliding the tip of his nose up and down my cheek slowly.

“Still an asshole I see... I thought you didn’t mess with Club girls? That’s why you came to me?” Riley asked ignoring me.

I felt him smirk against my neck. “She’s not a club girl... At least not yet... But she is my girl...” Wicked said causing me shiver slightly. He bit down on my neck causing the girl to scowl.

His mouth was warm, his teeth were sharp, his lips were soft.

I had bite back a moan at the feeling of his mouth as it worked it’s magic against my neck. I couldn’t help but imagine how it feel on other parts of my body. But I had to squash those images quick otherwise I may have just jumped him.

My head tilted to the side to give him better access to my neck as I laid my head back against him and closed my eyes.

“We’ll see about that...” Riley said before snubbing her nose up at me and turning around. “Suit yourself... You are not the only dick around... And not even one of the best...” She said walking away.

Wicked chuckled against my neck. “Yeah right...” He said as he slowly loosened his arm as she got farther away. He scraped his teeth across the crook of my neck when she looked back over her shoulder.

Her fist clenched at her sides and she continued to stomp away.

I couldn’t help but feel slightly used. But I guess that’s what happens when you agree to something like this.

“Riley really?” Megan said shaking her head. “You know that girl is fucked up in the head... And now you just made Crystal into her next target...” Megan said smacking him upside the head.

He chuckled. “She won’t hurt her...” Wicked said. He inhaled deeply. “Mmm... You smell good...” He whispered in my ear.

I had enough of this feeling I was feeling. I stepped away from him closer to Megan. Wrapping my arms around myself while hiding my face with my hair. I was beyond embarrassed.

I could still feel where he bit me. It was like his mouth was still there nipping, sucking and licking. Like it was burning me. I knew there was a mark. I just knew. What was really screwed up was that I didn’t mind it. I hated to admit it but I liked how his mouth felt on my skin.

I knew then I was in major trouble if I continued to be around him.

~~Wicked’s Perspective~~

I watched her step away from me. I couldn’t see her face. And for some reason it pissed me off. I may have went a little far with that last comment but I couldn’t help it. She did smell good. Like intoxicatingly good. Not to mention she tasted like fucking heaven too. And that was just her skin. It made me want to taste other parts of her. But I knew I couldn’t go there. At least not yet.

By the look on my sisters face I may have went too far. But it’s been done, I can’t undo it now. The mark was left. Which I didn’t mind it there. I couldn’t make it go away now. Not that I actually wanted it to. I wanted to leave more. Mark her. Claim her as mine.

The thoughts alone made me want to groan. I never left any marks on anyone. It wasn’t my style. Plus I never wanted girls to get the wrong idea.

The only other girl I have ever left a mark on was Faith but I wasn’t the only one at the time to have left a mark on her. Ryan did too. At the same time I did.

“Let’s go...” Megan said her glare telling me to get moving before she smacked me again.

She’s the only one I let get away with that shit. Well, her and Faith, but Faith doesn’t really count. She prefers to make me uncomfortable instead of inflicting physical violence like my sister does.

I sighed. “Alright get in...” I said walking to the drivers door.

Megan led Crystal over to the back door.

I glared at her.

I didn’t want Crystal in the back with her. Why it made a difference I don’t know. This was getting a bit confusing with her.

I’ve never wanted someone so bad in my life. And that’s saying a lot. Considering I could have anyone I wanted pretty much. But since that day Megan said that she was off limits, I’ve been interested. If you can even call it that. I would probably put it as Bordering on obsessed. But again that’s me.

Megan glared back at me and shook her head slightly but not enough for anyone other then me to notice it.

She helped Crystal into the car and after both of them got settled I pulled out of the drive way. The drive was quiet for the most part. Now and then I would hear the girls giggle.

I couldn’t help but keep stealing glances in the rear view mirror just to see her smile. Even if it was a fake smile it was still beautiful. She didn’t want to hurt my sisters feelings from what I could tell by the look on her face.

“Come on! You should totally sing...” I heard Megan squeal.

“I don’t think so...” Crystal replied with a shake of her head.

“Come on! You’re amazing!” Megan said.

“Nope... Not doing it!” Crystal said shaking her head even more.

“Pleeeeeeaaaaaasssseeeee!” Megan begged giving her a pout.

“No! I’m not doing it! It’s bad enough you saw me earlier!” Crystal said. “Stop here it’s here on the right...” She added as she leaned up and pointed to a nice 3 story brick house.

I pulled the car to stop in front of the house.

“I’ll see you later...” Crystal said getting out of the car.

“Oh you will... I’ll be picking you up from work...” Megan said in a challenging tone.

“Really? Great...” Crystal groaned as she headed toward the house.

“Don’t act like you hate us...” Megan yelled to her.

Crystal rolled her eyes and shock her head as she headed up to her door. It was like she was waiting for us to pull away before she opened the door. It was strange if you asked me. But then again this girl was different from the rest some how.

She stood at the door for a few minutes before deciding to walk inside since we weren’t leaving until she went inside.

Once she was inside Megan jumped up to the front seat.

“I will only say this one more time Lenny... She is off limits! Do you understand me?” Megan growled.

“Yeah yeah... I may have stepped over the line earlier but I had good reason to and she said I could...” I said defensively.

I must say this is the first time my sister was this serious about me not touching a female. Maybe because they were friends. I didn’t know but she was just making it so I wanted the girl more. Which made no sense to me not in the least. But I couldn’t help how I felt.

I wanted her. More then I’ve wanted anyone ever in my life. And I couldn’t explain it. And believe me my cock wouldn’t let me forget the fact that I wanted her. I had to adjust myself a few times since she showed up at the clubhouse.

“I mean it Lenny... She not just my friend... Faith saved from suffering in that world... And she still got thrown into a even more fucked up world... For once just listen to me...” Megan said.

Her words baffled me though. I didn’t understand what she was saying and she wouldn’t explain it to me.

“What are you talking about?” I asked pulling away from the house once I knew the address and location by heart.

“I... I can’t explain it to you... Annabelle and Daniel are the only other ones who know... Crystal herself doesn’t even know everything...” Megan explained as she looked out the window.

And once again I was lost. How could someone not even know about themselves?

I shook my head and just drove. I had a bad feeling but there’s nothing I could do about it right now.

We got back to the club house where Ryan was looking quite annoyed for some reason.

“What’s up?” I asked getting out of the car.

“Something Anna just said... It just made no sense to me...” Ryan said shaking his head.

“Where’s the munchkin?” I asked looking around for the tiny ball of adorableness.

“Inside with her grandpa and grandma...” Ryan grumbled.

I found it funny that her parents never seem to have her for long. She always gets stolen by someone. But It’s kind of what you should expect when you’re dealing with a family of this size. I stole the kid too now and then not that I would ever admit it to anyone.

“What’d Anna say that has you out of sorts?” I asked leaning against the wall next to him.

“It was about that girl that you just took home...” Ryan said seeming deep in thought.

“Okay... And?” I asked with a raised eyebrow.

“She said that she’s in danger...” Ryan said finally after what seemed like years. Even though it was only a minute or 2.

“What do you mean in danger?” I asked remembering her behavior.

“She wouldn’t say... She just said that we had to keep an eye on her... Lion apparently agrees with her... The fucker knows what she’s not willing to tell us...” Ryan explained.

“Must be something if she’s asking us...” I said knowing damn well Annabelle wouldn’t ask something like this of us ever no matter what was going on.

So whatever it is, it has to be something big and bad. She always said she would never ask us for anything like that because these girls are her responsibility not ours. I mean I get it. She felt like she had a duty to these girls just like Faith did and still does.

There are some things that even Ryan doesn’t know about Faith that only I do. And there is no way in hell I’m telling him shit. I like my life too much to break that to him. I mean it’s not that bad. She’s not cheating on him or anything. She’s not that type of girl. But she is going behind his back and helping her mom with these girls.

I know he has no clue. I asked him about something once and he didn’t say anything hinting at it. I asked Faith and she turned paler then anything. Like she was caught red handed with her hand in the cookie jar. It was the funniest thing ever. I told her I wouldn’t tell him. She felt better after that. It was still weird to think that me and her have something to ourselves.

I know things won’t go beyond our ′friendly′ banter. If you can call it that. But I’ll still drop everything if she asked me to. I won’t abandon her like that in a time of need. I mean she is my best friend/Brother’s girl so I have an obligation to be there. Even if he doesn’t like it.

“Well I guess then we are on babysitting duty then... Megan said she’s going to be picking her up from work tonight then bringing her here...” I said pushing off the wall.

For some reason I felt I needed to change and shower before seeing her. God I hated feeling like this. I’ve never felt like this before. And I was starting to hate it. But love it at the same time.

God I was pathetic.

~~Crystal’s Perspective~~

It was a bloody mess. I couldn’t believe it. Again. I have to do this again.

“Don’t miss a spot my precious gem...” I heard him say.

“Yes sir...” I said.

This was normal. I kept telling myself that. Everyone does this.

Since I had returned home to the apartment I’ve been under his control again. Since I came to LA he’s been here. I’m too scared to go against him. And too scared to say a word.

So I will do what I need to do. And right now that was scrubbing the floor to get rid of all the blood.

I can tell you now that even bleach can’t get rid of it all. Most people think all you need is bleach. But they’re wrong. Bleach stains too. Specially under black light. So I use something else. I use hydrogen peroxide then I go over it again with cold water, it can’t be detected with black light. It’s a pain in the ass granted but it works.

I can’t remember when I started this. I just know I have been doing it awhile.

“I’m going out again... I need to hunt...” He said.

I felt my blood freeze. “Oh? Do you have to? Your going to raise suspicion if you keep doing this everyday... This is the 4th body I had to clean up after...” I said softly.

He grabbed my hair yanking my head back. “Would you rather it be you I come after?” He asked.

“N-N-No...” I stammered out.

Was I being selfish for not wanting him to go after me?

Was it fair to have him go after others instead?

I wanted to keep telling myself, No I wasn’t selfish. And yes it’s fair.

But I knew the truth. I was being selfish and it wasn’t fair to have him go after others. Even if I did know the truth I still couldn’t stop. I was going to keep being selfish. Because I knew he wasn’t joking. He would kill me.

“Then keep this in mind my dear gem, I need to hunt otherwise I will have to go after you my sweet gem...” He pulled my head to the side as he narrowed his eyes.

He was looking at something. But I couldn’t think of what he would be staring at.

“What is this?” He asked tracing something on my neck.

That’s when it hit me. The mark Wicked left when he bit me earlier.

Fuck...′ I panicked internally.

“Who did you allow to touch you like that?” He growled as he pulled on my hair tighter.

It felt like he was trying to rip my hair out of my head.

“No one...” I said through grit teeth.

The pain in my head was only getting worst.

“These are teeth marks... You let someone touch you... Who is it?” He demanded.

“Just a friend...” I said. I knew I shouldn’t be calling Wicked a friend but it was the only thing I could think of at the time.

“So... After all these years you’ve become a whore? Allowing just anyone to touch you?” He said as he yanked harder on my hair.

“N-N-No... It’s not like that! He did it to get a guy to leave me alone...” I lied.

Which wasn’t a complete and total lie, just switching of the roles. Instead of getting a girl to leave him alone I changed it to a guy leaving me alone.

But it seemed he accepted that because he let go of my hair. But then again, I could have just read it wrong. Specially when I felt something wrap around my neck and get pulled tight.

It hurt to try and breathe or talk. He just pulled it tighter.

“I better not see another mark like this on you... Unless it’s from me... No one can touch what is mine...” He growled into my ear pulling it tighter for just a few seconds before letting it go.

I coughed and coughed. Getting the air into my lungs hurt my throat. My head felt light headed and dizzy. I felt water starting to flood my eyes. But I knew I couldn’t let him see my cry. It would only make it worst.

We went back to ignoring each other as he got ready to go out hunting. It was nearing the time I had to go to work. And I was scared. I felt jittery.

It was like I needed something to take the edge off. But I didn’t drink nor did I do drugs. I was what most people would consider a ′good girl’. A girl who didn’t do anything that they shouldn’t like drinking and drugs. I was against drugs. For obvious reasons.

After he left the house giving me the warning that I better be home by the time he gets home and me telling him I can’t promise that because of work and a knife held to my throat and agreeing I would try, I was finally getting ready for work.

Luckily for me I was a pro at hiding things with make up. No one will ever know. But that would also mean covering up Wicked’s mark on me. Which for work I had to otherwise Dom would tell Daniel and I would get 1000 questions about it.

Once I was ready for work and walking out the door I remembered something important. And the only reason I remembered it was because it was standing right in front of me.

There was Megan and Faith waiting for me.

I wasn’t so glad for make up before this moment. None of them would see anything. But the bad part was Faith would see where I worked. I was just glad that none of the boys were with.

“Did you forget that I was taking you to work?” Megan asked.

“Yes...” I said hanging my head.

“Come on let’s go... We have a party to get to after you get out...” Megan said reminding me I did agree to go.

Great... I forgot about that too...′ I thought internally as I walked towards the girls and the car.

“Faith this is Crystal... Crystal this is Faith...” Megan said.

“I remember her...” I said looking down at the ground while I played with the hem of my hoodie.

“I remember you too... It’s been a long time... Though I remember you going by Gabby back then...” Faith said walking to the drivers side.

“Yeah... I haven’t been called that in awhile...” I said getting into the back seat.

The drive was filled with random conversations. It was pleasant to say the least. I actually felt normal and not like I was trapped in a living nightmare.

But how long can something like that really last?

~~Time Skip – 7:30pm - Wicked’s Perspective~~

I don’t know how I got dragged into this. But for some reason myself as well as a few of the other brothers were talked into going to 4play Gentlemen’s club.

When I pulled up I thought it was joke until Faith and my sister said to come on in.

I was pissed actually. Why the hell was my sister and Faith dragging us guys to a fucking strip club? That was my main question.

The next was why were we dragging the brothers and Lion with?

I mean how did they even talk Annabelle into this?

And why did Faith drag Ryan with too?

So many questions and no answers. Or should I say they refused to answer the questions.

Once we walked in I wanted to high tail it out of there. I mean I felt weird enough as I was walking into a strip club as it was. It got worst when some of the girls came over to us wanting to know if they could help us out.

“No, we’re good... We’re here to see a friend...” Megan said to the girls shooing them away.

I was glad they left but then my sisters words hit me.

“Wait? What friend?” I asked.

But before she could answer me the lights went out.

"Hello Gentlemen! You’re in for a treat tonight! Everyone’s favorite Jewel is here just for you! For those of you who are new, there are some ground rules when it comes to this particular Jewel... Hands to yourself, there is no touching allowed after all, all jewels brake if their not handled properly..." A deep voice said through the speakers.

I was even more confused. All the girls here you could touch, but why not this one?

“Pay attention...” I heard Megan whisper into my ear moving my head to face a stage that had a pole in the middle of it.

The song ′Stranger′ by Hilary Duff began playing. I only knew the song because I have a sister.

What surprised me was the girl who appeared on the stage. She was wearing almost the same genie type outfit that Hilary wore in the music video. But this one was white and gold.

She was also singing the song, not just dancing. Her voice was amazing. But oddly familiar.

I couldn’t stop watching her.

"Nobody believes me when I tell them that you’re out of your mind.
Nobody believes me when I tell them that there’s so much you hide.
You treat me like a queen when we go out,
wanna show everyone what our love’s about.
All wrapped up in me whenever there is a crowd,
But when no ones around

There’s no kindness in your eyes,
The way you look at me, it’s just not right.
I can tell what’s going on this time,
There’s a stranger in my life.
You’re not the person that I once knew.
Are you scared to let them know it’s you?
If they could only see you like I do,
Then they would see a stranger too.

Her voice drew me in like a moth to a flame. Watching her body move only made it worst. I wanted her in the worst possible way right now. The twitch in my pants made that very clear to me.

It wasn’t until the lights hit her face that I saw that it was Crystal. Her face had the same jewels and gems on her face that Hilary had which made her look exotic and totally out of my league. She was breath taking. But the weird part was that I was getting pissed. Everyone was watching her. And I didn’t like it.

My eyes fixated on her hips and the way they swayed back and forth. The way her body rolled against the pole was hypnotizing. When she turned to face everyone, our eyes locked onto each other. I watched as fear flashed over her face but it didn’t effect her singing at all.

"Did I ever do anything that was this cruel to you?
Did I ever make you wonder who was standing in the room?
You made yourself look perfect in every way,
So when this goes down, I’m the one that will be blamed.
Your plan is working so you can just walk away,
Baby your secret’s safe.

There’s no kindness in your eyes,
The way you look at me, it’s just not right.
I can tell what’s going on this time,
There’s a stranger in my life.
You’re not the person that I once knew.
Are you scared to let them know it’s you?
If they could only see you like I do,
Then they would see a stranger too.

She made her way over to where we all were standing and watching. She danced and sang as she walked along the wall until she was right in front of us.

Our eyes stayed connected. Not once did her gaze leave mine as well as mine never leaving hers. She was in front of me swinging her hips as she got lower to the ground.

She was on her knees in front of me on the wall as she leaned into me still singing the song. I could feel her breath on my face. Her lips grazed my earlobe as her voice echoed around me. It is was like we were the only people there.

"Such a long way back, from this place that we are at.
When I think of all the time I’ve wasted, I could cry.

There’s no kindness in your eyes,
The way you look at me, it’s just not right.
I can tell what’s going on this time,
There’s a stranger in my life.
You’re not the person that I once knew.
Are you scared to let them know it’s you?
If they could only see you like I do,
Then they would see a stranger too.

There’s no kindness in your eyes,
The way you look at me, it’s just not right.
I can tell what’s going on this time,
There’s a stranger in my life.
You’re not the person I once knew.
Are you scared to let them know it’s you?
If they could only see you like I do,
Then they would see a stranger too.

As she pulled away, her nose slid across my cheek and over my nose. Her lips continued to sing as her lips ghost over mine. I’ve never had the urge to kiss someone so bad in my life.

I growled lightly and nipped at her lips as they ghosted over mine once more. She smirked as she stood up fully and spun around to sway her ass in my face before going back to the stage finishing up the song with one final spin around the pole.

The lights went black again for second but when they came back on she was gone from the stage.

My eyes darted to my sister who was laughing. Because apparently all the brothers were drooling. Which again made me pissed. I didn’t want anyone else watching her.

“Explain now Megan...” I said through grit teeth.

“What?” She asked with a shrug of her shoulders.

“Please tell me this isn’t...” I began to say but I was cut off by a man who came over to us.

“Ah! The wolf pack! How great to see you all!” The man said. It was the same voice from the speakers but less echoed.

“Hi Dom! Is Crystal done for the day?” Megan asked.

“Yup! You are free to take her when she comes out... But I will ask that you tell that young man there the rules... I will not over look it again...” The man, Dom said.

“Sorry but I’ll let him know... Dominic this is my brother Wicked who happens to have a thing for her... And from what I saw she started it... Just saying...” Megan said holding her hands up. “Brother, this is Dominic, Crystal’s boss and Daniel’s brother...” Megan said looking at me.

I nodded my head at him. “Sorry about that... She kind of got under my skin...” I said trying hard not to let my anger show.

I could still taste her watermelon flavored lip gloss. Watermelon never tasted so good.

“To be honest, that was the first time she ever did something like that... Normally she doesn’t leave the stage... Which is why I’m over looking it this time...” Dominic said.

“Thanks for that... Those 2 have a weird thing going on... I just try to make sure it doesn’t go to far...” Megan said in warning mainly to me.

“I see... So you took over for your pops...” Lion said coming up from behind me.

“Yup! Daniel didn’t want to take over the family business as he puts it so I decided I would... But then I have him sending me girls he helps for a starter job to help them get back on their feet... Like Crystal...” Dominic explained.

I stopped listening to them. It was getting boring.

It was like something was pulling at me. I looked over towards the back and saw her walking out of a pair of doors. Her face was red. Probably from embarrassment. It was addicting to see that blush on her face.

I knew I was screwed from that moment on. She’s the one I wanted. And I didn’t mean just for 1 night. It was her I wanted for the rest of my life. Never before did I have that feeling.

Now all I needed was for my sister to be on board with the idea.

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