A Truly Wicked Tale (Book 2)

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Chapter 5

~~Crystal’s Perspective~~

I could barely think. All my thoughts were turning to mush. I know how it sounds and looks. But this one intense kiss was enough to make me melt. Cliché, I know. But what can I say. I felt so light headed and high it wasn’t even funny.

We broke away for air after having a pretty much one sided tongue war.

He won. I won’t deny that. His mouth and tongue were magic.

Breathing heavily and panting, I’m even more exhausted then when I am normally after dancing. We stared into each others eyes for what seemed like forever. But what he said right then threw me for a loop.

“Tell me to stop or I won’t be able to...” Wicked said with a slight growl. He sounded like he was fighting to keep himself in control.

Did I want him to stop?

No. Definitely a No.

Would I regret this later?

Yup. Most Definitely.

“No...” I found myself saying.

He watched me carefully just to make sure I was okay with this.

But after like a minute his mouth was back on me pushing me into the wall behind me again. His knee pushed in between my legs, pushing his knee up straight into my lower regions.

I couldn’t hold back the moan that escaped my mouth. But he swallowed it as his hands slide under my shirt and up my sides. His thumbs lightly brushed against my nipples causing me to gasp and grind myself against his knee. And again another moan escaped.

He captured my bottom lip between his teeth sucking into his mouth briefly before letting it go with a pop.

His mouth was back on mine pushing me back farther into the wall behind me. He slid his hands back down my sides and over my hips to my thighs and around to grip my ass. He squeezed my ass with both hands causing me to jump and wrap my legs around his waist.

I felt us starting to move, the wall was no longer against my back.

I didn’t care, I didn’t want to look to see what was happening. I heard his boots as they hit the floor as he moved us somewhere else. But I had no clue where he was taking us. And if I was being honest I didn’t exactly care right now either.

I knew I was being reckless but I needed something to help me escape my horrible reality for even a little while.

I heard a door close behind us as my back was suddenly pressed against a solid surface. I was guessing maybe it was a wall or the door. Not that I cared at this point.

His mouth moved from mine down my jaw to my neck where he continued his assault. Nipping, licking, and sucking the tender flesh that laid in the crook of my neck.

I felt his fingers get tangled in my hair as he pulled it to pull my head back and to the side to get better access to my neck.

I’m suddenly relieved that I wore water proof makeup, otherwise it would be coming off due to his mouth. Through I’m pretty sure he’s going to leave a nice mark there in the end the way his teeth scraped and sank into my skin. Not that I mind it at all.

I couldn’t hold back a moan anymore as I felt his teeth sink into my neck but a bit harder then before.

“Now that is what I like to hear... Next time it better be my name...” He whispered into my ear as he grabbed it between his teeth and pulled. “I would hate to have to punish you so soon...” He added with a chuckle before biting my lip and pulling on it.

I could barely think straight, not with the lack of trying. But Wicked makes my brain all fuzzy and my body feel all tingly .

I felt my back leave the wall and press into something soft, I’m assuming it was a mattress by the feel of it.

He climbed over me pressing me into the mattress harder. I felt him start to lift my tank top sliding his hands up my sides.

When the hell did he take my hoodie off?

I began to slightly panic. I didn’t want him to see me. But my brain short circuited for a few minutes. It was when he pulled away from my mouth and pulled my shirt over my head that I realized what he did. He used his mouth to distract me. Asshole.

My hands instinctively flew to cover the scars that my clothes hid.

Round burn scars, scars from cuts. I was always ashamed and horrified of them that I always hid them. I wondered why it never crossed my mind sooner before this started. I probably looked disgusting to him now.

He seemed to know because the next thing he did surprised me. He bent down his face over my mid-section and kissed and nipped each scar softly.

“You’re beautiful...” He whispered against my belly as he nipped at one of the burn scars on my hip.

I had to give him some credit. He managed to put the marks in a place that you wouldn’t normally notice them. Unless you were in a situation like this that is.

I felt heat rush across my cheeks and I wanted to look away. But he didn’t let me. The second my head went to move his lips found mine once again leaving our tongues to battle it out once more.

His hips pushed into mine.

I couldn’t help but gasp and moan at the feeling. And lets say he didn’t let that get past him either. He shoved his tongue down my throat I swear I would have choked if he didn’t know what he was doing. Which he definitely did.

He pulled away long enough to remove his own shirt before he came back to me.

“Don’t hide from me...” He said before his lips sealed over mine.

I wanted to say no, I wanted to run and hide. I felt too exposed. Even though it was only me and him I still felt like there was a million pairs of eyes on me. Just judging me.

But the thoughts didn’t stay in my head too long. I was once again feeling dizzy and lightheaded.

Wicked surely knew what he was doing just to get me to forget my thoughts. And if I was being honest I was grateful.

His mouth once again moved to my neck. I gasped and arched into him, his hand sliding across my lower back as his mouth moved even more south.

When did he take my bra off?′ The thought filtered through my mind for a second.

The air felt slightly cold against the bareness of my breasts. Without his body heat against me I felt cold. But not for long. His mouth closed around one nipple causing a moan to escape as his one hand played with the other breast. I felt his teeth scrape across my nipple causing my back to arch into him and a gasp to escape. He bit down on it and pulled as his tongue circled it. He switched breasts and repeated the same on that one.

I was lost in this feeling. I couldn’t think, hell I’m surprised I could breathe. This man was truly magic.

I don’t know how long he did this but it felt like forever until I felt his hands slide down my sides and under the waistband of my pants. He mouth traveled further south as he pulled my pants down. I lifted my ass so he could get them over it. Which with one swift move they were gone along with my panties.

I wanted to hide.

“Relax...” He whispered as soon as he felt me tense up.

I swallowed the lump in my throat and nodded.

“Good girl...” He whispered as he nipped along my stomach.

His tongue slip along my slit making me dig my nails into the sheets under me. The sensation alone was almost too much to handle.

I wanted to scream out but it was like it was caught in my throat. The things this man could do with his tongue alone had me wanting more.

I tried to focus on something, anything. I faintly heard the music from the other side of the door. I figured it would be a safe bet to focus on that.

The song ′Sweet But Psycho′ by Ava Max was playing.

I focused on the music and just let my mind drift into limbo. Limbo was the place my mind went to escape specially when I was dancing.

My hips moved and rolled against his face causing him to groan as his mouth latched onto my clit and he sucked on it hard. My back arched and I cried out while digging my nails into the sheets again.

“Fuck...” Wicked groaned. “You fucking taste amazing...” He said before sliding the tip of his tongue straight through my slit.

I felt him sucking on my clit again as well as a finger entering me. The sound that escaped me at the intuition sounded like a combination of a moan and scream.

“Fuck... You’re tight... But oh so wet...” I heard his voice groan.

I felt another finger enter causing me to clamp down around them. The feel of it was so strange. I’ve never had something go up there.

I had to fight back the tears that threatened to flood my eyes.

He starts pumping his fingers slowly with picking up a bit of speed until I clamp down around him again. I couldn’t help it nor could I control it.

I felt light headed and my vision was sort of blurry. But all in all, I felt great.

He lifted his head and looked into my eyes when I looked down at him in between my legs. He wiped his mouth with the back of his hand quickly before crawling back up to my face.

I was pretty sure I knew what he was waiting for. And if I was being honest I hated doing it.

I closed my eyes and sighed but before I could sit up he pressed himself down on top of me.

“No... I don’t want you to do that... This time that is...” Wicked whispered in my ear before he nipped just below it. “I rather feel my cock inside your juicy pussy instead of that hot, wet, mouth of yours...” Wicked’s tone was seductive. He reached over to the night stand that sat next to the bed and opened the drawer. “I’m not that reckless...” He said.

He pulled out a condom and ripped it open with his teeth.

I had to swallow the lump in my throat because for some odd reason that turned me on. I didn’t understand why either. How could something like that be a turn on? I guess I’ll never truly know.

He pushed his pants and boxers down and kicked them off his feet onto the floor. Oddly enough he left his socks on. I didn’t know if that was normal or not so I just kept my mouth shut and not ask my stupid ridiculous question.

The hand with the condom disappeared between us. I assumed he put it on. Which from the rubbery type feeling thing that was sliding along my slit, I was right.

I inhaled deep waiting for it but what surprised me the most was to feel his mouth on mine again. He tongue pushing through into my mouth to start a tongue battle. My arms wrapped around his neck.

I felt his hand go behind my knee to lift my leg up over his shoulder. That’s when I felt it, the sudden intrusion made me scream out and dig my nails into his back. My scream was muffled by his mouth.

“Fuck...” He hisses when his mouth leaves mine. “So, fucking tight...” He grunts as he slams himself back into me like he’s angry.

Probably is for all I know.

All I do know is it fucking hurts like hell. Well, at first it does anyway. But after a few more angry like thrusts it feels good.

“Fuck... Why didn’t you fucking say anything...” He continues to grunt as he keeps up his hard and face pace.

“Say what?” I gasped out.

I could barely think let alone have a conversation. Mostly it was moans and gasps that left my mouth.

“That you were still a virgin...” He sounded angry as he picked up his pace like he was angry.

He probably was for me not telling him before hand. But who the hell wants to have that conversation? I didn’t that’s for sure.

“Never asked...” Was my simple reply. Not that I could think of anything beyond that.

And it’s true, he didn’t. He was down there didn’t he see? Was he paying attention? Both of those were probably no’s. I didn’t care. It was done.

His hand tangled in my hair pulling my hair to pull my head back baring my neck to him. He attacked my neck scraping his teeth across my neck as his other hand wrapped around my throat. He squeezed lightly. Not hard but just enough to earn him another moan.

“Tell everyone who owns you...” I heard him whisper in my ear. “Tell them...” He growled trusting into me harder then before causing me to cry out his name. “That’s my good girl...” He chuckled into my ear before biting down on my neck again.

~~Kitchen - Megan’s Perspective~~

I’ve been looking everywhere for my brother and Crystal. It’s like they both just disappeared. Although if I knew my brother, which I do, he probably took her somewhere private. Which pissed me off.

I told him she was off limits. She doesn’t need to get hurt like that.

“Megs? What’s wrong?” Faith’s voice interrupted my murderous thoughts of my brother.

“Huh? Oh... Nothing...” I mumbled.

“Nothing? Really? You look like someone kicked your puppy...” Faith said sitting down next to me at the table.

I couldn’t help glare at her. “Shut it...” I growled. I knew she could see through me. We’ve been friends for years.

“Is it Wicked?” Faith asked with a knowing tone. Again, I just glared at her. “He went upstairs with Crystal last I saw... But that was 3 hours ago...” Faith said with a shrug.

“3 hours ago? What the fuck? Where is he then?” I asked or more like demanded.

“Still up there I’m guessing... He should be finishing up soon... If I remember correctly...” Faith said like she was in thought.

“That’s right... I forgot you’ve fucked my brother before...” I said but I was ready to take it back when I saw a hand wrap about Faith’s throat.

“What was that?” Ryan growled into her neck.

“It’s no secret... Not to mention you were there too...” Faith said with a knowing smirk.

“Doesn’t mean I like hearing it...” Ryan said sinking his teeth into her neck.

His possessiveness still surprises me. To think he was at one point her foster brother. But I guess when you put it that way, they weren’t related by blood at all. So it really wasn’t wrong. It’s just that they grew up together and lived together at the same time.

“I’m going to kill him...” I muttered.

I heard Ryan chuckle. “Leave him be... He’s been pining after her since he laid eyes on her... And I don’t mean lusting... It’s more then that...” Ryan said.

“Like I believe that...” I countered.

“I do... He’s not one to chase after a chick... You know that as well as I do... They chase after him... This time he chased her...” Ryan explained.

I knew he was right. But I still didn’t like it. There was so much going on right now that he didn’t understand. No one but Faith and Annabelle, maybe Lion knew about Crystal and why she needed to be under their protection.

“I don’t care... I told everyone she was off limits for a reason...” I snapped.

“And what reason is that?” Ryan challenged.

“For fuck’s sake... She was still a virgin...” I spat.

I hated having to say it out loud. Even with everything she went through she never lost that. And everyone tried to protect her so she would keep it. But I guess that went out the window now. Thanks to my fucking brother.

Ryan’s eyes bulged out comically. “What?!” He asked.

I nodded and so did Faith. “Yup...” We both said at the same time.

“Oh shit... Well that’ll be a first for him...” Ryan said with a shrug of his shoulders.

“Where’s Wicked?” I heard an annoyingly female voice from behind us.

When I turned I saw Riley and her little gang of blondes.

“He’s currently busy...” Faith said with a smirk.

I had to fight back from giggling. She was baiting her. I loved this part of Faith. She didn’t take no one’s shit. Not even Ryan’s most of the time.

“Oh? With that skank from earlier?” Riley asked in a bored tone.

“She’s hardly a skank... Unlike you... Which speaking of... Why are you here? You’re not welcomed here... Devil’s Disciples’ aren’t welcomed on Wolf Pack territory...” Faith said.

“I didn’t think it really mattered to all... Pussy is pussy after all... All is welcomed...” Riley countered.

She sort of had a point but she didn’t at the same time.

“Nope... Special invite only now a days... And you dear, are on the Not Allowed list... So, I’ll ask again why are you here...” Faith’s tone clearly said ′don’t fuck with me’.

Ryan’s hands were fully planted on Faith’s shoulders clearly holding her in place. He was biting his bottom lip trying to fight back from laughing.

“I came to see Wicked... The girls came to mingle...” Riley said.

“You mean they were looking for dick?” Faith asked again with her knowing smirk.

She knew none of the boys, specially the brothers would touch any girl from another club.

My brother must have been fucking stupid to fuck with Riley. Or fucked up. Which is the highest possibility. He’s always out trying to stay away from girls in the club. But to fuck with girls from another club could start are war. Depending on the girl.

In Riley’s case she’s the younger sister of the current President of the Devil’s Disciples’, Wasp. So it could possibly end up in a war.

“I’m going to go find Wicked...” Riley said as she was walking out of the kitchen.

“I wouldn’t if I were you...” Faith called out but Riley just kept walking away.

“I wonder if her brother knows she’s here?” I asked.

“Doubtful... But maybe we should inform Lion...” Ryan said squeezing Faith’s shoulders.

“Sounds like a good idea... Let’s go...” Faith said not attempting to move.

Ryan chuckles and removed his hands from her shoulders. Faith whines but gets up to go find her dad.

I follow because I rather do that than sit around doing nothing. I saw Riley walk up the stairs. She’s in for a show once she enters that room. Honestly I wish I could see her reaction but I rather stay out of all that.

We walked across the house to the garage where all the men were gathered with their women.

“Lion...” Ryan calls out.

Lion’s head pops up out of the crowd and looks over at us. He nods and his head disappears. Next thing I know Lion and Annabelle come out of the crowd holding hands.

How cute.

“What’s up?” Lion asked as he sits on a chair by us pulling Annabelle into his lap.

“Riley Marks is here...” Ryan said flatly.

“What the fuck is the Devil’s Disciples doing here?” Lion asked. His tone clearly said he was shocked.

“Not them just Riley and a few of her followers... I’m not even sure Wasp even knows she’s here...” Ryan explained.

“Great... Why the fuck are they here?” Lion asked.

“She’s looking for Wicked, who happens to be busy with Crystal at the moment...” Faith said in a smug tone.

“Wait... He’s what? With who?” Annabelle asked clearly shocked.

Did she not see or even feel the sexual tension between those 2 earlier?

Faith just nodded her head as she giggled.

“Great... Daniel will have his dick on a stick next time he sees him when he hears about this... We all know his reputation... Why would you allow that?” Annabelle asked looking pointedly at me.

“I didn’t allow it... They just disappeared and I couldn’t find them and we came to that logical explanation... My brother apparently has a thing for her... I did warn him multiple times she was off limits...” I said glaring back at her.

“Let the kids be...” Lion said. “She has free will if she didn’t share some attraction to him she wouldn’t be with him right...” Lion asked.

“You have a point but still...” Annabelle said crossing her arms over her chest.

“Wicked has been in a mood for awhile... And he was getting jealous when he saw everyone watching her dance earlier to the point where he literally joined her...” Ryan said with a hint of a chuckle in his voice.

“Wait... You’re telling me Wicked danced?” Lion asked his tone held curiosity.

“Yup... Not once but twice...” Ryan said.

“And no one thought to come get me? I would have paid to see that... That boy don’t dance or anything like that normally...” Lion said while chuckling.

“Wanna see? I recorded it...” Faith said grinning from ear to ear.

“Hand it over...” Lion said instantly.

Faith giggled and pulled out her and handed it to him. I watched as Lion’s eyes became even bigger over time of watching the screen.

“Well, damn...” Lion muttered before handing the phone back to Faith. “Send that to me... I need good dirt for when he pisses me off...” Lion said.

“No! I’m not letting you blackmail Wicked...” Faith said with a pout. “That’s my job...” Faith added after a moment causing everyone to laugh.

“So, who wanted to check on my brother? I’m not since I really don’t want to see something that can traumatize me...” I asked with a shutter.

“I’ll do it!” Faith jumped up but stopped when Ryan’s hand wrapped around the back of her neck.

“I don’t think so...” Ryan growled.

“Oh come on Rye... Megan doesn’t want to see her brother naked and I already have so it’s no big deal... You can even come with me...” Faith said with an evil looking grin on her face.

“You’re going to get punished for that...” Ryan growled letting her go. “Let’s go... But you’re not looking...” Ryan said.

“Like I would let you look...” Faith hissed.

Ryan chuckled. “Jealous my Kitten?” Ryan asked.

“Don’t push your luck...” Faith said pushing him away while walking towards the door.

I followed behind. I may not want to see my brother naked but I did want to see Riley’s reaction and to make sure Crystal was okay before retiring for the night.

We got to the top of the stairs as we saw a very pissed off looking Riley walking towards us with her followers in toe.

It was very difficult to fight the smirk that was threatening to break out on my face. She really didn’t look happy. Not one bit.

“What’s the matter Riley?” Faith said in a taunting tone. I really think she’s been around the club too long.

“Nothing... Why would their be?” Riley said in a calm and cool tone, like she didn’t just witness something she wish she hadn’t.

“Find Wicked?” Faith asked.

“Yes... And I rather not talk about it... After all I wouldn’t want to come between him and his old lady right now... Maybe another time though...” Riley said before pushing pass Faith and Ryan. “If he was serious about this girl he should be fucking around with others... Doesn’t he know... Never mind... They’ll get what’s coming to them...” Riley added in a near whisper when she stopped next to me.

“Are you threatening the wolf pack?” Faith asked her tone hard and murderous.

Faith has never really scared me before but that tone sent shivers of fear down my spine.

“No, of course not... That would be suicide... I don’t have a death wish... I’m just simply stating karma’s a bitch...” Riley said before walking down the stairs.

“Tell my dad to call Wasp to make sure he knows what happened... I don’t want to see a war started over something like this...” Faith said looking at Ryan who just nodded and took off down the stairs.

Once Ryan was out of sight Faith and myself silently made our way down the hall to where a door was cracked open. You could see inside and what you would see would be my very naked brother and very naked Crystal. My brother’s hand was in her hair pulling her head back so he could attack her neck from behind.

I quickly covered my eyes. “Dear lord...” I muttered under my breath.

Faith giggled beside me. “Well I see he hasn’t changed... Although I’ve never seen him take so much care of whoever he’s fucking... And my the amount of used condoms that I see on the floor he’s been at it awhile...” Faith whispered while looking through the creak in the door.

“God... I don’t want to know about that... How many are there?” I asked still covering my eyes.

“From what I see from here I count at least 5... But who knows what’s on the other side of the bed...” Faith said in an amused tone.

"Who owns you?" I heard my brother’s voice grunt.

"You!" Crystal’s following scream echoed in my ears.

"That’s right... Don’t you ever forget that... You’re mine..." My brother’s voice growled.

“Damn...” Faith purred. “He doesn’t ever do that either...” Faith said.

“Do what?” I asked still refusing to remove my hands from my eyes.

“Make a claim like that... He doesn’t normally care who the girl is never once have I heard him make a claim like that...” Faith said.

“How often do you watch my brother have sex?” I hissed.

“Whenever I’m bored...” I could heard the smirk in Faith’s tone. “He never kisses anyone either... Except her apparently...” Faith mumbled.

“Okay, okay, I’ve heard enough... Can we go now? Please?” I asked walking backward.

“Okay fine... It was just getting good too...” Faith giggled as I felt her hand wrap around my upper arm as she pulled me away from the door.

“Thank god...” I muttered as I removed my hands from my eyes.

~~Wicked’s Perspective~~

I knew I saw her at the door watching while I took and claimed Crystal. I didn’t care. Maybe it would get it through her head that she was just a one time thing. Specially after I found out who she was, but of course the damage was done by that time.

I had Crystal under me totally lost to the world. I loved watching her wither under me.

When I glanced at the mirror by the bed I saw her in the mirror by the door. She looked pissed. But I didn’t care. She meant nothing anyway, just a way to work off some tension.

But now. Now I have Crystal. And as soon as I entered her I knew there wouldn’t be another one for me. I just knew. And I don’t mean because she was the first virgin I took, which she was, but because of another feeling deep inside that I couldn’t explain even if I tried.

I made sure Riley heard my claim loud and clear. Which with how loud Crystal got I’m surprised China didn’t hear it.

I had just finished again. 3 times. 6 condoms. 3 hours. That’s record even for me. The first time was fucking quick with how tight she was but fuck if I wanted to stop.

I knew I needed to give her a break specially after the first 3 condoms broke while still inside her. I was quick with changing them while changing positions. I don’t think she even took notice.

I collapsed next to her out of breath. Even for me that was a lot.

She went to get up but I wrapped my arm around her and pulled against me.

“Stay... I’ll take you home in the morning...” I said sliding my the tip of my nose along her neck.

“You sure...” Her timid voice was cute.

I chuckled. “Yeah I’m sure... Sleep for a bit...” I said leaving a lingering kiss on her neck.

Something I don’t normally do. But with her, it just seemed natural. She was the first for a few things for me. But I didn’t care. I just had her right here right now. And I’d be damned if I let her go now.

“Okay...” She said as she curled up against me.

I had to say this was heaven. I never felt this good in a long while. I hated to say it but I was happy. Pure bliss.

God I sounded sappy as fuck.

But I closed my eyes and let myself drift off to sleep. Tomorrow I’d ask her to stay by my side. Forever.

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