A Truly Wicked Tale (Book 2)

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Chapter 9

~~2 Weeks Later~~

Life living at the clubhouse was a bit stressful but Wicked made it bearable. So did Faith and Megan. I’m not one for big crowds or parties but they made them bearable.

Lately I’ve been having a bad feeling. Normally when I do Amanda likes to show herself but she hasn’t. And Wicked will normally tell me if she has.

Like with the Riley and the knife situation.

All I remember of that was her trying to start shit with me because of obsession with Wicked.


"Yo! Bitch!" I heard someone call out which I just ignored.

It happens a lot around here. So, normally I don’t pay it any mind.

But this time a hand grabbed my shoulder and spun me around to face them.

Low and behold it’s Riley.

"Don’t fucking ignore me bitch!" She spat.

I just blinked at her a few times.

"I’m sorry I didn’t realize you were talking to me... Bitch, here is the most common name used so I assumed it was for someone else..." I said shrugging my shoulders.

Honestly, it was. Every one of the girls call each other that.

"Don’t try to be fucking cute with me, bitch..." Riley sneered. ”You had your ride, now it’s time for you leave... Wicked happens to be mine..." Riley said stepping up to me.

I really didn’t have time to say anything because just as I was about to I felt arms wrap around my waist and pull me back into a hard but very warm chest.

I knew without looking who it was. And I knew he was glaring daggers at Riley.

"Riley, if you know what’s good for you you’d leave... And leave now... Harassing my girl isn’t a good idea either..." Wicked said in a tone that gave me the shivers.

It was menacing and low.

"I don’t think so... I’m not going anywhere... Specially as long as this bitch is here..." Riley said going to grab my arm.

But she didn’t get very far.

I closed my eyes and I don’t remember anything after that. But when I opened my eyes I saw Slim and Fluff carrying out a stunned and bleeding Riley.

"Huh? What Happened?" I asked.

~~Memory End~~

After that Wicked explained what happened.

He said he had a feeling that Amanda came out and threw his knife at Riley cutting her face and hair.

I wasn’t really surprised.

Anytime something or someone threatened me Amanda would come out and take care of it.

And I never had any idea until after the fact and it would normally be when someone would say something about it.

But this time I was glad she came out.

I was brought out of my thoughts by arms wrapping themselves around my shoulders.

I couldn’t help but smile. I loved the feeling of his arms around me.

I leaned into him and the warmth of him.

“What are you still doing in here?” Wicked asked as he buried his face into my neck.

“I’ve just been tired... And there’s not much else to do except catch up on school work...” I said closing my laptop.

“Come on, there’s a hog out going on...” Wicked said.

“Do I have to? The other girls don’t seem to like me too much...” I asked.

“Ignore them... They’re just jealous...” Wicked said nipping at my neck making me giggle.

I nodded and turned to face him.

He still looked at me like I was the most amazing person in the world.

He didn’t know how wrong he was. But I adored him for it.

He led me out of the room we share here and the room I normally stay in away from everyone, out to the backyard where everyone was waiting for us apparently.

Wolf came running over, or more like waddling if you asked me, but she sure is adorable.

I knelt down and picked her up as she hung around my neck.

She’s come to like me a lot.

“Traitor...” I heard Wicked grumble next to me making me giggle.

Myself, Megan and Faith all found it funny that she doesn’t go to him like she used to anymore since I’ve been around.

“Is my poor brother feeling left out?” Megan cooed to her brother which he just grumbled under his breath.

We sat at the table next to Faith and Ryan. And by that I mean Wicked sat down and pulled me to sit on his lap. Which I have found very common lately. He always does this. Which I don’t mind one bit.

I leaned back into him propping Wolf on my lap as everyone talked among themselves.

“Aw! Aren’t you both adorable!” I looked up to see Monica looking at us.

It didn’t dawn onto me until I looked on my lap that I still had Wolf there and I was still on Wicked’s lap. I guess from everyone else’s perspective this would look cute.

I giggled and shook my head. “Don’t get any ideas!” I said trying to hide my face behind Wolf.

“Why not?” Wicked whispered in my ear. “I wouldn’t mind...” He added with a chuckle as I felt the heat rise up into my cheeks.

Was he for real?!

I couldn’t help look at him with a look of disbelief on my face.

Like seriously? Was he serious?

The jerk just shrugged his shoulders and went back to talking to Ryan.

I shook my head. Sometimes he made me wonder if he’s gone insane.

Everyone talked and laughed while I just sat there and listened to it all. I wasn’t much of a people person, and Wicked, Faith, Megan, Lion, and Annabelle all knew it. So they never really forced me to be among everyone. Except when it came to these cook outs.

Then I had to show my face.

Which wasn’t always a good thing. Sometimes the other girls who had their eyes on Wicked would try to challenge me until he would shut them down.

Which again they didn’t like too much either.

But right now they all seemed to have decided to leave me alone.

After a few hours, we all went our separate ways.

And what I mean by that is, Wicked dragged me back upstairs after we were done eating.

Now everyone probably thinks he’s dragging me back up there for a different reason than what he really is dragging me back up there for.

But let people think what they want.

Once we were back up stairs in the room I plopped on the bed face first.

I was tired beyond normal and I couldn’t understand why.

“Daniel contacted Annabelle and told her they caught Cain so we can go home tomorrow...” Wicked said laying next to me.

“Took him long enough...” I grumbled into the pillow.

Wicked chuckled. “Give him a break... That fucker was sneaky...” Wicked said rubbing circles on my back with his fingers.

“I could have told you that... He didn’t go years without getting caught for being stupid...” I said turning my head to face him.

“You look pretty tired...” He said as he pushed a piece of hair behind my ear.

“I feel tired...” I said sleepily.

He chuckled. “Get some sleep... I’ll be right here...” He said letting me snuggle up to him.

Sleep found me almost instantly.

~~Wicked’s Perspective~~

She fell asleep pretty quick, which didn’t surprise me. She always fell asleep quickest next to me. Which told me she felt safe here. And to me that’s all that mattered.

I was laying there for a good 10 minutes before my phone buzzed in my pocket.

I always kept it on vibrate so it wouldn’t bother Crystal.

I looked and it was a text from Ryan.

"Come downstairs. We need to talk." ~Ryan

I sighed before I made sure she good and asleep before I got up and went back downstairs to see what Ryan wanted.

Normally he doesn’t text me. Specially when I’m with Crystal. He knows better.

Once I got downstairs I saw it was more than just Ryan waiting.

“What’s going on?” I asked.

“Daniel called...” Annabelle said not really giving anyone else a chance to answer. “He said it wasn’t Cain that that found... It was a man named Bruce... Apparently it was one Crystal’s regulars from when she worked at the club... Her biggest fan in fact...” Annabelle explained.

I felt something surge through me. I had to take a deep breath to keep myself under control. I knew that feeling all too well.

Since I’ve been with Crystal I’ve felt it many time when other men would go up to her. I hated that feeling but I know Crystal was mine.

The one time she even kneed Gypsy in the nuts because he got too handsy with her. She knows how to handle herself that much I can say.

“How was he found?” I asked once that feeling subsided.

“In the basement of the house... He was strung up, his wrists were nailed to the wall and her was gutted... It was not a pretty site Daniel said... Not to mention he found 4 other girls down there... All dead...” Annabelle said.

“So, it’s still not safe for her to leave here?” I asked.

She wasn’t going to like that. She was getting restless being stuck here. Not that I blamed her I was too.

“I’m sorry but she’s got to stay here until he is found and put back into prison...” Annabelle said not leaving room for arguments.

“She is not going to like this... She was hoping to go back to school instead of the online classes... She’s starting to feel like a prisoner herself...” I explained.

“You seem to know her pretty well...” Annabelle said with amusement. “Oh did I forget to mention that Daniel doesn’t know about the 2 of you yet...” Annabelle said a smirk forming on her face.


“And you didn’t tell him why?” I asked knowing her as well as I do I knew it wasn’t like her to not to gossip.

After the first night I was with her the entire Wolf Pack as well as all the extensions to the Wolf Pack knew about it. It was safe to say that even Annabelle was just as bad as the normal female love her gossip and spreading it.

“Well, no, not yet... I thought Crystal would have told him... But after speaking to him I can understand why she didn’t... He has become quite fond of her and it very protective...” Annabelle said hinting that there was something she wasn’t saying.

“Spit it out Annabelle... I know you not saying something...” Lion said and I almost chuckled.

“Well, he did happen to mention that he would skin anyone alive who decided to touch her...” Annabelle said the amusement clear in her voice.

“So are we saying that my brother could possibly be a dead man if Daniel ever saw him again...” Megan said with that same tone that Annabelle had.

Great. Just what I needed. More people against me being with her.

I mean haven’t I proven myself yet? It’s been a little over a month, which for me that’s a record in itself.

I’ve never been the same girl twice.

Never wanted to.

Not until Crystal, that is.

“It’ll be fine... I don’t think Crystal will let Daniel kill him...” Megan said still amused.

I glared at her. “Thanks...” I grumbled. “I got to get back upstairs... So if you’re done...” I said turning around to head back up the stairs.

“You want to sit out this run?” Ryan asked before I was able to take a step.

“When is it?” I asked.

“Tomorrow evening...” Ryan said.

“Nah... I’ll come... I’ll let Crystal know...” I said taking the steps 2 at a time.

Once I was back in the room she was still asleep.

She’s been so exhausted lately and I have no idea why.

She’s been like that for a few weeks now.

I couldn’t think much on it as I walked around the bed to my side to lay down.

I noticed that the bedside table drawer was slightly opened. I remembered closing it this morning after taking out a condom for this mornings round.

I tried closing it again but it wouldn’t close all the way again.

I normally had to fight with it to close it fully.

Which I remember it wasn’t always like that.

Just for about the past month maybe.

I shrugged laying down letting it be seeing as the box was empty anyway.

I made a mental note to get more then turned on my side and wrapped an arm around Crystal pulling against me while I dozed off.

~~Next Day~~

I woke up and I heard the shower running. I looked beside me and saw Crystal wasn’t there. It explained why I heard the shower.

I got up to find pants since I some how miss placed them through the night. How I have no clue.

As I was searching the water shut off and I knew she was done with the shower.

I didn’t mind showers always took longer if I joined her anyway.

It was a few minutes before the door opened and she stepped out her hair still wet hanging down her back.

God she was gorgeous.

“What?” She asked breaking me out of my thoughts.

Apparently I was staring at her too long. Go figure.

“Uh... Um... Nothing...” I stammered still taking in her drenched look that made look even more amazing.

God, Wicked, get a grip... You’re starting to sound like a fucking creep...′ I scolded myself internally.

“Uh huh... Sure...” She said with a smirk as she rolled her eyes and continued over to sit on the bed.

“I can’t help it...” I grumbled.

She giggled as she shook her head. “Because you’re a male?” She asked in tone of amusement.

“I’m so glad you find me so entertaining...” I said kneeling on the bed behind her gathering her hair in one hand and pulling her head back causing her to gasp. “You know you’re mine right?” I growled burying my face in her neck.

“So you keep telling me...” She moaned out when I gave her hair a little yank.

I chuckled against her neck. “You are... Don’t forget that... I am the only one who gets to look at you...” I said before biting her neck.

“Not now...” I whined. “Faith and Megs want to go shopping and I’m already running late...” She said as I wrapped my arm around her waist pulling against my chest.

“We will do whatever I say when I say... They’ll just have to wait till I’m finished with you...” I whispered in her ear as I nipped at it.

My hand slid under her shirt and against her stomach.

“P-P-Please Wicked...” She breathed out.

I chuckled as I bent her head back as far as it could go and slid the tip of my tongue across her top lip before biting down on her bottom lip and sucking it into my mouth before releasing it with a pop.

“I’ll be quick... I promise...” I said into her ear.

“You’re never quick... I’m calling your bluff...” She said with a giggling moan.

I smashed my lips onto hers as I moved my hand from her hair to her throat giving it a little squeeze. She did like it when I was rough with her. Which I was glad for.

Not many would be, but I’m glad she is.

My door slammed opened making me groan.

I looked up to see my sister glaring at me with her arms crossed.

“We’re running late... There is no time for this...” My sister snapped.

“Fine...” I grumbled releasing my hold on Crystal making her groan in annoyance. “When you get back we’ll finish...” I said.

“No you won’t... You have that run tonight...” Megan snapped again.

Right. I forgot about that.

“Oh yeah... I forgot...” I grumbled.

Megan sighed. “We’ll try to be back before you go but no promises...” She said waving her dismissively, meaning she really wasn’t planning to.

“Yeah okay...” I growled.

Crystal got off the bed grumbling the whole time. It made me chuckle.

“She’ll be down in a minute... I promise...” I said grabbing her wrist and pulling back onto the bed as I hovered over her.

The look on her face said she was surprised. Good. I liked when I could still shook her from time to time.

Megan huffed and left the doorway as I descended onto Crystal’s waiting mouth again. I couldn’t help it she tasted amazing. Her watermelon lip gloss mixed with a hint of mint from the toothpaste she used to brush her teeth.

This kiss wasn’t a goodbye kiss, but an I’ll see you soon and fucked the hell out of you later kiss. Maybe a there was a hint of I love you and only you in there too. But let’s not get sappy now.

When I pulled away she was panting trying to catch her breath.

It wasn’t the first time I’ve kissed her like that but it was the first time she ever was out of breath like this before. It made me chuckle before I kissed her forehead.

“I’ll see you when I get back if not when you get back...” I said getting off her and helping her to her feet.

She just nodded as her cheeks were tinted with red.

I wrapped an arm around her shoulders as we walked out of my room and down the stairs to the waiting Faith and my sister.

“About time...” Faith said with her arms crossed and her foot tapping impatiently.

I rolled my eyes. “Oh shush... You act like you never made anyone wait for you before because of Ryan...” I said shaking my head.

She just grinned evilly. “We’re not talking about me...” She said a little too sweetly.

It sort of gave me the chills.

“You ready bro?” I heard Ryan say from behind me.

I turned my head to look over my shoulder and saw him coming down the stairs.

“Yeah... You?” I asked.

“Of course... I had my fun already so I wouldn’t be late...” Ryan said with a chuckle making me roll my eyes.

“Yeah yeah...” I said brushing him off. “You have fun...” I said to Crystal before kissing her temple and letting her go to Faith and my sister.

Watching her walk out the door as she waved gave made my stomach churn. Something was telling me not to let her go.

But what can I do?

She was with Faith and my sister, what could go wrong?

~~Crystal’s Perspective~~

We left the clubhouse to apparently go shopping but I was then informed after we pulled out of the driveway that we were actually going for a fitting for dresses for Faith and Ryan’s wedding.

I was surprised that I was being brought with.

But Megan explained that I was going to be paired up with her brother I kind of understood.

Apparently Wicked was originally going to be paired with Leah but since he was with me now it was him being paired with me.

Which was fine with me. Leah just rubbed me the wrong way.

She seemed too desperate in my eyes. Like she wanted one of the brothers sole to feel like she actually belonged there. At least that was my opinion.

We got to the shop that Faith was getting the dresses from, I wanted to high tail it out of there. It was not my kind of store.

So much lace, ruffles and frills. It made me want to gag.

The dresses that Faith picked were cute, not sure if it was my color but it’s her day so I let it go.

They were a light teal like color. One shoulder. Slit up to your mid thigh. It was pretty basic which I was glad for.

Faith decided since we were all done so early since neither one of us had any complaints or opinions that we wanted to voice in my case. She was going to have a fitting for her dress which took some time.

During the waiting I didn’t realize that I fell asleep on Megan’s lap.

She woke me up for us to leave.

Faith was whining that she couldn’t believe I fell asleep during the best part.

I was laughing.

It’s not like I tried to go to sleep.

I’ve been tired a lot lately.

“Has my brother kept you up all night or something?” Megan asked. You could tell she was annoyed too.

“No... I don’t know why I’m tired...” I replied as we walked the parking lot to get back to the car.

Faith just looked at me with a raised eyebrow.

Before anyone could say anything we all heard a horn honking.

I turned to see where it was coming from but before I could turn fully everything went black.

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