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Respite: Introduction

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It had all been so good. So impossibly perfect. He wished he had realized it at the time… A woman he loved. They were so attuned to each other in every way. Especially in bed. A job that was challenging, interesting and rewarding. Learning a new way to live in the Arctic. Growing to love the land and the way it made him feel so alive. Now everything had changed. He felt…trapped. There was no other word for it. Kevin’s autism had taken over both their lives. They had sacrificed nearly everything: careers, living in a place they loved, friends- everything that had made their lives so good. Well, almost everything. At least they still had each other. But now, Mark could sense Monica withdrawing from him. Sinking into the dark but somehow welcoming depths of depression. And he could feel himself following her. They barely spoke to one another. They weren’t angry, there just didn’t seem to be anything more to say. Just getting through the day took all their energy. At night, in bed, she turned away from him, uninterested. And he didn’t really mind. Mark knew he had to do something. They just couldn’t go on like this: they wouldn’t survive. Something had to change… Then it did. In an unabashedly erotic debut novel, Cameron Forrest tells a story of canoes and skis, love and loss and autism and just seeing it through. Learn more at cameronforrest.com

Drama / Erotica
Cameron Forrest
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Novel or Novellas?

Stories, featured here on Inkitt in slightly revised form, is actually the third chapter of my novel Respite. The novel is structured as a series of six novella-length chapters. These chapters feature the same characters following a timeline but are otherwise largely independent of each other. If you enjoyed Stories, you will love Respite!

Respite is available as an e-book or paperback on Amazon. To find out more, please visit my web site at https://cameronforrest.com/.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy Respite. Please comment and leave reviews.

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