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Story about a girl called Amina, She never planned on getting married or even falling in love. She rejected many suitors. What happens to her when she absentmindedly accept a marriage proposal from the handsome man Abdullah. Will she reject or give them a chance.

Drama / Romance
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Chapter 1

Abuja, Nigeria.

Amina got out of bed, stomping her feet and making her way to the toilet.

Her sister had been waking her up but she refused to budge, she had to beat her before she got out of bed.

She didn’t have lectures today, it is her free day. She intended to sleep all day.

“ Yaya Amina !! “ Yaya Amina “ her sister yelled from downstairs.

“ I am coming “ I yelled back at her before she started walking to the toilet.

I made my way downstairs. When I finished freshen up.

“ When I reached downstairs “

I found a mummy in the kitchen cooking breakfast.
Will, you just be sleeping all day and you think I will cook for you.

“ while you sleep away snoring “
She said, scolding me.

My mother hates it when I sleep in the morning,
Which is every day.

She paused
‘’ Good morning Mum” as I walked towards her and apologized.

“ How are you dear?” She asked

“It was good “. I replied

Mum, please warn my siblings to stop yelling out my name as they named me.

Amina has three siblings, who are girls but her mother never bothered to ask them to do any work at home that leaves her angry and frustrated.

When their mother goes out, she makes them do all the work and makes them suffer.

“For all that, she went through”

She makes them more do half as what her mother makes her do all day.

She always speaks to her mother about getting a maid. She says she doesn’t need one.
Since I am here, she will get one after I get married.

Amina rolled her eyes and hissed her siblings were only 12,15 and 19 years of age respectively.

Mum always pampered them like babies and she is spoiling them.

She hated it and always unhappy with how she is being treated.

Whenever Amina complains of how the work is too much for her to handle and her Mum doesn’t ask her siblings to do any work.

Whose names are - Sabina, samara, and Samira Respectively.

She says if you want to rest and have freedom, get married.

Amina always resists the urge to click her fingers over her head and start it on fire.

She doesn’t get why her mother doesn’t understand that she doesn’t want to get married now.

Marriage was the last that was on her mind. She didn’t care about me, she just wants to get rid of me.
After everything, she went through her life years ago.

Whenever she tries to tell her that, her mother will start insulting and yelling at her, To the point of slapping her of her face.

Her dad was bothered about this marriage issue.
He doesn’t pressure the issue just like how her mother does it .

Next day.

She came out of the toilet and made her way to the closet. She picked up a black kaftan gown and tied her scarf , she bring out her praying mat and begin to pray.

When she is done praying she said “ peace be upon you and God’s mercy and blessings.

She made her way to the kitchen.

She stopped and knock her dad’s room.

She went in and greeted him.

She left the room and enter the kitchen.

Her eyes came in contact with the wall clock in the parlor.
It was just 7: 11 am in the morning.

Mum will not kill me, she muttered and roll her eyes.

She got to the kitchen and greeted her mother, squatting Down.

“ morning “ what have you been doing since?

I woke you up around 5:30 am and you are just coming out now.
Right? Hajiya Jamila yelled .

This happens every single day ,
She doesn’t get tired,
She mumbled a sorry and her mother glaring at her.

She looked up at her beautiful mother.

She wasn’t just any kind of woman.

She was epitome of a beauty and always dresses elegantly than I.

She a typical Kanuri beauty.

My mum “ Hajiya Jamila “

Everyone call her with that name except her children.

She grew up on Borno, maiduguri state.
They were in Chad.

Her father worked in a big organization.
Later he was promoted and transferred to zamfara state.

He had three wives each of them have three children.

The first wife children- Sabina, samara ,Samira and Amina respectively.

The second wife - Salma , Hanna and Aisha.

There was not any love or bond between her mother’s side and the third wife children.

The second wife, she is nice and kind , she want her children to know their step siblings.

Her grandmother and grandfather died in an accident years ago. After her mother got married.

The rest of their family are still in Abuja, and some of them are in Maiduguri.

There is still enmity in Their family but they communicate.

Amina always calls them and greeted them and she will go to their houses every weekend.

They also start talking to her about marriage.
She stopped going because they have been disturbing her.

When will she get married.

She told her mother about everything, she almost created a blast with the way she was yelling at her with a slap.

She stopped telling her anything after that.

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