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College kids, going through addiction and a shit ton of drama. Yeah, that describes my friends.

Drama / Romance
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Same Boy, Same Mistake

I woke up to the familiar walls of my ex boyfriend's room. Dark red, with neon green signs advertising alcohol. I looked back at Carlos and scoffed at him. He was still passed out, blonde hair falling everywhere.
After getting dressed, and leaving a fun lipstick stain on his cheek, I left the apartment. But right as I exited, I came face to face with a pretty, peppy, goody two shoes girl about to enter.
"Who are you?" Her high pitched voice gave me a headache.
"I'm Vixen, a friend of Alex," not entirely a lie, Alex was his roommate, whom I have known for years.
"Oh I heard about you, my boyfriend says you're his ex," I couldn't help but feel bad for the poor thing.
"Yeah, I'd watch out though, he's a cheater."
"No he's not!" The girl was very obviously offended, "and how would you even know that?"
I laughed and started walking away, if only she knew. I thought back to last night, his hands roaming my naked body, hungry lips on mine.
"Hey I was talking to you!"
"Well I'm done with you," I turn around to see her attempt to throw a punch, which I caught easily. She looked terrified.
"I grew up in the country with eight older brothers, on a farm," I hissed lowly, "if you think I can't fight, then I feel sorry for your pretty little face."
She stared in shock and horror, I never give off empty threats, Carlos must've told her that because she backed away slowly before running into the apartment I had just come from. I turned and started walking back to my own apartment, my roommate, Alex's boyfriend Jason, greeted me with a bottle of water and some pain killers.
"Thanks man," I mumbled, glancing at his face, a new black eye appearing, "get hate crimed again?"
"Yeah, it's no big deal just a couple of bruises and a busted lip," he was clutching his side, causing me to raise an eyebrow.
"Jason, don't start bull shitting, I can tell when you lie," I warned.
"Ok so I may have broken a rib, but I'll be fine," the redhead mumbled once again.
"What was their names?"
"Vic, no."
"You're my best friend's boyfriend, I'm not letting this slide!"
"Vixen," he attempted to calm me down.
"I will not stand by and watch you get hate crimed!"
"Catherine!" The use of my real name startled me, "I'm fine."
I walked back into my room and grabbed the candles on the night stand. I started preparing myself for the needle about to be stuck in me. Carlos and I had struck a deal before he had cheated, but I relapsed almost immediately after we broke up. I didn't care about the shakes, or the fever. It always felt good, so I always came back. I had even hooked up with my dealer a couple of times when I was to broke to afford it. Heroin was hard to get in the city, without anyone noticing at least.
Right before the needle entered my vain I heard a knock on the door.
"Open up!" Carlos yelled through the door. I hid my needle and candle before opening the door.
"What?" I smirked to myself when I noticed the red hand print over the lipstick mark I had left.
"What the hell was this for? An' tellin her I'mma cheater?"
"It's true ain't it? Why would you cheat on a sweet girl like that?" I understood wanting to be rid of a whore like me, but she didn't do anything to deserve it, even if she did try to hit me.
"I was drunk!"
"Like you always are and always were?"
"Hey fuck you!"
"You did last night."
His face went red at my comment, he growled and left the apartment, I giggled twirling a piece of my neon orange tipped hair between my fingers, leaving Jason very confused while holding a paper towel to his nose and standing next to Alex who was laughing his ass off.
"One, perfect response to that, and two, I'm his ride, he's not gonna get far before he realizes he stuck here till I get bored!" Alex breathed out between laughter.
"Carlos has a new girlfriend already? It's only been like a month or two!" Jason Squidward voiced through the sentences.
"Yeah, some chick named Bethany or something, the bitch he used to cheat on Vixen with." And all of my empathy for her earlier disappeared.
"It's Brittney bitch," Carlos walked back in holding a can of beer.
"Dude it's 11 am!" Jason pointed out to him.
"You've already plowed through eight of them!" Alex yelled.
"Of course he had, damned alcoholic," I muttered before shutting myself back in my room to reheat the needle.
We were high out of our minds by lunch, of course Carlos had taken the subway back home because he didn't want to 'deal with this shit' but that didn't stop us. I'd gone through three needles, Jason had done four lines of coke, and Alex had gotten through two blunts. The apartment stunk, a lot. So we opened the windows. Jason got out snacks for his boyfriend, but he was already passed out on the couch.
"I'm gonna go take a nap too," I told my roommate before slinking off down the hallway. I had dreams of my past with Carlos, which of course included my earning of my nickname.
I had been strutting down the hallway to class when I had heard someone say 'damn she's foxy!'
"She's the school hoe," a voice responded to his friend. I turned to look at them, a tall blonde boy and a shorter but not short black haired boy next to him. I walked up to them and stood there with a raised eyebrow.
"Nothing but a vixen whore," the black haired boy hissed before grabbing the blonde's arm and walking away.
"Vixen huh?" I spoke out loud, "I like it."
Word of my new nickname for around quick and soon everyone had forgotten what my real name even was, except for those who I allowed to use it from time to time. Like Alex, Jason and Carlos. After that Carlos would sneak glances at me and sometimes when he wasn't with Alex he would come up to talk to me. One day he asked me out, Alex hated the thought but after a few weeks when he got to know me he became my best friend. Which is when I had introduced him to my roommate, Jason, whom he fell in love with quick.
But then, everything fell to shit.
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