Taming a Killer

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(ch 11) When It All Falls Down (Hayden)


December 20th, evening.

‘All your paperwork is complete now.’ Marcos declared, standing up from where he had been working on papers without showing him. ‘Your flight leaves in two hours, so I will drive you and your girl over there.’

‘Hmm.’ Hayden commented. He wasn’t really paying attention. Marcos had done fast work with getting him and Molly a full trunk of clothes. He also had provided the uniform necessary for the school. So now he was busy admiring himself while Molly showered during the lull of business with Marcos.

‘I have it written that you and Molly are siblings, and you don’t have a mother. I registered you under a false alias of mine, Paul Wilson. So you guys will be Hayden and Molly Wilson, is that understood?’

Hayden hummed again, finally turning to face Marcos.

‘I have listed a separate number as my contact information for the faculty. Do not. I repeat, do NOT get yourself into any kind of trouble that they will need to call this number. It will be a big problem for you and for me if they realise you are not a legitimate son of Paul Wilson.’

‘They only care about money, don’t worry so much’ Hayden waved his hand dismissively. Molly chose that moment to exit the bathroom, her hair still wet and dripping down her back. She had dressed already, so now all they had to do was head out.

Until then, Hayden had dodged Molly’s questions. She was curious how he had abruptly found this lucky streak and changed their lives. He refused to tell her, though, and Hayden hoped Marcos wouldn’t be foolish enough to shout it out to her instead. She was innocent in this.

‘Do not call me unless you completed the job.’ Marcos reminded him, and Hayden had to force himself not to roll his eyes.

‘I heard you the first thousand times you told me, old man.’ Hayden groused, happy to leave the car and his boss behind. The airport appeared pretty empty when they arrived. A porter immediately came over to them, taking their bags and bringing it into the terminal. Not glancing back, Hayden took Molly’s arm, directing her away. They followed the porter, matching his pace with graceful poise.

Hayden realised once they had gone through baggage check, that he would need to fix the way people saw him. The man that was supposedly his father had a lot of money, but other than that he was a no name boy.

‘What now?’ Molly asked him, checking their ticket, her face paling to match the colour of snow. ‘It’s going to take us more than a day to get to this school?’

‘We’re going to New Zealand, Molly. It’s going to take us a long time to get there, obviously. We are in London now.’

‘Well, no one is waiting for us, anyway.’ Molly sniffed. ‘Let’s go get a cute stuffy for me to bring on the plane.’

Hayden smiled, feeling his affection for Molly increase. She was a runaway like him, and now that the two of them had pocket money, they felt like different people.

‘Cool, and then let’s go get some food. I’m starving.’ Molly nodded and skipped ahead of him, her backpack dancing side to side, matching her mood.

Ten minutes later, Molly had her doll, and Hayden eagerly directed her to the food court. ‘Time to eat!’ He sang, his stomach grumbling in agreement.

‘I say sushi.’ Molly declared, dragging him to the nearest restaurant there that had sushi.

‘But I want rice and chicken Katsu curry.’ Hayden pouted at her. ‘Do they sell both?’ Jogging the last few feet, Hayden caught up to her and peered into the store. There was only one family there, and it smelled heavenly. ‘Alright deal.’

Molly smirked at him. The little devil knew him too well for his comfort. She won him over without even an argument. His stomach usually did the fighting and always lost. He wasn’t that bothered, if he was being honest. Food was food, and even a few days ago he had no options to choose from. Once they were at school, the choices would change again.

‘You really need to chill with your mood,’ Hayden overheard one boy say from the table next to theirs. He glanced over, noting how the woman was at the front of the shop ordering the food. Three of the other boys were staring at the last.

‘I don’t need to do anything!’ the boy snapped, clenching his fist under the table.

‘Please, Gio, you need to calm down...’

Hayden didn’t stick around to hear the rest. His stomach didn’t care about petty squabbles between families. Molly, of course, was already up front, blinking prettily at the men behind the counter.

‘Stop being a tease, Molly,’ Hayden admonished her. She shrugged and looked over at the woman instead. ‘Hi!’

‘Well, hello there!’ The woman responded sweetly. ‘That’s a cute doll you’ve got there.’

‘I know! I just bought it a few minutes ago!’

‘Are you here alone?’ the woman asked them, glancing conspicuously behind them. Hayden knew the mother wouldn’t find what she was looking for.

‘Yes, we got dropped off a while ago.’ Molly put in helpfully.

’Shut up, Molly, ’ Hayden hissed, but Molly didn’t seem to notice.

‘Well, why don’t you join us!’ the woman suggested, holding the tray of food she must have ordered for her sons. ‘I’ll get their order too.’ she told the man at the cashier. The man nodded and turned to Molly as if to ask what she wanted.

‘No!’ Hayden interrupted, his face colouring. ‘It’s okay, we have money.’

The woman frowned. ‘I’ll not have it on my watch that two children need to pay for their own food. Get what you like and then come join us.’

Molly was already ordering, and Hayden felt a nerve twitch. Molly really was hard to handle sometimes.

‘Come Hayden! They have the Katsu that you wanted. He wants a Katsu curry.’ Molly told the man sweetly, ignoring all the signals Hayden tried to send at her.

‘I AM NOT PETTY!’ the boy they had called Gio roared across the table, then stood up and stormed out of the restaurant.

‘Ha, not petty, my arse.’ Hayden scoffed, reluctantly walking over to the large table where Molly and the boys were. The first three had already started eating, and Molly nibbled from the bread at the centre. She kept glancing unsurely at one boy, who nodded encouragingly, offering her more.

Hayden scowled at the lot of them. He would need to teach Molly how not to act like a homeless peasant at the school. If someone too observant noticed, it could blow his cover. He sat down at the very edge of the table, pulling his chair closer, so he could eat his food without a mess. The woman had gone after Gio, as any mother should, though Hayden felt Gio was being a little dramatic.

‘Sorry for intruding. Your mum insisted we join you guys.’ Hayden began, trying and failing to hide the awkwardness he felt.

‘Nah, it’s totally okay. Mum is a sweetheart, she always looks out for everyone.’

Hayden nodded his thanks and ate the rest of his meal in silence. Molly, though wanting to talk and make friends, followed his lead and remained quiet.

‘Well, thanks for hosting us!’ Molly giggled, waving goodbye to the boys. Then she took Hayden by the arm in the same way he had done to her earlier.

‘Yeah, sorry for rushing out so soon. We still have to prepare for our flight. It leaves soon.’ the two of them waved goodbye, and left the restaurant.

‘Gosh, I feel very cramped right now.’ Hayden rubbed his forehead in a nervous gesture.

‘They crampin’ your style, bro?’ she joked, flicking him in the wrist. ‘Calm down. If sitting next to three people make you feel claustrophobic, how do you plan on flying?’

‘I don’t know, but I just want to get going already. I’m on edge.’

Molly lost her cheery attitude and peered at him seriously. ‘Does this have to do with why we suddenly have a rich man doing things for us? And why he is sending us to one of the most expensive schools in the WORLD?’

Hayden ignored her.

‘I’m going to find out, eventually. You can’t hide this from me.’

‘Whatever, Molly. Please, just leave it for now. I can’t take it.’

Molly inclined her head, but decided not to push right then. Hayden gratefully smiled at her and wrapped an arm around her shoulders.

‘Okay Mister Grumpy Pants,’ Molly flicked him again, shoving her hip into his. Hayden knew she did this when trying to cheer him up and let her. She was sweet and deserved the proper attention. Not someone on a mission like he was. She could never find out. Forcing himself not to let his mood ruin again, he shoved his hip just so back at Molly. It was enough to unsteady her, but not enough to make her fall. She laughed happily, and Hayden knew he would do everything to always keep that sound alive in her.

‘Let’s get to boarding so we can get on first if there are no elderly.’ Hayden suggested, taking a sucker from his bag and popped it into his mouth.

‘Mmm.’ Molly mumbled, her gaze distracted by an MV playing on one of the telly’s in the lounge.

‘Let’s gooooo.’ Hayden took her hand, and she followed him.

‘I’m glad we didn’t bring a carry on. I don’t have the patience to drag something along.’

‘Hmm. Doesn’t seem like the line is too long.’ Hayden pointed to their gate, and Molly ran ahead of him to check it out. ‘Why do you always run, Molly?’ Hayden found himself whining, as he jogged to catch up.

‘Cause it’s fun.’ Molly demurred slyly. ‘Maybe you should try it sometime.’ She humphed at him, but Hayden ruffled her hair and she ended up looking pleased, anyway.

‘Do you have your tickets?’ The man behind the counter asked them, and they both nodded.

‘It’s not a full flight today. You can board the plane now.’

‘Yay!’ Molly cheered, giving the man a thumbs up, earning a chuckle in return.

The two sat in their place, staring out the window in awe.

‘Honestly, I can’t believe he paid for us to have first-class tickets.’ Molly said in amazement. ‘The seats turn into beds!’

‘Yes, Molly. The man is a billionaire. Buying first-class tickets is easy for him.’

‘We will have one stop-over, and then we will arrive at the school.’ Hayden glanced at his boarding pass to confirm.

‘Yeah, what’s it called again?’ Molly asked him, putting her stuffed animal in her lap as she took out her book.

‘Silver Springs Academy,’ I think. Hayden felt drowsy and was happy that their seats would turn into beds if they so desired.

‘Cool.’ Molly replied to him, then went back to her book, reading quietly to her stuffy.

It was quiet for some time whilst other people boarded, and Hayden let his eyes drift closed with his seat still up. Once the plane took off, he planned on putting on a show and then getting some shut-eye.

‘What kind of stupid name is Silver Springs Academy, anyway.’ A voice sneered ahead of him, and Hayden felt his insides turn cold. He turned to Molly and saw she heard the same as he did.

As one, they stood up to see who it was.

‘It’s the same family as before!’ Molly whispered, pulling Hayden back down.

But Hayden felt his drowsiness vanish in an instant. He had not bothered to even check the photo Marcos had given him of his target. Figuring he would check once he got to school. But with trembling hands he realised his error. He opened it now, feeling the ice in his chest as two now familiar faces jumped up at him.

The two boys in the photo were the ones he had just dined with, one of which had run crying.

He stood up suddenly, feeling the vomit come up from his stomach.

‘Bathroom!’ he gasped at Molly, then ran for the loo before puking all over the plane.

He wasn’t going to survive the year.

When Hayden started puking, he couldn’t stop. He felt tears in his eyes as he choked. And then someone was stroking back his hair and patting his back.

‘It’s okay mate, you got this.’

Didn’t he close the door?

Hayden inhaled and looked at the mirror to identify the person behind him.

‘Gio?’ he croaked out, then started heaving again.

‘You know my name?’ Gio answered him, surprised.

‘Heard them talking…’

Gio handed him a drink that he swallowed in quick gulps, panting.

‘Are you done?’ Gio asked uncertainly, looking a little green himself.

Hayden stood up on shaky legs and leaned against the wall.

‘Yeah, just felt sick without reason.’ he lied, unable to meet Gio’s eyes. ‘Anyway, thanks for coming back here, you didn’t have to.’

‘Alright, nice meeting you.’ Gio said maturely.

Hayden decided not to mention they would see each other again. And that he might end up being the death of him too.

‘Yeah, see ya, mate.’

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