Taming a Killer

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(ch 13) the First Attempt (Gabriel)

December 21st - 4 am (London Time)


Gabriel couldn’t sleep. He knew he wasn’t forced to sleep on the plane, but he couldn’t stop thinking about how he had treated his mum the day before. Now that he knew exactly what she went through, and what she did for Johnny and Vernon, it was hard to stay mad at her.

That she was with them was a sign that she cared more about them and their safety than the ideals of their violent dad. Gabriel, being so protective, felt a sort of kinship with his mum that he had never felt before.

He reached the cabin that was hers after only a few seconds. She had written a cute note on the door declaring ‘mum’. Knocking, Gabriel leaned his ear against the door to see if he could hear a response. He needn’t have done that, as his mum called a clear ‘come in’ for him.

‘Hey mum,’ Gabriel whispered to her softly, looking as uncertain as he felt.

‘You alright bud?’ she questioned, opening her bag to take out some chocolate. She offered it to him, and he nibbled on it. She gestured for him to sit in the recliner that was there, and he did.

‘Thanks for the chocolate.’ He answered her, trying to convey to her with his eyes how much he really adored her. ‘I wanted to apologise…’

‘Oh, Riel.’ She got out of bed and moved to sit next to him instead. ‘You don’t need to apologise.’

Gabriel felt his throat tighten, and holding back his tears was difficult. ‘I should have known that you wouldn’t just allow dad to be a bastard towards us.’

‘Language,’ his mum admonished him, but with no proper heat.

‘Sorry,’ Gabriel grinned, tapping his mum on the nose the same way he had done when he was little. She beamed at him, then looked around covertly, though both knew no one else was in the room.

‘Well, if you want to know a surprise and can keep a secret, I’ll tell you.’

Gabriel rolled his eyes. ‘Mum, I always keep secrets.’

‘Yeah I know, I’m only mucking around.’ she smirked then put her hand up against her mouth. ‘I’m going to be with you guys for Christmas.’

Gabriel felt himself perk up, and before he could stop himself, he threw his arms around his mum. ‘Mum, you’re the best!’ he cried, squeezing her hard, imitating Giovanni’s mum hug.

‘Anyway, Mum, get some rest. You have six teenagers in your care now.’ his mum laughed, a hearty sound that seemed to come from her stomach.

‘Why don’t you try to sleep too, Gabriel? We land in about three hours. The layover will take another eleven hours after that so I don’t want you tired.’

‘Kay, Mum.’ Gabriel assured her, waving as he left the room.

Feeling lighter now that he apologised and got alone time with his mum, Gabriel headed back to his cabin. If there was one thing his mum was right about, he needed rest. When they landed in New Zealand, it was going to hurt.

No sooner had he shut his eyes, Gabriel was being shaken awake.

‘Wha’time is it?’ Gabriel grumbled to the offending shadow that had woken him.

‘Seven in the morning, mate.’

It was Hayden.

‘What you doing here and why are you waking me?’ Gabriel scowled shoving at Hayden, regretting sleeping suddenly. His brain lagged too much for him to comprehend anything.

‘Your mum wants me to wake you. She’s insistent that we join you guys since we’re going to the same place.’

‘Ah, yes. Well, you guys are definitely welcome.’

Gabriel rubbed the sleep from his eyes forcefully. Hayden held his hand to him, and Gabriel accepted it, allowing himself to be pulled up.

‘Why’d you vomit, anyway?’ Gabriel asked him conversationally, a small smirk on his face.

‘Shove off.’ Hayden snarled, pushing him into the wall.

Gabriel only laughed.

‘We’re seven hours ahead now.’ Molly alerted them as she checked her phone.

‘Yeah smarty pants,’ Hayden responded jokingly, ‘we know.’

‘No.’ Molly pouted at him. ‘It’s freaking confusing me.’

‘Yeah, she’s right.’ Gabriel acknowledged, nodding towards her. ‘When we land in New Zealand we’ll be a full eleven hours ahead than when we were in London.’

‘So four hours more than it is now.’ Hayden sighed, shaking his head grumpily.

‘Freaking time zones.’ Giovanni added, catching up to them.

‘Where’s mum, Johnny and Vernon?’ Gabriel asked Giovanni, whose expression turned icy.

‘Mum is checking on widdle Vewnon.’ The baby voice he used was the last straw for Gabriel.

‘Don’t act like a twat.’ Gabriel warned him. ‘We already know you’re annoyed, but if you keep this up, I’m going to ignore you at school.’

‘What’s wrong with him?’ Molly asked, falling back as Giovanni stormed ahead of them.

Gabriel furrowed his brow, rubbing between his eyes. ‘Johnny started to play favourites, and Giovanni is mad about it?’

‘You aren’t sure?’ Hayden enquired, chuckling at the forlorn expression on Gabriel’s face.

‘You have favourites in your family?’ Molly stared at him, confused. ‘Why?’

‘They both like him better than me.’

Hayden startled him by guffawing.

‘Mate, you’re a riot, seriously.’

‘There you guys are!’ his mum called, running to catch up, Johnny and Vernon behind her. ‘Where’s Giovanni?’

‘Pouting.’ Molly told his mum, chortling.

‘Of course.’ And for the first time in his life, he saw his mum roll her eyes. They met him waiting in the lounge, directly outside the aeroplane exit area.

‘Come on, Giovanni,’ she told his brother, grabbing him by the arm as he sulked. She kept her arm around him as they walked.

‘What’s the plan now?’ Gabriel asked his mum. She had her itinerary in her hands again, though Gabriel was sure she knew it by heart.

‘We have eleven hours…’

‘We know!’ Chorused the entire group, except Giovanni, who was giving them the silent treatment.

‘Alright, got it.’ his mum chuckled. ‘It’s 7 am now. Let’s get some breakfast, then you can go shopping. We’ll meet for lunch and then you’re free to do as you wish.’

‘Everyone has their things?’ She double checked, receiving a groan as an answer. This made Hayden and Molly titter. ‘They do have a rest area as well, so if anyone gets tired, we can take a break.’

‘Technically, it’s 2 pm.’ Molly breathed to Hayden in an undertone. Gabriel pretended not to notice.

‘It doesn’t take one plane ride and landing in another country for our body clocks to change,’ Gabriel muttered to them both. ‘We’ll have to be in school for a while before we truly get used to the difference’

‘Let’s just eat.’ his mum said, and for the second time that day Gabriel agreed with her.

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