Taming a Killer

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(ch 19) Allowing Himself To Be Disillusioned (Witches)


‘That’s who I want you to deal with’ Gaia pointed her finger at the boy she had met with earlier. ‘I don’t know his name, and he hadn’t offered it to me, but he needs to be rehabilitated.’

‘Yeah, his energy was terrible.’ Alatar confirmed, glaring at Hayden’s back as he passed.

‘So you want me to make him fall in love with me?’

‘Yes, sis. You have a very strong, feminine energy. Also, the pure energy that you have is solid in its foundation.’

‘Yes, Jadis Willow. I have faith in you.’ Alatar murmured dreamily, staring at the stars above them.

‘Don’t call me by my full name. It’s ridiculous.’ Jadis snapped, but Alatar only hummed at her, not apologising.

‘You don’t have the same affect in your eyes that we do.’ Gaia told Jadis conversationally. ‘I’m sure that’s what scared him the most.’

‘And your hair is a darker shade than ours, so he won’t immediately think that we sent you. Don’t let him know we are related to you.’ Gaia warned, stretching out her legs and sat down in the grass next to Alatar.

Jadis remained standing and thought about what her siblings had said. Infiltrating into the life of someone that wanted to be a murderer didn’t fit her personality. Though her skills were different than her siblings, Jadis knew she was likely the only one that could stop him in the future.

‘I really don’t think it’s a good idea.’ Jadis sighed after she thought it over again. ‘How am I supposed to just “happen” into his life and declare myself his girlfriend?’

‘I told you, Jadis. Your feminine energy is really strong. Don’t worry about it at all.’ Gaia waved away the worries of the sixteen-year-old.

‘You guys are still young and not ready for a romantic quest.’ Jadis countered. Jadis continued watching as the boy spoke with the others. From her vantage point it seemed he was trying too hard, but she could be wrong. It wasn’t something that happened too often. Like her brother, Jadis never mistrusted herself. He was alright looking, she supposed. But it would be impossible for her to know if she could make him love her until she got to know him.

‘Fine.’ Jadis sighed, glaring at her younger siblings, who laughed at her insecurity.

‘I’ll talk to him right now then.’ she fumed, walking toward the boy, still having no clue what his name was.

‘WHAT?’ Gaia exclaimed, reaching for her sister, but it was too late.

‘It’ll be fine.’ Alatar soothed his sister, not sounding worried in the slightest.

Jadis, who was walking with confidence towards the pool,where the boy now was, genuinely didn’t know what to do. Luckily for her, she had her hair down, and it flowed in the gentle summer breeze. She had chosen to celebrate end of classes by wearing her favourite black dress. She knew without a doubt she looked like a moon goddess. Jadis liked this dress in particular more than her others. There was a sleeveless, fitted, jersey dress against her body, and a see through flurry black dress on top of it.

There was one thing her sister was right about, and that was her looks. Her blond hair was a shade darker than Gaia or Alatar. Others didn’t put the correlation of their relationship together, and she never told. Her eyes were also a blue so bright it was almost purple. She was beautiful to look at; she knew that. Jadis had never tried to get a boyfriend. To her, studying was more important than frolicking around with boys. And any previous attempt of a man for her love and attention, had been shot down immediately.

Oh! He was coming in her direction. This was better for her because she wouldn’t need to do anything drastic like fall into the pool to trigger his pity. He was also surrounded by a group of other people, which made Jadis second guess herself. Maybe now wasn’t the right time.

Slowly the gap closed, and Jadis kept her eyes solely focused on the boy she needed to woo. Just as she was planning on how to fall nicely and daintily into the boy’s arms, she tripped on a root sticking out of the ground. With a yell, she fell forward, flailing her arms as she tried vainly to catch her balance. Oh god she was going to fall, she was going to d- her thoughts stuttered to a halt as muscular arms caught her mid fall. ‘Hey there, pretty,’ a sweet voice called to her as she gazed up into brown eyes that caught hers like a vice.

‘H-hi,’ Jadis stammered, feeling her face flush as the warm arms around her tightened as he helped her up. Her plan had worked, except for one thing, the wrong boy had caught her, and she was lying if it didn’t affect her. She couldn’t look away from him!

‘Everything alright there, Johnny?’ A younger voice approached them. She shook herself forcing herself to shy away from the mesmerised way the boy looked at her.

‘Everything is absolutely wonderful.’ Johnny answered the boy whilst helping her up. He held her politely against her back until she steadied herself. He even offered his arm for her to grip. Jadis felt like swooning. Why did this boy have to be more handsome than the one she was supposed to woo? When she finally caught her bearings, Jadis glanced around her. She noticed the boy her sister wanted her to entrap was looking right at her. Was that a look of jealousy he had?

‘I’m sorry I fell into you and ruined your evening.’ Jadis apologised, resolving not to think about either boy.

Not only had she not attracted the attention of the right boy, she felt her heart cling onto the wrong one. She knew she wanted him. Her heart knew. Was this love at first sight? She was so screwed.

Would she be able to find the opportunity to try again? Would she be able to tell her heart to love another man when it had already decided on someone else?

With a start, she realised Johnny was still holding her hand, and he was saying something, too.

‘-all okay my darling.’

He was calling her his darling? If she didn’t feel this attraction, she would have thrown up in her mouth. But as it was, she felt cherished by it and couldn’t meet his eyes.

Her heart shook again as she reluctantly let go of his hand.

Gaia would kill her.

Without looking back, Jadis turned away from the group and fled.

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