Taming a Killer

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(ch 3) I'm telling you my dad is a psychopath (Mark)

December 19th, evening


The foul mood Mark had felt crept up again as he stared at his mobile, watching his most recent investment go down. He blamed Aria and her stupid attitude she had towards their boys. The conversation they had crept back to him as if it were playing on repeat in a broken record player. If it was his decision, he wouldn’t have agreed to kids. Mark was happy by being a wealthy man with a stunning woman to be together with him. But Aria had threatened him when they had married that if he refused to have children with her, she would leave him. She had no care for how much money he had. Gabriel was the child they had planned. Giovanni, however, was not. When Gabriel had first entered their life, he was as happy as she was. The little tyke was adorable and gave him a small bout of happiness. Constant crying and diaper changes were amongst the things that changed his mind. Waking during the night had pushed him over the edge more than he expected. So, hoping that he was discreet, he gave all the tasks of raising Gabriel to Aria. It went alright, he thought, but he could see the smile leave her eyes as time passed. At the time he convinced himself it was because she had to deal with a child, and how tiring it was. She had stayed with him and didn’t complain, so he stopped thinking about the topic. Because of this, Mark followed the same routine when Giovanni came into the world.

Despite his lack of involvement in the past, it was impossible to hide his fury when Giovanni was born. She should have been careful while they were together! Aria claimed it was a mistake, and she refused to do anything to hurt Giovanni. So Mark had watched from the sidelines as he lost all the attention and affection from his wife. Aria poured every ounce of love into Gabriel and Giovanni and gave nothing to him.

Some days prior, when a poor investment he made crashed, Mark wanted to spend time with Aria. He knew it would make him feel better. After looking all over the house for her, he noticed she was outside playing with the children! She completely ignored the fact they were teenagers. His rage had increased, and he decided he had enough of this continuous ritual of being unseen by his wife. He smiled, remembering the talk he had with her, explaining that he was a priority. At this point in their lives, the boys were old enough to go to boarding school. Mark explained he found no need to keep babying them when they had so much going for them. He tried to convince her by pointing out the copious amounts of money he had to give away. He informed her he would keep giving them while they were at school.

Mark didn’t mention that the more money he would give them, the less often they would need to come home. He kept his true reasoning to himself. Mark felt that if Aria knew, she would leave him. She hated selfish thoughts or ideas, and his entire plan would fall into ruins. Consistency had been the key with Aria, and currently, he could hear one of his sons packing. Delighted, he calmed himself, knowing that in a few days it would be quiet in his home again.

Mark found that what transpired next was unfortunate that he would forget to tell his wife. From where he sat on the couch, he could see Gabriel pushing his luggage towards the door. With a smirk, he edged his way into the family room to watch. Gabriel, to Mark’s bad luck, was aware of everything and immediately noticed the extra person in the room.

‘Are you seriously being smug right now?’ Gabriel asked him. And if his voice was raucous like teenagers should, Mark wouldn’t have been afraid. The sound coming from Gabriel, though, sounded inhumane, making Mark take a step back. ‘Uh?’ Mark stammered, unable to understand what was happening. Who taught his son to act like this? He wanted to bother Gabriel. The lousy bastard deserved a beating for ruining his relationship with Aria!

‘You know, I’m pretty sure it’s better if we leave, because then we wouldn’t need to be around rubbish like you.’ Gabriel shoved at him and turned away. Mark, though, already in a sour mood from dealing with Aria, allowed his anger to overflow. The older man darted towards Gabriel, feeling the adrenaline shake his senses awake.

‘Put your hands on me again and see what happens,’ Mark growled. His hand darted to the side of his belt, where he kept his knife. ‘Just see.’ His voice matched Gabriel’s quiet tone. Mark saw the way Gabriel’s eyes changed when he made his decision. For a split second, Mark felt pity and regret at being unable to love a child he had brought into this world. When Gabriel kicked him, Mark didn’t think and brought his knife to Gabriel’s neck. ‘And you definitely asked for this.’ He tripped Gabriel, forcing him to the floor. He held his son down with a force he thought he wouldn’t use against a child, let alone his own. Mark held the knife deeper and watched with satisfaction as the perfect skin broke. The haze in Mark’s eyes deepened as blood dripped from Gabriel’s neck to his shirt. Mark refused to admit it alarmed him that a sixteen-year-old had no fear when threatened with a knife.

Mark paused for a minute in wonder, but when Gabriel smirked, he knew something was up. Feeling uncertain, Mark looked around him, getting up from the floor with a grimace. It unnerved him how Gabriel effortlessly made a back handspring to stand up. If Gabriel wasn’t using a finger to prod at the cut, Mark would have thought nothing happened. It was him; he had put this blemish on his son. Yet Gabriel’s eyes were clear and pompous, as if the little brat knew something he didn’t.

‘You won’t find what you’re looking for,’ Gabriel told him smugly, as if reading his mind. His voice held the mockery that he had used with Aria hours prior. ‘But know that it will ruin your life later down the line.’

Mark paled at that, but refused to let his son see him any weaker. With a sneer, he removed himself from the room without looking back. When he was sure Gabriel could no longer see him, he ran to his car and got in. The noise of his heart in his ears was his company, making his hate for his son increase.

The sudden uncertainty and anger he felt at what had happened overwhelmed him.

He wished he could have killed Gabriel.

If he had stayed longer, Mark would have observed Gabriel take away a hidden camera from the plant on the table.

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