Tree of life

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The story is about the growth of girl. Her ups and downs in her daily life. The experiences to which everyone can relate to. If you are into suspense and emotions, then this is the story you need to read.

Drama / Romance
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“You are characterless.” My whole body got shook. Even If I didn’t have proper realization about the correct meaning of the insult, I somehow knew that it is the greatest insult, a girl could face. I just blankly stare at the faces of the girls standing in front of me, having no idea what i did that was so wrong that they are being mean to me. I turned to look the group of boys standing far at the end of the room. All were looking at me with a smile. However the smile wasn’t a genuine or sympathetic, it was mocking smiles.
The eleven year old me, cluelessly thinking is talking to the boys wrong. Or the wrong thing is that popular group of guys start talking to me instead of all other girls. Me who was new in the grade. Me who was a year younger than me. Me who wasn’t that fluent in their language.
I never feel welcomed in that class even though i tried to adjust. I did everything to please those girls so that they could become my friends. I even left my old friends behind
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