Good Vibes

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A 14 year old girl suffers from a heart break, but her life changes when she gets positive vibes from her family and friends- (part 1 available- part 2 coming soon!)

Drama / Romance
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Part 1

As she sat on her bed crying, thinking about him- Wait wait wait, let’s start from the beginning- shall we?

Mary Cruze, 14- loves her boyfriend- sings, this is pretty much about her, anyways-
“he’s coming! He’s coming!” Mary says as she jumps with joy.
Mary sweeps the house, dusts the the kitchen while her mom was asleep.
“Knock knock- hello?”
“OMGGGG! Coming Jace!!!!!” Mary screams
She opens the door and hugs Jace tight and kisses him on the cheek, and he fakes a smile and pats her on the back which showed that he wanted her to stop hugging.
Mary stops hugging and smiles, and then Jace’s phone starts to ring.
“I need to umm- take this.” Jace says with a nervous look on his face.
Mary looks confused but nods her head slightly.
After Jace finish calling the mystery person, he leaves his phone on the couch and walks to the bathroom,
Mary then sees a text on Jace’s phone that said “hey babe!” With a heart emoji next to it. Mary frowns and looks who it is from. “What?” Mary sees the name (Baby) Mary starts to tear up and then Jace comes back and snatches the phone from her,
“What the heck, Mary” Jace yells with a angry look on his face.
“I’m the one who should be saying What the heck! Who the HECK is Baby?” Mary stammers as she wipes her tears.
“I- Don’t need to explain myself! WE ARE-”
“Nuh uh- I’m gonna be the one doing the break up- WE ARE DONE!” Mary yells.
Jace slams the door shut- and he was gone.

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