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It’s called drama

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Sixteen year old Katherine and her best friend Camila find themselves stuck in the middle of drama, school, and life situations. These 11 graders try to find themselves unstuck from their boarding school troubles.

Drama / Humor
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Chapter 1

The wind hits against the window, and the waves in the oceans sound fierce. Katherine sits, her back touching the blue wall. The chromaticity of the walls glow dark then light, as the sun comes and let out it’s flamboyant Rays.
“Come on. We don’t have all day!” Camila yells from the kitchen
Camila was Katherine’s best friend/roommate
They go to a boarding school- therefore they live together in a small dorm.
“Coming! Coming! I’m getting dressed!” Katherine yells back as she ties up her hair Into a ponytail with a yellow lustrous scrunchy.
She runs to the kitchen grabbing her bag and her class schedule.
“Ready!” Katherine says smiling at Camila who was very anxious to get to class.
“It’s not funny! It’s our second week here in 11th grade! This boarding school is strict! If we want to work hard, we have to show them how hard working we really are!” Camila says her hands on her hips and a disappointed mom look on her face.
Katherine rolls her eyes and grabs an apple from the fruit basket filled with oranges, bananas, and grapes and bites into it.
“LETS GOOO!” Camila yanks Katherine and they walk down the spiral staircase that lead to the classrooms.
“So many rooms! Which class do we have first?” Camila asks still yanking Katherine
“I thought you were prepared-“ Katherine giggles and then puts a serious face.
“Oh be quiet, just tell me!”
“Fine, we have Algebra 2.”
Camila nods and walks through the halls looking for the room number.
“Here! You ready?” Camila asks excitedly but nervously at the same time.
“Sure- I guess. Can we just go inside! I heard they actually have something called AIR CONDITIONING in the room. It’s so hot here!” Katherine says sarcastically
They open the door and breath in and then out, looking at the classroom and all the people sitting there on their phones or writing the daily question in their notebooks.
“Oh hello there! I am mrs. Jean, but you can call me Mrs. J or teacher, whichever one fits you! I’m your algebra 2 teacher and I am very happy to see some new faces this year!” A tall pale teacher with blue eyes and long brown hair greets them.
Camila rubs her coffee colored arm, and then waves putting a happy smile on her face.
Katherine just sits down, with an annoyed look on her face.
“Well, anyways! Today’s unit will be an intro to Algebra 2! So let’s get started”

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