Once Upon A Wishful Ending

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** Trigger warning - self harm, depression, eating disorder and suicide are mentioned in this story at some point.... If this may trigger you don't read.** Have you ever wanted to start your life again? Have you ever felt not good enough? Have you ever felt like a loner? Have you ever felt like you wanna say something but that something isn't coming out? Well I have.... and I hate it.... Everyone has the right to a beginning, middle and end... just maybe not in that order. Will you ever live happily ever after or is life never a fairy tale.... Will there be a night in shining armour or will you be suffocated by the darkness. Can one person, one beast fix a broken soul.

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Once upon a time so many years ago there was a happy 9 year old who's life had just crashed. She felt like everyone judged her and she never felt like she fitted in. She felt like she was never good enough for the people she loved, never good enough for herself. She learnt to hate herself. She saw herself as fat, ugly and stupid. She felt she had to put herself through pain, and so she did. She found a razor blade and brought it to her knee and felt the blood slowly trickle down her leg, she liked it, it felt good, it let out her anger towards herself. It started to stop some of the pain. Once you start there is no going back. Once you start you are addicted.

Will there be a knight in shining armour to save the girl. Will there be someone to save her from the darkness, the light in the darkness or will she let the darkness take over.

Well lets find out..... Welcome to my story everyone.

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