Finding love in the wrong places

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Here is A little preview of all the stories. Tori Emma Luna and Kat are 4 best friends. Tori is 16 she meets this guy in the bus and they become good friends. tori also struggles with her sexuality when Emma's cousins comes around. - Emma is 17, she is dating Evan the most popular guy at school. but unfortunately for Emma she is pregnant by him, and he is cheating on her. - kat is 16, she is dating bad boy James who is 20 and he's involved with a gang, due to that he has to disappear. but Kat falls for another boy named Miles. - Luna is also 16, she is shy and has never been in love before until she met Brady.super rich blond boy who also falls for her. But they are in complete different social classes.

Drama / Romance
Torii mariana
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Chapter 1

"It's the first day of school again, oh how much I hate first days." tori thinks to herself as she steps out of the car.
"Bye mom".
"Bye honey, have an amazing first day". says her mother as she drives off.
Tori walks through the hallways going outside to a secret place where her and her friends sit. as she gets closer she sees Katarina but everyone calls her kat. her and Kat have been friends since 7th grade.
Kat, a 16 year old girl, medium length dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. She has had a rough childhood with both of her parents dying when she was 10 and not having anyone to take care of her. Now she lives with her foster parents. Who treat her very bad. There is nothing Kat wishes more than for her parents to come back.
Also next to Kat was Luna, 16 with beautiful black long hair, and freckles all over her face. Tori and Luna have also been friends since 7th grade. Luna is shy, But we all got along great. Luna comes from a poor family but her parents work their ass off so she doesn't need anything.
As tori walks closer she Is greeted By Kat, "hey thors how are you this beautiful morning". Kat loves to call tori 'thors.'
"Meh, kinda scared that they may split us up". says tori with a faded smile as she feels someone jump on her back.
"Boo" says Emma as she starts laughing.
"OMG what are you.. ugh."
"Chill okay I will get off."
Emma gets off tori and gives her a hug.
"Sorry babes I'm just so happy to see you guys again."
Emma is 17 years old, Light skinned, with beautiful big curls. who comes from a wealthy family. She also has the most contagious laugh, a very big heart, and is always there for all of them.
Even though Emma is dating one of the most popular guys at school. And half of the girls want to be her, or be her friend. All that doesn't matter to her.
"I feel like I haven't seen you guys in forever"said Emma as she walked to the other side of the bench and sat down.
"Well that's because you weren't here all summer." Whispered tori as she side eyed Emma.
"First of all the connection at the hotel was really bad and also, I wanted to enjoy the moment you know." said Emma.
The bell starts ringing and breaks the conversation up.
they all get up and start walking to class together.
As they arrive at the door to see the names, Kat and tori where together and Emma and Luna where together.
" i knew this would happen." says tori
"Don't worry we will still see each other nothing is going to change." said Luna, with a smile on her face.
They all grouped in together for a hug.
tori and Kat walked to their class and Emma and Luna to theirs.
"See you guys at lunch." Screamed Emma while walking away with Luna.
"Yeah, lunch" screamed tori back to Emma.


As the lunch break bell rings everyone gets out of class and to the cafeteria. Tori and kat go to their sitting spot and see Emma and Luna already there.
"Hey guys, so how was class." Asked kat as she jumps on the bench and sits down.
"It's so boring without you guys." Luna sighs.
"I am so tired of this already can the school year end, like right now." says Kat.
"Anyways, I'm going to go on a date with Evan later tonight". Says Emma.
"You are still seeing Evan". Kat laughs.
"Yes, we are still seeing each other. He also went with me on the trip." Responded Emma as she grabs an apple out of her bag.
"He, what!" Said kat as she looked at Emma in confusion.
"He is not the same okay. We are better now and that trip really changed things between us." Said Emma as she took a massive bite into her apple.
Emma and Evan have been on and off for the past year and a half.
Evan, a tall, tanned skin curly hair boy. Who is the captain of the basketball team. And also has the harts of half the girls at school. Evan is known to be a player, But him and Emma have something special. Or that's what she thinks.
"So...sleepover this weekend at my house." Said tori.
"Yeah I'm down." Said kat as she receives a phone call.
"I have to take this be right back."
The 3 girls looked back at kat while she was on the phone, and Luna finally broke the silence with "uhm... so is you're mom cooking for us." "sadly she won't, shes going out camping with her boyfriend and my sister for the weekend so we have the house all to us." Responded tori while turning around to finish eating her bread.
After 10 minutes kat finally walks back to the girls.
"So who was that." Said Emma in a flirtatious voice.
"Uh. No one just. No one."
"You don't talk on the phone with a no one for 10 minutes." Responded Emma.
"Just forget about it." Said kat while walking away from them.
"Kat I'm sorry." Screamed Emma while kat putted her headphones on and continued walking.
20 minutes after, The bell rings and they have to go back to class.
"Talk to you guys later then."
"Yea Bye".
"Bye have fun".
"Rember to text us how things go with Evan."
"I will I will"


The final bell rings, its finally time to go home.
Tori walks to the bus station right away after school.
After 10 minutes of waiting she gets in the bus. And sits next to this guy. He had pale skin and beautiful blue eyes he was also wearing a hat.
The whole ride they didn't say a word to each other until the final turn for him to get off.
He looked at her and said.
"Hey what is you're name."
"Hi, my name is tori."
"OH cool I'm Adrian, how old are you." He said with a smile.
"I'm 16, what about you".
"I'm 18. Do you have a boyfriend, if not can I get you're number" he said as he looked deep into her eyes.
"OH uhm... yes... I mean no I don't have a boyfriend and you can get my number Yes". Tori said as she let out a awkward laugh. He passed her his phone to put in her number and 2 minutes later he got off without saying a word.


When school finished Kat walked to this abandoned building. Not that far from school.
There, was a motorcycle with a guy siting on it. "Hey." Said kat.
"Hey princess how was school." Said this tall brown skinned boy with dreads.
"We got split up. Me and tori are in a class together and emma and Luna in the other". Said kat as she gets closers and gives James a kiss.
James and Kat have been dating for 6 months now. They met at a party. And have been inseparable ever since. Kat hasn't told anyone about her relationship with James.
James understands Kat and that's what she loves about him. Because he went trough something similar. He ran away from home and is now living with his best friend.
"Are you ready to go." Said James.
"Yeah" said Emma as she gets on and sits behind James.
He starts the motorcycle and they drive off.


30 minutes after school ended Emma was still waiting on Evan to get out of school.
*BEEP BEEP* a white SUV parked next to Emma.
"Hey, get in." Said Evan.
Emma got up and got into the car.
"Hey baby, I haven't seen you today."
Said Emma as she leans back and puts on her seat belt.
"I came late today. That's probably why."
"You wanted to talk to me about something what is it." said Evan.
"Uhm....I'm late." Said Emma as she looked down on her shaking hands.
"OH....uhm...I...did you take a test already."
"No I didn't, not yet. When I get home I'll take it." Said Emma at the brink of tears.
"You know I'm here for you right. Do you want me to stay with you for the the test."
"Didn't you need to go to practice, Don't worry about it I'll tell you later." said Emma while she wiped a tear off her face.
"If you want you can bring you're friends later to bradys."
"Uhm sure yeah I'll ask them."
"Okay sounds good." Said Evan as he starts driving.

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