Finding love in the wrong places

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Chapter 2

Tori gets home and sees her mom cooking.
"Hey mom".
"Hey baby, how was school".
"Uh... good but Emma and Luna are in different classes now".
"OH baby that's sad well I hope everything stays good between you guys".
"Yeah... I hope so too. Oh and all the girls are coming over this weekend for a sleepover."
"Okay, sounds good honey."
"Yeah. Thanks."
Tori walks upstairs into her room. As she awaits a message from Adrian.
2 hours go By and she still hasn't received anything.
She takes a nap. And By the time she woke up it was already 7pm.
She looks at her phone and sees 15 text messages. 14 from her group chat and one from a random number.
It was him. She opened the text message and saw. "Hey, it's the guy from the bus, Adrian".
She smiles from ear to ear and quickly replies. "Hey, yeah Adrian I remember you👋"
She exits the text and goes into the group chat. She scrolles all the way to the top.
~Emma: hello hello what are you guys up to tonight.
~kat: uhm... I don't know I was think of watching a scary movie tonight.
~Emma: ah okay.
~Kat: why what's up.
~Emma: me and and Evan are going to bradys party later and Evan asked to bring you guys too.
~Kat: sure I'm down.
~emma: tori, Luna where are you guysss.
~Luna: yo, what's going on here.
~Emma: you down to come to bradys tonight.
~Luna: yeah sure.
~Emma: alright woo-hoo 🥳.
~Emma: now we wait for tori to respond where is she.
~Kat: probably sleeping😂😂. That's all she does.
~Emma: alright.
~tori: hey guys, sorry I was sleeping. Haha.
~kat: I knew it.
~Emma: so are you coming or not👀.
~tori: hold on let me ask my mom.
Tori gets off the phone and quickly runs down stairs and sees her mom her sister and her moms boyfriend laughing watching a show.
"Hey mom uhm... Emma invited me to this party at bradys can I go."
Her mom smiled and replied "yeah baby you can go, remember to come home early you have school tomorrow."
"Yeah of course, okay thanks Bye".
She quickly runs back upstairs to her phone.
~tori: my mom said I can go.
~Emma: hooray alright I will pick you guys up In an hour.
Tori leaves the chat and sees a reply from the number.
"I want to meet face to face I know it sounds kind of weird but I don't like texting that much, it's not really my thing😶".
Tori studied the message for a second and thought to herself "he seemed like a cool guy anyways, and all my friends have had boyfriends I want one too".
She replied to the message saying.
"Yes, I would like to meet up too, what about tomorrow after school."
1 minute later he replied "alright, sounds good. I will wait on you at the bus station and we can go to this place that I love very much".
"Sounds good. Okay I gotta go now I need to go to a party."
"Okay it's fine see you tomorrow and have fun".
"Yeah thanks bye"
She turned off her phone and went to take a shower and get ready.


*BEEP BEEP* a white SUV pulled up to the driveway.
Tori looked trough the window and saw that it was Evan and Emma. And In the backseat was Luna.
She runs downstairs and screams "Bye guys".
She gets to the car and opens the door. "Hey there" said Emma and Luna at the same time.
"Hey guys where is kat".
"She canceled last moment her dad told her she couldn't come anymore".
Said Luna as she moved to the other side so tori can get in.
"OH that sucks, also Hey Evan"
"Hey tori I haven't seen you in awhile" said Evan as he starts the car and drives off.
"Yeah that's because you haven't been around."
Tori and Evan where childhood best friends their parents where very close and so where they. They grew apart these last couple of years.
But it's thanks to her that Emma and Evan know each other.


They arrive at the party after a 30 minute drive.
Tori and Luna step out of the car and stand there in silence. "Holy" said Luna is disbelief.
"I knew Brady was rich but not this rich" said tori also looking at the house in disbelief.
Bradys parents own some of the biggest companies in the world. Brady is 17 tall with blond hair green eyes and very muscular. He goes to a private school. But him and Evan have known each other their whole lives, they are best friends but consider themselves brothers.
Evan and Emma walk to Luna and tori and start laughing.
"Come on you guys you will be more shocked By the inside". Said Evan as he holds Emma's hand and they walk to the main gate.
"Hey Mark how are things." said Evan to the guard.
"Ev Boy I'm good how are you doing, miss Emma, hello to you too".
"Hey Mark" said Emma "how is Linda and the kids."
"OH they are perfect the kids loved you and they wish to see you again".
"I will come By again soon I promise."Said Emma giving him a little smirk.
"alright alright have fun kids."
"Thanks Mark."
The four of them walked to the front door and went to the backyard.
"Brady" shouted Evan as they walked trough the massive patio outside.
"I thought this was a party". Whisperd Luna to tori as she sees that there is nobody else there.
"Hey my brother" laughed Brady as he hugged Evan.
"This is Luna and Tori. and Emma you already know."
"Yeah yeah Hey there." Brady and Luna locked eyes.
"Hi, Hey I'm luna."
"Hey and I'm tori, nice to meet you".
Everyone kept looking at Brady and Luna who where not getting their eyes off of each other.
"Hey Brady...where did you put the drinks." Said Evan.
"Uhm... yeah their in the freezer right there". Brady finally took his eyes off Luna as he feels two hands hug him from behind.
"Mia what's up." said Emma.
"Hey guys." Said Mia, a short and pretty blond girl who has been dating Brady since they where 13.
Luna Emma and tori walked away to go sit next to the pool.
"What was that with you and Brady."
Said Emma.
"Nothing. It was nothing."said Luna as she looks back to Brady and Mia.
"I have something to tell you guys".
"Really? what is it tori."
"So... I met this guy today on the bus, his name is Adrian."
"Ooh a boy" smirked Emma.
"Yeah, he is very pretty and we are going to meet up tomorrow."
"Oh wow okay. Isn't that kind of fast."
"Yeah it is but he seemed so.... I don't know....".
"Wel babes tell me when you guys are going to meet up and we will call you to check in alright."
Evan came back with a bucket full of alcohol.
"I bring gifts". he says as he leans in and gives Emma a kiss on the cheek.
"I will take you for a moment thank you." he grabs Emma's hand and helps her stand.
"Don't do anything I wouldn't do" says tori as she looks at luna and gives her a wink.
Emma laughs and walks away with Evan. they walk into the house and go upstairs into a room.
" was it." Said Evan as he sits down on the bed.
"It came back negative." Said Emma as she leans in and gives Evan a kiss.
"Thank God, the last thing we need right now is to have a baby." Evan grabs Emma and throws her on the bed. They start making out but then she stops him and tells him if they can go back to the others.
"Yeah if that's what you want." Said Evan as he stands up from The bed.
"I need to go to the bathroom I'll meet you downstairs."
"Okay" said Evan as he walked out the room.
Emma sits there in silence and starts crying knowing she just lied.
The test came back positive.


All the way across town kat was standing in a alleyway on her phone.
5 minutes later she sees James pulling up driving a car.
"Get in." Said James.
Kat opens the door and steps in the car.
"Where did you get this." Said kat worried.
"It doesn't matter."
"No yes it matters james." Said kat furiously.
"If you called me to be a bitch and scream at me I swe..."
"No! No I'm sorry I didn't mean to." said kat interrupting James.
James starts driving and they don't say a word to each other.
after driving for 15 minutes they finally stop under a bridge where there was atleast 15 people.
They both get out of the car and walk towards the group.
"Haha, look who's back." Said a short man, with a long beard and bald head. And his whole body covered in tattoos.
"Uncle, what's good." Said James as he dapped him up.
"Haha young blood. Who do I have the pleasure to meet right here."said the man while looking at kat up and down.
"This is kat. My girl."
"OHO young blood I see you. I see you. Princess you should've ran away from this man as soon as he said hi to you. Haha."
"Pleasure to meet you sir." Said kat as she gave him a firm hand shake.
"What are you here for Youngblood,
You know I told you I don't owe you nothing." Said the old man while looking directly into James's eyes.
"I'm in deep shit unc I need to leave right now." Said James as he walked closer to his uncle.
"Are you asking me for money James."
"It's just a favor unc I promise you will never see me again after this."
"Miles come here." shouted the uncle while pointing at someone.
Miles a medium length guy looked about the same age as kat started walking towards them.
Miles handed James's uncle a case.
"Disappear and never come back Youngblood." Said James's uncle with a strict voice while firmly looking at him.
"I promise unc. Thank you." James gave his uncle a hug and grabbed kats hand.
"Goodbye sir."
"Bye princess." He stood there and watched as James and kat walked back to the car.
"Miles. Follow him and make sure he leaves. Or else you know what to do."
"Yes sir. What about the girl sir."
"If she becomes a threat take her out too."
"Alright sir." Said Miles as he got on a motorcycle and started following them from a distance.


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