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Meet Mia Winters, shy, who doesn't believe in love Love taking some risks and dares but she barely talked to strangers.. Or made friends.. She wasn't one who trusted people fastly.. She always talked in her mind and really didn't want any company

Drama / Romance
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Chapter 1 AUNT RAY...

Meeting the Angel

I walked out of subway with a big heavy bagpack in my back to the Walker street in Manhattan. I didn't plan to get this place specifically but I just got scholarship here and I had to get faar away from my hometown in LA.
' I'm in NYC..Yooo... Mia you got this..' I mummbled to myself .. I saw a
reflection from a mirrored building wall I had my blackish brown hair soothed down upto my Shoulders and eye same as my hair colour... I had Beige skintone and wore no makeup. I wore pink crop top And white jeans with black vans...As I walked I saw some people sleeping in Roadside one adjusting the blanket Other snorting out.... I put my hand in the Side of my bagpack and took out my purse
'Mmm... Now you only got a little money left sweetie... If you don't find a job and a Safe place to spend night you may end Up like them ' my inner voice told me
With a sturdy look I walked on and saw
a light coming out of a coffee shop.It had a closed sign .
I walked towards the door and peeped inside , I saw a hiring board kept on the left side of the door . It's tooo early ..I Know I can't get in but I have no way.
I knocked door alot .....
I know there is someone in the kitchen.
I kind of lost patience.. I simply tried to open the door through its handle And it openned with a click... Wow...I was feeling awkward sneaking in but as I said I have no way..."Hello ,anybody there" I spoke out with little awkwardness and fear. 'Obviously there is someone you idiot 'Oooh... My inner voice again..I thought to get hell out but then told Myself to walk forward to kitchen..
Am a kind of talking To stranger is kind of out of my league..When I entered I saw a ladies back She had her hair to a messy bun and Had a finebody who looks of age late 30s 'From back...! ' .. I laughed to myself ..I'm panicking....Then I came out of my thoughts and Struggled to find some words ...'Haha what the hell mia this is your only Way..... You have got this' my... Inner voice...Out of nevousness I blurted out..."Mam, I know this is awkward barging a closed cafe.... Ummm... But... I have No place to stay or have money . . So..Sorry , I shouldn't have done it. " Thinking of wht stupidity I have done I started to Walk off...'See I can't even talk to someone properly' Before I head out of kitchen .,.. I heard the Lady say "mia!! "
I turned around to face the owner of that
I stood there shocked.. If she had a ring in
Her head and a pair of wings.... She surely
be looking like an angel...
You know what! if you are through a tough time ...ain't worry there would be
God with you to keep you move on......
'When the hell did you started believe in
God huh? ' .... Ohh... My inner voice.....
Nooo..I kind of only believe scientifically...
Then again came to reality...
"Aunt Ray!!!!!"
Chapter end.....
Thankyou for your patience...

To be continued.... 😁

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