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Dead lover

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What would you do if you thought a person was dead and then they are right in front of you?

Drama / Horror
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Chapter 1

Grace was walking around the main street in her village. She looked at a man that was the same age as her, but she knew something wasn’t right with this picture. She wondered who he was trying to fool. He wasn’t her best friend. Her best friend was dead.

Monday morning came, and it was the start of a new school. All the groups of children were in different areas of the playground. I could hear a lot of people laughing and mocking me. I was a little different.

There was that guy again. He looked to be one of the popular boys. But why is he looking at me like he knows me?

The more I look at him, I want to believe he is my friend, but if he were my friend why would he have let me think for so many years that he was dead.

I am sitting in the classroom now. Everyone is staring and laughing at me. All the guys are saying “that I look dangerous and that people should stay away from me” others are saying “I am an outcast and I don’t belong here” I look over at the guy again, and he seems to have no probably with anyone.

One of his friends caught me looking at him and kicks up such a fuss. “Yeah, you may be new to this school. But our man here Rayson is off-limits. You are not his type so back off” “I am sorry. I thought I knew him” the boy laughed for a moment “Why would Rayson give you the time of day. Look at you what is in any way good looking about you?” “I am not looking to date him. I thought he was an old friend of mine, that’s all. But clearly, I have mistaken him for someone else.” the guy laughed away “As I said before, why would Rayson waste his time with you.”

Rayson looked at how his friend was pounding in on top of me “Chilli Ethan, the girl made a mistake. No need to go so hard on her” “Rayson she is acting so strange thought” “As you said, Ethan, she was a girl that made a mistake that’s all. No need to grill her anymore” and he laughed, and all them walked out of the room.

The school was finally over for the day. I am minding my own business walking home when I hear someone calling to me. I look around and see Rayson running up to me. “I am sorry about Ethan. He goes a little over the top” I think for a moment and laughed “Ethan is worried that some girl might fall in love with you and take his best friend away. It sounds like Ethan is into you” Rayson stopped walking a moment later “That is gross what you just said” “You never had a small idea the way he is so overly protected of you” Rayson laughed for a moment “I am glad to see you are still the same Grace. Your imagination always use to get you in trouble” I looked at Rayson for a moment “How are you alive?” Rayson looked at her a little confused “Why wouldn’t I be alive?” “The last time I saw you. You and your dad were entering the boat competition, and that night there was a terrible storm. There were no survivors” Rayson laughed for a moment “There goes your imagination again because here I am in front of you” “I didn’t imagine this Rayson. I honestly thought you were dead” “Right Grace, whatever you say. Now before I lose my mind. I am going to leave now. I will see you around.”

I watch as my alarm clock ticks on throughout the night. My dad is so busy working he hasn’t even noticed that I am home from school. I feel like such a fool. Why can’t I left Rayon’s words go, and I can move on with my evening? But his words run laps around in my head.

The next morning on the way to school. It was a dark, miserable day. I was walking up to the school when a car went through a puddle and drowned me. I sat in wet soggy clothing all day. Lucky my top didn’t get soaked. Otherwise, it would have been see-through. I was so cold I was shaking in the classroom with the cold.

The school day was finally over, and I was walking out of the school door when Rayson ran up to me. “I heard you shivering all day. You are not sick, are you?” I looked at him almost feeling touched “No, I am not sick. This idiot in a car ran into a puddle this morning and soaked me to the bone.” “Here look I know your house is a far away. Why don’t you come back to mine and you could borrow my sister’s clothing? She would be more than happy to help you.” I look at Rayson for a moment and then see his group of friends coming over “I should probably head home before I make a fool out of myself again in front of your friends.” Rayson couldn’t understand what was wrong with Grace. All he was trying to do was be kind to her.

Grace quickly pushed passed him and by accident ended up dropping her notebook. She quickly hurried home and changed into clean, dry clothes. Grace searched hit and low for her notebook and couldn’t find it anywhere.

Grace was sitting on her bed a little later that evening when she received a text from an unknown number. “I have your notebook. Don’t worry. I will give it back to you tomorrow.” Grace was so puzzled “Thank you, but who is this?” “It’s Rayson, and I read one of your stories, Grace. It was excellent. I see why you need your overactive imagination.” Grace looked at message for a few moments and smiled “Don’t be mocking me. I don’t need your review anyway.” Rayson looked at her message “Wow chill was just trying to be nice Grace. I have missed not been in contact with you.” Grace wanted to reply to the message but didn’t know what to say.

Grace was waiting for Rayson the next morning. Rayson saw Grace and walked up to her “You never replied to my message last night. Is something wrong?” Grace wouldn’t look at him “No, nothing is wrong. I want to go back to my dull, boring life and you go back to been Mr popular.” Rayson couldn’t understand what was going on “Grace, I don’t know what has happened to you, but you have changed you’re not the girl I remember.” “Your right, I am not the same girl. Now can you move out of my way please.” “Grace talk to me what is up with you?” “I want you out of my life, okay. I wish you had died, so I would never have to see you ever again.” Rayson handed her back the notebook and walked away, feeling a little horrified. He never thought Grace hated him that much.

It was just after gym class. The boys were all in the changing room, getting changed when Ethan came up to Rayson. Ethan had made sure there were alone. Ethan pushed Rayson up against the wall and felt his body touch Rayon’s “Ethan, what the hell are you doing?” “You know you want this as much as I do Rayson. You have been hiding those feelings for too long.” Rayson pushed him away “Wow, I think you have the wrong information. We were friends but after what you just did to me. I don’t think I want to be around you anymore.” “Rayson please I have deep feelings for you.” “I don’t leave me alone, Ethan.”

School had ended for the day. No one had seen or heard from Rayson in hours now. Grace spotted him sitting on the swing set as she was walking home. “Your friends are looking for you.” Rayson was down in the dumps “I don’t want to see anyone.” “Okay, I will see you tomorrow”, and she began walking home. Rayson grabbed her arm “I don’t want anyone but you, Grace.” Grace looked at him “What has happened Rayson?” “You were right Ethan likes me, and he began touching me in the changing rooms today.” “I am so sorry that happened to you. I am always here if you want to talk about it.” “No, I am okay now, Grace, thank you”, and he walked away.

That night Rayson was lying at home in his bed. He was staring at the ceiling. Rayson didn’t know what was happening to him. He couldn’t get Grace out of his head. “Hi, Grace. I don’t want what is up with me lately but thank you for the chat earlier?” Grace didn’t know what was going on with him “It is no problem. I will see you in school on Monday have a good weekend.” “Grace, do you want to go to the movies or get some food tomorrow.” Grace couldn’t believe what she was reading “Are you asking me out on a date?” “I guess I am. Do you accept?” “I think so.”

The next morning Grace was getting ready for her date with Rayson when she heard her phone going on. She looked, and it was a message from Rayson “Sorry, Grace something has come up. Can we meet up some other time.” Grace looked at the message, and a tear dropped down off her face. She replied to him “Yeah, no problem. I hope everything is okay. See you on Monday”, but Grace knew that Rayson had done this on purpose. She believed that his friends had put him up to this.

Grace was sitting in school when Rayson walked into the room. He looked a bit down. Rayson looked over at Grace, and she faced the other way. He walked up to her “I am deeply sorry for the weekend. I was looking forward to it.” “Did you get much out of the bet with your friends?” “What Grace no, that wasn’t a bet with my friends. My granny died. Now I see what you honestly think of me, and I don’t like it.” “What Rayson why didn’t you just tell me the truth?” “Why do I need to tell you. We are not a couple. Yes, I gave you last minute notice, but I just found out. I never thought you could be this heartless Grace. ”

Grace felt terrible and wanted to apologise to Rayson, but she never saw him again that day. She texts him, and he never replied. She also tried to call and still nothing. Grace felt like the worse person in the world. After that day she never saw Rayson again. Soon after her family moved away again. Start writing here…

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