A Messed Up Life

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It's about a girl who gets betrayed by her family and would keep getting abused over and over again.

Drama / Other
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Chapter 1

Anna was born 3 weeks early. She had a speech impairment. Her father would get mad that he could not understand her and would tell her mother to get her child. When she was 3 her mother got fed up with her father and divorced him and her mother remarried and moved her siblings and her 4 states away from from.

At home she would get raped by her stepfather and when she went twice a year to visit her grandma and father she would be raped by her own father. She would try over and over to tell her mother what was going on. But her mother would say that he would never do that and as soon as she was alone with him he would tell her that she is not supposed to tell anyone or both of them would get inturble.

She had a best friend named Autom. who she would tell everything to. Autom convinced her to go tell the school counselor what was happening at home. As soon as her mother found out her mother insisted that she never told her. As soon as her mother could she packed all of her stuff and moved the family to live with her grandmother. While Anna was living there she was not allowed to hug her cousins and if she did she would get inturble.
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