All The Highs

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Chapter 2, Mile Highs

Those three words together caused the second case Joshua lifted out, to slip in his hands. He stops what he is doing, his focus now on me. I see he has a look of concern on his face, so I shake my head.

‘I hate that we are leaving on your own on Christmas Day!’ I blubber.

‘Aww Em, I’m going to miss you too!’

‘Thank you.’ All I could muster trying to smile.

‘Well let’s face it, I couldn’t leave your packing to him now, could I? Orange top, green shorts, ooph...’

I could see Julia visualising it, a look of mock displeasure across her face. She quickly shakes the thought out of her head, but she had me smiling for sure.

Getting in behind the wheel, Joshua knocks on the front passenger window for Julia who rolls down the glass.

‘Julia’, he said, ’you are not a Formula One driver, and neither is this an F1 car, DO NOT DRIVE IT THAT WAY.

‘Okay!’ Giving Joshua the two-fingered Polish salute before accelerating.

I chuckled knowing full well; she only did it to wind him up. (Joshua was sensitive when it came to his wheels and this one was brand new.)

Except for the wonderfully decorated fir tree in the open square; the Christmas decorations hanging inside; a handful of passengers standing outside having a cigarette and wishing each other Merry Christmas, you’d be forgiven for forgetting it was Christmas Day. Or that you were at Heathrow.

Handles of the luggage cases locked together, the rolled back to back in unison. His left hand in the small of my back steering me towards the airline’s first-class check-in desk. My handbag comes out of his overnight luggage bag and he passes it to me. It is the last purse I used, and I am hoping, everything I need is in it. I am still looking through my purse when I hear the Passenger Service Agent declare we have an hour to take off.

Whisked off to the lounge, but we only have time for a coffee and I take a sip of Joshua’s bubbly before we board on the upper deck.

Courteously ushered to our seats, except it wasn’t just seats that greeted us and I wasn’t ready for what I saw. The attendant says this and that, Joshua is paying attention as he usually does, but my ears have taken on a noise-cancelling all of their own. My arms are crossed on my midriff, while Joshua is casually stroking his left hand down my spine. It feels good, sensual, but had my eyes not averted my concentration; his handy work would have taken its full effect.

She leaves, and Joshua ushers me in, and I plop onto the chair. The one that swivels in front of the tv; next to the side table away from the concealed bed and partition that goes down to make it a double bed. For a room on a plane, I could swing an amur tiger.

‘Okay, hun!’ I said, giving him the side-eye, still in shock after another once over of the suite.

He picks up the glasses of champagne, and we toast us.

‘Someone owed me a favour.’

‘A favour.’ I repeated after him. ‘Did you save their life?’

‘Something like that.’

‘Is there anyone else that owes you a similar favour?’

He smiles, takes my glass, puts it down alongside his, takes both my hands and pulls me back onto my heels. I pucker up to him, arms go up around his neck, he secures me around my back with his authoritative arms, and we kiss, long, lingering.

‘Merry Christmas!’ He says when we finally let each other up.

Airborne a short while later and eating breakfast, or was it lunch? Well, whatever it was, we had just eaten deserved a blue ribbon. But now having eaten, the lack of sleep was knocking on my body’s door. I suppose Joshua felt the same, as he picked up the two sets of airlines’ PJs and led us down the aisle to the changing room.

I argue we could have changed where we were, but he quarantines my words with his lips. It was some fifteen minutes later when we emerged from there. I try having a quick look around to see who would have noticed we were there for some time. There only appeared to be another two individuals on our deck. He detected what I was up to, and in his mellowed out calm voice looked over at me.

‘You’re still not allowed to scream!’

I smile broadly in surprise, and because I can’t smile and walk at the same time, stopped walking. He, however, had not, and as he was holding my hand, I almost stumble forward in the slightly big-for-me bed slippers I had put on. He glanced over at me as I immediately caught back up with him, that knowing look on his face.

Back in the suite, we find the remainder of our meals taken away; soft lights and the bed, made. Whoever designed this must be a member of that particular club or innate understanding of what the club members desired.

Joshua closed the door behind him, lifted me onto his hips, and I lock my legs on either side of him. Quickly putting my right palm up preventing my head from connecting with the plane’s ceiling.

Our lips found each other again. Relighting each other’s fire from ten minutes ago. But I liked it. I liked it so much I was gusting for air, that fanned the flame. Responding with mouthsful of hotly tongued kisses, until he spun me up against the door, causing it to shudder.

‘Josh!’ I gasped.

‘Hmmm!’ He groaned.

His mouth had come down between my two mounds and his palms hot and firm moulded them. The full effects of his landing gear come up to play against my aching parts, and I let out a little whimper.

Both still fully clothed, but I could have been naked. It must have been the altitude or maybe the air sparked, coupled with the excitement of knowing other passengers were just a few feet away, and the recklessness of it all kicked in.

He licks possessively on the gun powdered tip he’s holding between his right forefinger and thumb. Rippling his tongue across my chest and over to the other, he bites down and sure enough, I spark, sending me up another thirty-two thousand feet. He could hear the bang coming, my whimper drawing out into a cry into...

‘Not yet’ He rasped.

But he’d already set me off in the changing room. He quickly found my mouth, slipped his tongue inside it, but it was too late. I bit down on his tongue, saving the other passengers from the bang and keeping the sensual one all to us. I sink my fingers into his flesh, burying my head in his chest, quivering.

‘Josh, the things you do to me.’ When finally, I catch up with my heart rate.

‘Baby, only the things you deserve.’

I smile, disbelieving.

‘And another thing.’ Walking me still on his hips over to the bed.

‘Yes!’ Beaming.

‘That was your introduction to the Mile High Club.’

‘What makes you think, I’m not already a member?’ Staring back at him from my abandoned position on the bed. Knees either side of his thighs being stripped of my pyjama bottoms. His hands now free to rip his pyjama shirt off.

Except, his arms and shirt stop mid-air, imprisoned there. I feel his aura grapple for composure before they regain their freedom to remove his shirt. Eyes bear down on me.

‘Em, are you a member of the Mile High Club?’

‘Josh, is this where I ask if you're prepared for the answer to the question you’ve just raised?’

‘No, this is where you hopefully tell me you are not.’


‘Because I was hoping this was something we both experience together for the first time.’

‘Wait. Are you saying you are NOT a member of the Mile High Club?’ Intrigued.

‘No, Lemara, I am not.’

‘Josh-u-a. Everest. Hart. you’ve surprised me.’

‘So come on, are you?’ His torso tense.

I pull my legs up to roll onto the bed, escape the question. I'm on all fours trying to scramble away. But he’s quick, catches my ankles as I do so and I fall flat on my face in giggles.

‘Joshua!’ I shrieked, as loudly as was sensible, remembering there were passengers just outside.

’Josh! I kick out, but being stronger than I am, I get nowhere.

Instead, he crosses my ankles, bends my feet back to my bum, holding them there and lays down facing me on the bed.

‘So when was this?’

I sense a tinge of envy. It brought out a side of Joshua; I’d never before witnessed. I wanted to see how far I could push those self-restrained buttons of his. In my defiance to answer, he pulls my intimates off my bottom and halfway down my thighs, trapping my ankles in the footholes of them.

Laughed so much my stomach hurt.

‘Josh. Let me up please.’

‘Not until I have an answer.’ He looks at the time. ‘And there’s some ten hours remaining before we land in Singapore. So we have all day.’

‘Joshua, are you prepared for the answer?’ A mocked-up serious look on my face.

He paused, knowing that he uses the said line when I ask him an overly deep question. The right side of my underwear snaps and he relaxes his hold and sets me free. I move over to the other side of the bed, discarding my torn underwear along the way. Under the duvet, I prop my head onto the pillow, releasing the scrunchy of its duties, of keeping my now dishevelled hair imprisoned in a bun. Next to me, he props himself up against the headrest, puts on the tv and is quiet. I sense his emotions may be slightly bruised. Yet he sweeps his right hand over my forehead and tenderly brushes my hair out. Massaging my scalp with his fingertips as he does so. I feel myself falling off from the sensation.

‘No.’ I finally respond, voice lowered before I fall off to sleep.

‘What’s a No?’ Looking over at me.

‘No, I am not a member of the Mile High Club.’

His finger hair brushing pauses ever so briefly, then resumes.

I must have fallen asleep, but I don’t know for how long.

Roused sometime later to feel the cool bareness of Joshua’s body sans pyjamas against mine. The scent of that fragrance he’d made all his own, a little more intense in the dark, unfamiliar space of the aircraft.

My arousal sparked. His mouth found mine, intentional, unhurried. Like his thrust levers, he raises my knees, stirring them forward on either side of his body, settling himself. I gasp, becoming the holster of his full metal pressing up against me. All warm, moist, willing, his yoke eases forward into the aching he’d created earlier. Holds me there just as I feel myself going up another thirty-two thousand feet. His body on mine, in mine burning me red hot, he gusts.

‘Em, welcome to the Mile High Club!’

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