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When Dreams Evolve...

By Tristan McLucas All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Drama

At Last, His Vision Is Real

“How long has it been already?”

“Probably three-four years at least, we first met in the year of 2012 I believe...” Tristan guessed, although the answer felt just about right. Ever since the year of 2012 and now the time had raced to 2016. At any rate, he was certain it had been four years already.

“We’ve known each other for a pretty long time, then.” Corey cackled in amusement, as he kept his stare fixed on the blonde male sitting beside him on the park bench. It was a warm summer’s morning, and thus the two decided to meet up in order to make the most of it... together.

“We have indeed...”

“But we’ll be friends forever, right?” Corey hoped.

“Sure, friends.” Tristan responded with a slight smile widening along his rims, despite he never really liked the idea of just being friends forever.

“I find that hard to believe you know, you drew a picture of us together. Does that mean you like me, like, in that way?” Corey asked, remembering the scanned drawing that Tristan had posted onto Facebook last night, hence the reason Corey desired to meet up the following morning.

A faint colour of crimson immediately dusted Tristan’s features at Corey’s curious question, he started to somewhat hesitate before finally giving an answer. “...Drawing is just a hobby of mine. I like to draw a lot, and sometimes it can be of literally anything imaginable.” Tristan’s smile slightly quivered with the response, as he struggled to hold back the embarrassment that desperately yearned to show. The moment they both shared, it started to grow awkward, even if Corey was still intrigued.

“Come on, Tristan, you can tell me anything! You know that, right?”

“You have a girlfriend, Corey, I can’t tell you whether I fancy you or not. That would hurt her, you know.” Tristan stated.

“Oh, I won’t tell her!” Corey was desperate to know the answer; he never failed to erase the wide grin painted along his lips. Even if he was already spoken for, he still wanted to know the truth from Tristan. “I promise you that!”

“...But wouldn’t you walk away?”

“Of course not, we’re friends. Plus, I’ve told you a dozen times before, I wouldn’t care if you liked me. Seriously, dude, you worry too much.” Corey pouted his lips childishly, as he soon folded his arms over his broad chest. He was desperate; he really wanted to know already.

“All right, isn’t it obvious?”

“I’m just guessing it is, judging by the picture you drew of us holding hands.” Corey laughed a little, as a flush of flattery soon decorated his features. Even though he wanted to know the truthful answer from Tristan, he started to feel a tad nervous.

“...Well, yes. I’ve always liked you, Corey. I think- I don’t know how to describe love, it comes in many different forms. But, I think I might actually be in love with you.” Tristan admitted. “It feels about right, anyway.”

“Y-You do? Thank you...” Corey averted his gaze elsewhere, shyly, while scratching the side of his face with his blunt index fingernail. Finally, Tristan confessed.

“...Are you okay, Corey?”

“The truth is... I’ve always liked you too, Tristan.”

“But don’t you have a girlfriend?”

“...Actually, I and Katie haven’t been getting along lately. I think she might be fed up with me. I try my best to be a good boyfriend to her, but I think her love for me is fading... I think I might have done something to upset her, but I don’t know what.”

“How can you be so sure about that? Have you asked her how she feels?”

“I’ve asked her a million times already, she just tells me that she’s on her you-know-what. She keeps snapping at me, and she’s always stressing when we’re out together. But, nobody can be on their period for three months, you know... I know something’s up with her.”

“...Could she be pregnant, maybe?”

“What the heck, Tristan? I’m not like that!” Corey snapped.

“Oh no, I was just asking. Sometimes you can never know unless she tells you, I just thought—”

“We haven’t even had sex, man!”

“I was just wondering... sorry for asking.”

“It’s fine.” Corey averted his stare towards Tristan once more, moments before slowly shifting closer towards him on the bench. He placed his palm gently onto Tristan’s hand, as he casted a warm gaze into his emerald-hued eyes. “Tristan... can we be together?” Corey asked quietly, gulping.

“What about Katie? How would she feel?”

“Oh, she would probably feel happier. Plus, I think it would be better if me and Katie broke up. I just... can’t stand the constant negativity between us. I mean, it’s not like I’m breaking up with her for another girl... I don’t think she would feel that bothered since it’s for a boy instead. I could always tell her that I’m gay.”

“Well, are you gonna tell her what you’re actually planning to do?”

“...I will, tonight.” Corey leaned a tad closer towards the other, only to plant a slow and yet soft kiss onto Tristan’s cheek. “Thank you for everything, and for the picture. Nobody’s ever done something like that for me before. In a way, it feels quite nice.”

“Are you being serious?”

“I’ve always been the one that gives in a relationship, but that’s probably because I’ve always been the boy in them."

“I’m glad you liked the art, then...” Tristan smiled briefly, with a small huff behind his lips.

“I love it! Thank you so much!”

“If we ever do end up being together, I promise I will look after you...”

“You’re so sweet, Tristan!”

“Heh, I guess...”

“Thank you!” Corey repeated excitedly, as he quickly draped his arms about the male’s broad torso, tugging him into a loving embrace. Corey loved Tristan, Tristan could tell. Not only did it feel like a relief for the two, but they also felt happy now that their love was finally out of the closet and stored in each other’s hearts. Corey was sure his girlfriend would understand, he really hoped she would anyway.

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