The Inner Me

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‘Me and your dad have enrolled u into a school where u can meet friends your age' Those words totally took the fifteen year old, Ella, to the door step of what she was protecting herself against for three years. She's now trying to find herself, being away from people for a whole three years as not helped at all. Read how she meets different people and becomes different personalities until she finds her true self.

Drama / Romance
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Hi, I am Ella.

"Hi, i'm Ella. Am fifteen years old and I am pretty, well at least that's what my parents say I am. The basic thing you should know about me is that I don't like to associate with people. Well people call it social awkwardness but I call it protection. I actually loved people around me a lot but something happened and I don't like to talk about it"

It's four o'clock in the evening, I woke up from napping and stood up from bed. It's Sunday and normally on Sunday evenings by 4:00, my fitness teacher would be waiting for me downstairs to give me fitness training.

I rushed to my wardrobe and took out my fitness clothes to change into them. I changed and quickly went downstairs with the thought of seeing my fitness tutor but instead I saw my annoying parents smiling. I looked around but I couldn't find my fitness teacher.

"Where is she!?, she always scolds me for getting down late but now she's not even here yet", I said.

"No baby, she isn't going to be coming today, in fact she isn't going to be teaching you anymore" mom said.

Looking confused I said "Did she quit? Mom I promise I didn't do anything to her"

"She didn't quit" mom replied with a smile. I looked at dad and mom with eyes narrowed.

"what's going on?" I asked with suspicions. "me and your dad have decided to enroll you in real school where you can't meet people of your own age." mom said.

"is this a joke cuz haha very funny" I said letting out a laugh and hoping it's a joke. "No it's not" she replied immediately crushing all my hopes.

At that moment, I felt like my world was going to collapse.

My worst fear has finally caught up with me. I pretended not to understand what she said and I asked "what do you mean?"

Mom smiled at me and said "Don't worry Ella, everything will fine and it will be good for you to socialize. Tomorrow, will be a new dawn for you"

"You enrolled me into a school without my consent and you're saying everything will be fine?, and what do you mean tomorrow?" I shouted out.

This is my worst nightmare, I have to stop it at once. The only option now is to talk dad out of it.

I put on pity face, looked at my dad and said "Da..d, are you really in on this? You know am not ready to face the world yet, please dad"

He held my hand and said "You really need to do this now, you have been away from everyone for too long, but don't you worry because everything will just fine."

Tears covered my eyes and rolled cheeks. I ran upstairs to my room and banged the door, I locked my room to prevent anyone from coming in. I cried and cried until I got weak and I slept off.

Half deep into sleep, I heard a knock at my door. I opened my eyes but I didn't get up.

"Ella, open up" It was mom. I closed my eyes and just ignored her. She opened the door and waved the spare keys at. She sat beside my bed quietly as if she didn't have anything to say.

I knew she wanted to say something to me so I broke the silence "just say whatever you came here for" she looked at me and said "why don't you want do attend school,why don't you want to socialize with others?"

I annoying looked at her and said "Are you really asking because you have forgotten what happened to me in grade six?".

"But that wasn't your fault, you were the victim" mom said, I looked at her with pitiful eyes and I said "exactly mom exactly, I was the victim but I got kicked out of school right before my graduation" I said and I started to cry.

Mom pulled me into her arms and hugged. She caressed my hair and told me its all fine. She told me that I should use this is a new opportunity to show the world that you aren't that kind of person.

I hugged my mom tightly and nodded my head. Then she smiled and said, "you missed dinner though, need a late night snack?",I sighed and said "I've got things on my mind and food is not even on top three".

She smiled and said, "I guess your top three would be; oh no school!, I have annoying parents and I wish tomorrow will never come,right?" I smiled wildly and said "yep".

"I knew it!" mom said, "yeah, moms know everything, can I trade going to school for a late night snack?" i said, mom laughed and said "nice try!".

She tucked me into bed and kissed me goodnight. She turned off the lights and went out of the room.

I couldn't sleep, I continue thinking of what would happen the next day, the D-day. I needed to free my mind so I stood up and turned on the lights.

I opened my drawer and brought out my bestee, my diary. I took out my pen and wrote:

"""Hey bestee, I know it's late but I couldn't sleep and I needed to free my mind so am talking you. I kept thinking of what happened on that day, the day before my graduation, the day before my expel.

There I was standing beside my locker, daydreaming about my graduation. I snapped out of it when I received a slap from the person that hates me the most, Linda. I asked her why she did that and she threw another question at me.

She asked why I called her my friend into front of the whole class. I told her that I said that because it was true.

She was like, "are you stupid?,I bully you a lot but you still call me your friend? just take it back now and tell everyone am not your friend!!"

I didn't want to take it back and I don't know why I did that.

"you don't want to take it back right? You made everyone believe am the friend of dweeb like you right? don't worry, you'll pay for this!."

Then she got her parents to convince the principal to expel me. Well it's all my fault, why did I call her my friend? I feel better now thanks bestee."""

I dropped my diary back into my drawer and I tucked myself back into my bed and slept off.
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