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I know you didn’t want this

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When seventeen year old Elenas boyfriend dumps her Elenas best friend Callie decides to cheer her up by taking her to a school party but when Elena has a bit to much to drink and meets seventeen year old Jackson something happens. but when a tragic accident happens something will change everything

Drama / Thriller
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The party

“Come on stop being grouchy and get your ass out of bed” Callie said “no thanks I’d rather stay in bed till the day I die” Elena responded annoyed “look I’m your best friend it’s my duty to make sure your happy so we’re going to the junior high school party” Callie said “no junior year just started” Elena said “bummer now get up lazy girl” Callie said “okay bitch” Elena said “slut” Callie said and pulled Elena out of bed. Once at the party there were lots of people some of the people weren’t even high schoolers “I can’t belive I’m fucking doing this” Elena said “believe it” Callie said after a few hours of being there Elena was drunk and ran into Jackson and spilt her drink “shit my bad” Jackson said “it-it’s fine it’s just water” Elena said “okay you wanna go to my room” Jackson ask “an-and do what” Elena asked “screw” Jackson whispered and grabbed Elenas hand took her to his room.
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