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Cathy Jones has been running for the last two years. But with her sister missing and her father appearing she has no choice but to stay and fight. With help from her mysterious "Miks" she must take down the man that taught her everything or surrender her own life

Drama / Romance
Audire Kinnamont
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

Carrying the last of the trash bags with her Cathy walked out of the back door of the tiny bakery. Grateful she had the next day off, she tossed the bags in the dumpster and started walking home. Her pace was brisk and she observed her surroundings, a trait she learned early in life. At 4 in the morning the usual busy streets were quiet, to late for the night time crowds and to early for the morning commute. Cathy enjoyed the solitude of the pre-dawn hour.
Her neighborhood was a mix of retirees and young families that fell between lower middle class to poverty levels. Most people were friendly but cautious, which made for an interesting experience at times. To Cathy it was home and had been for the last few years. Something she had desperately needed when she moved here. She sighed soon she would have to move,she couldn't afford to stay. The two years she had been living were the most peaceful, she had needed to heal not only physically but mentally. Her life was not normal her childhood was brutal, her father cruelties were limitless.
A rapid conversion brought her out of her thoughts, but the voices speaking in perfect Russian alarmed her. But nothing scared her more than her name coming from him.
She had been found, NO not yet. Her place had been but she hadn't been. They were to caught up in their conversation to notice her. Thinking quickly she continued walking, neither increases or decrease her pace as she came closer. The trio straight up on spotting her,
"Excuse me miss" one of the man said well the other two slowly move around her to cage her in a loose circle. Acting like she had not seen them, Cathy let out a small scream
"Please don't hurt me, let me go" she cried in fluent Spanish " I didn't do anything " Cathy continued her act of a panicky antsy women trying to draw attention. As the men hesitated, unsure what to do, Cathy sprint across the road still screaming in Spanish. Cathy noticed that they didn't follow, and after a few blocks she stop to catch her breath. Reach in her back pocket she pulled out her cell and text one word, Ice
" You mean to tell me that he personally came?"
" Yes, I am telling you that. I saw him with my own eyes he was about three feet from me"
" He must be getting desperate if he's out of -"
" When have you ever known my father to be desperate,Miks? The polar bear, the leader Mr Vasili Morozov, Russian auth-"
" Catherine" Miks warning tone came through cutting off Cathy's rant " Stay safe malen'kiy" and he hung up. Cathy phone pinged immediately afterwards MIA Snow. Cathy eyes narrow into slits, first her father was here and now her sister is missing. Seems that a storm was moving in and the princess was ready to play
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