Summer break

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It was the last day of school and me my best friend my boyfriend and her boyfriend plan to take a trip to Hawaii to enjoy ourself but it took a turn for the worst

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Summer break

It's the last day of school and I was so excited that summer is finally here.This year I am going on a trip with my boyfriend Jack,my best friend Alice and her boyfriend Marcus to Hawaii I could tell this trip is going to be amazing or so I thought. We were planning to spend the whole summer in Hawaii just chilling and having fun on the beach while tanning and watching the crystal blue water comes crashing on the shore and try out new things especially the food yummy.I was so thrilled when I heard the last bell,everyone gets up from there seat and ran out of the class cheering with excitement.Me and Alice went to meet Jack and Marcus on the field,Jack and Marcus both play football and there best friends there relationship are like the Salvatore brothers from the vampire diaries but not as hot as them .They were still playing football so we sat on the bleachers drinking a bottle of soda we had left from lunch time.Me and Alice are best friends from elementary school now we are in the same class along with Jack and Marcus.Finally the boys were finish playing football and came over and said what's up guys sorry we took so long couch ask us to play overtime and then we can go home, are we still going to the park today said the boys I said yes we are still going to the park now hurry up! and come.We finally reach the park and I bought some soda and snacks to eat while we are at the park I sit on the bench and ask what are we are going to talk about guys another from the trip and football I said while set up my phone to make a tiktok video with Alice. We all start talking about how our day went and some other stuff normal teenagers talk about we were laughing and having alot of fun until Alice and her boyfriend to arguing because he like a random girl picture on Instagram,he is in big trouble. Me and Jack sat there string at the both of them going back and forth with each other. We all know Marcus put him self into some deep shit with Alice. Alice got so upset to the point she started to cry i went to hug her but she ran off I followed behind her leaving Jack and Marcus in the park I told them to go home and start packing. While Jack and Marcus leaving the park Jack said you know how sensitive Alice can be why would you do that Marcus started to angry, it's no big deal deal bro she alway overeating for the simplest thing I do Jack.
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