I Love You

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"I love you" were the last words Rosie's mother said to her as she took her last breaths in her arms. It was just the 2nd day of a new year when Rosie's whole life fell apart. Her mother, the person she's been with her whole life, her shield, her comfort, died in her arms. This is just a 2 chapter story so if you want to read something depressing and short here you go.

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Chapter 1

Rosie’s life has been short but tragic.

Only being 14 years old, and already having no one there for her.

“I love you.” those words and that day don’t get out of her head, it replays day and night.
That day January 2nd 2014.
The sun was early up, bright and shining as Rosie smells eggs and bacon in her room.
“Rosie breakfast is ready, I made you’re favorite.” Yelled her mother from the kitchen.
“I’m coming mom.”
In not more then 2 minutes Rosie was already in the kitchen.
“Hey, mom.”
“Hey, baby.” Before Rosie does anything she walks over to her mom and gives her a tight hug.
“How did you sleep honey.”
“I slept amazing.”
“Oh how much I love, you know that right.” Says her mother as she gives her three kisses on the forehead.
“I love you to mom, now let’s eat I am very hungry.”
Rosie grabs her plate and goes to sit at the table, With her mom sitting right beside her.
“Remember it’s hot, be careful baby.”
“Yes mom.” Says Rosie as she stuffs her mouth with pancakes.
As far as she can remember it has always been the two of them and their dog poco, but poco sadly passed away last year due to cancer.
As they finished eating Rosie went to watch the TV whilst her mom washed the dishes.
The day went by: they played, talked luaghed, watched their favorite show until they both got tired and went to take a nap.
Hours later A sudden Loud noise of glass shattering woke Rosie up. She looked at the clock and saw that it was 11pm, she got up from the bed and all the lights where turned off, she slowly walked to the living room.
“Mom, is that you.” Whispered Rosie as she got closer and closer.
then she heard it. *BOOM* a bullet going right trough her moms chest, that whole moment went in slow motion, a tall man with a black hoodie, holding the gun who had just shot her mother.
He looked at Rosie and ran away.
She sees blood all over the floor.
“Mom.” “Mom.” Rosie runs to her mother and holds her in her arms.
“Mom, no mom.” In panic and shock Rosie looks at her mother not knowing what to do.
“I, I love you.” Says her mother as she takes her last couple of breaths.
“No, mom don’t leave me, please don’t.” Rosie cries and cries until her mom finally stops breathing.
She sat there on the floor with her, until their neighbor came, He walked trough the wide open door and saw what had happened and called an ambulance.

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