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Ever woken up one day thinking "I deserve better" or "shoulda, woulda woulda" moment? Meet Bella Rose Sawyer. Married with 3 children. Something she had always dreamed of as a child, to have a big family and a loving husband who worships the ground she walks on. What's changed??? .......EVERYTHING...... Meet Blake Mason, most powerful and ruthless businessman known in Chicago. Not only is he strikingly handsome, he's searching for means in life. Stay tuned to find out😉

Drama / Romance
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When you think you have it all

Breathe. Just breathe.

I say to myself as I think of last night. The way he touched me and held me was different, and not a good way either.

I'm Bella Rose Sawyer, I'm 29 and am married to Brian Lee Webber. We have 3 children (twin boys & a girl) Caleb 4 , Nathan 4, and Harper 3.

So yes, pretty busy household but I love it.

My husband and I met when I was 16 and he was 18. We were inseparable from then on, got married when I turned 21 and started a business called Star Travel which I have now 6 branches in the US. Slow and steady is what I like, but Brian thinks I'm wasting opportunities with this business...I don't know what he's talking about.

Brian is the CEO for Dolce Enterprise and has been there for 9 years but only has been CEO for about 4 years. His dad George is a lovely man, devoted husband, father and grandfather. He stepped down from the business, and handed it over to Brian thinking that it'll be in good hands. From what I know from George, is that the business hasn't been doing well for the last 3years and Brian won't listen to any suggestions from his folks. Brian has been working hard day in and day out, yet I still I don't understand why it's not making an impact on paper.

When I found out that I was pregnant the first time, I knew I had to make some changes. So I worked from home and only travel to the offices if need be. I trust the employees, hence why they all have been with me since I started and haven't left. I look after them and they do the same for me. Brian thinks I'm getting too personally involved with the employees, maybe but I want people to be happy where they work and to be treated fairly.

Brian and I never had disagreements. But ever since my business boomed and the kids came into the mix, he has been short with me and just can't stand the sight of me at times. But when it comes to get togethers with his work colleagues and's all lovey dovey and I'm his world.

Last night, something was a miss. Brian had taken me to dinner, it was like old times how he smiled at me, few touches and kisses here and there. I felt loved, wanted, special the way he always did before lord knows what had changed. We came home and made love.

As we cuddled for what seemed to be a few minutes, my eyes were getting heavy as I was slowly drifting off to sleep but Brian must have thought I was already asleep when I heard him whisper.

"I'm sorry Bella". Um, huh? Is what I was thinking. As I was trying hard not to move so he wouldn't notice I was awake while he was talking. My heart rate was going crazy cause in the pit of my stomach, I knew tonight was all too good to be true. I stayed still waiting for him to continue.

"Ha, to think that I can only say this to you when your not awake makes me even more of a coward". (You don't say🙄)

"I-I, have fallen for someone else". WTF. "It's Andrea. I have been seeing her since, well before the twins were born and I tried to find that spark with us again....but I just can't. I thought tonight would ignite something, but nothing - I mean I care for you, we've got history and have children together. I can't do this anymore, just know that I'm sorry".

He places a long kiss to my forehead before sighing deeply and peacefully fallen asleep. And here I am, lying on his chest, in his arms trying to hold in my tears. This prick made fake love to me and then decided to confess to me he's in love with his assistant. Wow.

I wiggle my way out of his arms and out of the room. As soon as I closed our bedroom door behind me, I was biting down on my lip so I don't let out a loud cry. Tears falling down like crazy, clenching and unclench my hands cause of how angry and hurt I was. I take an unsteady breathe in and roughly wipe my face with my hands making my way to the kids rooms. Standing at the doorway, watching them sleep and dream away unaware of what's going to happen from tomorrow onwards. They deserve better...heck I deserve better.

No more wallowing Bella, Brian has made his make yours.

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