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Lost Love (or Life)

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My name is Lisa. This story is about my life… I do not know whether I can call it Life. What do you think coming into this world and living life are the same? Have you ever thought about it? If you have, have you found its answer? Maybe, my story helps you to figure out it. But I don't know it exactly, too.

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I was born in a small city in one part of the world.

Every season our city changed its appearance.But I think It seemed only to me. (Because my mother didn't not agree with me about it.) Especially, in autumn its beauty was breath-taking. Maybe, it is because I love autumn. Cool, wet weather, cloudy sky, gold color of leaves, calm soothing twilight and of course the sound of drizzling always touched my heart.

I was a single child in my family. When I was 6-7 years old, I asked a little sister as a present for my birthday. However, every time when I started speaking about it, my mother grimaced and forced me to shut up. I knew exactly that my father also wanted to have one more child, maybe two more. Because he was a child-lover. It was a reason why he still treated me as if I had been a little child, although I was almost 16 years old. But I can't say it about my mother. She was a bit strict and hard-working. I sometimes felt that she loved her work more that me and my father. I can remember my childhood nights when my father and grand-mother cared for me when I burned with high temperature and coughed regularly. After grand-mother's death, I spent my most of time with my father. He was for me like both father and sibling. However, I wished I had had a sister with whom I would share my room and my secrets. Sometimes I gave questions to myself: if she existed, what colour my room and my furniture would be? Would she like brown color as I did? Maybe it would be pink or light purple, as my friend's, Anna's sister liked. Would I quarrel with her about our clothes and room's color? Anyway I am not able to still find answers to these questions. However, I must say that I loved my small family a lot. . We had different activities to do in every season. For example, in spring I with my father made nests for birds and changed fence's colour surrounding our house. It was like tradition for me and father. In summer every weekend we climbed trees like monkeys and went to festivals to sell my drawings just for fun. Every autumn we danced under sky when it was running with my father laughing aloud , while my mom worried about our health shouting at us. In many cases, we forced her to join us and hanged out together. One of my favourite works was to clean fallen leaves with my dad. Sometimes it continued for 3-4 hours, as we played with them. Those times my heart was full of joy, happiness as well as love. Love. Love to everything. Love to my family, my house, my city, love to autumn, love to nature and everything surrounding me. It was really beautiful dizzy feeling.

As I mentioned early about drawings, from my childhood, I had a passion for drawing. It was really blissful to portray people and nature. If it had been possible, I could have drawn all day. However, I didn't forget about my lessons, too. Honestly speaking, I was the best student not only in my class but also at my school. My parents were proud of me. Every teacher praised me for my attentiveness and hard-working. In this field I took after my mother. However, I didn't like to be complimented, especially in front of whole class, as I didn't want to outstand among others. I had a few friends, although I did not spend my much time with them, but enough time.

Our city was located near to forest. At the entrance of that, there were several beautiful benches. I used to spend my much time there. There was pretty calm place, where nobody did distract me, when I was drawing or reading books. Even in the evenings and at nights it was possible to stay there, as there were lights, too. According to the old's rumours, the forest was full of mystery . But I tried not to pay attention to those rumours. Rumours. But, sometimes it seemed to me that it was not just rumour: I liked there because of its breath-taking beauty. Although almost all parents forbade their children to go inside the forest, we didn't want to obey them. Because it was really enjoyable to play hide-and-seek there. I was almost 8 years old. It was one of the beautiful days of autumn while we were playing there. When I was hiding under dried leaves from my friends, I saw there a strange angel-faced pale boy nearly a metre away, who was looking at me. I had never seen him before. Gold shines of the sun passing through trees, was playing on his hair and face. His clothes were really clean and beautiful unlike other children's. He was a bit taller than me. He put on brown pants as my dress's color and white shirt. He had light dark hair unlike my red hair. When I saw him, unfamiliar strange feeling appeared inside my heart. In a second I forgot about the game and that I was hiding from the children. We smiled looking at each other. Suddenly, I was distracted by a tiny piece of dried leaves which fell into my eye. And when I looked at his side again, he had dissappeared. Everywhere was too calm, as if there had not been anyone e except me. I thought he also was hiding. However, when we finished our the game, there were only my old friends, with whom I had started to play. Since that something attracted me to the forest. Several times I entered there alone, although my parents forbade it. But after an accident happened with uncle David's daughter Alice there,my dad never let me stay alone until I realised the forest was dangerous. Alice was 14 years old, 2 years older than me. Her corpse was found in the lake which was located in the forest. I liked to watch the lake, too. And I stopped to visit the forest, which always attracted me a lot. Maybe, it is the reason, why I spent my much time at the entrance the forest, sitting on the benches. Even at nights when I wanted to draw, I went there. Interestingly, I didn't feel afraid, even I was alone at night there, because it always seemed that there was someone with me, although I did not see him/her.

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