An infinite void

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The void

The sound of nothing. A black void.

Imagine if one day reality just... broke? Surely the though terrifies even the hardest of souls. What if reality just... collapsed? Im sure that strikes fear into your heart. Hell, if you think about it. Death kinda seems like a blessing from the heavens.

But what if you were transferred somewhere where you can’t even give yourself that? Pretty mortifying, huh?

Well if you don’t think that’s horrifying and you would like to experience that, welcome to the matter between universes called Nemo.

I doubt there’s anything in he- oh whats that? In the distance? A red and dark blue dot?

[audio log 1]

(No discernible/coherent dialogue can be heard from the red wolf for the first eight days. He cycles through periods of panic, confusion, and anger throughout, and it seems he was attempting to navigate this void to find a way out. He finally moved close enough to the recording log on the eleventh day, though did not notice it was operating for several more hours.)


“Name: James Ranton. Age: 21. Favorite color: Yellow. Favorite song:... uhhh s-something...” James said quietly to himself, the red wolf clutching the recording camera tightly to his body.

“Name: James Ranton. Age: 21. Favorite color: Yellow.” “Name: James Ranton. Age: 21. Favorite color: Yellow.” “Name: James Ranton. Age: 21. Favorite color: Yellow.” “Name: James Ranton. Age: 21. Favorite color: Yellow.” James repeated this to himself over 189 times.

9 months later

“What the… what the hell is that?” [It is assumed at this point James noticed the flashing light of the recording module.]

“What the hell, this thing’s actually recording?“

[Metallic clang heard.]

[Voice is highly agitated and panicked.] “My name, is James Ranton. Yeah, yeah, my name, is James Ranton, former researcher at Foundation Site-120. It has been… I don’t know, actually, I… I can’t remember. I… I estimate it’s been ten days, but, I-I-I don’t, I can’t… Oh God, can anyone hear me?! I-I-I don’t know what’s happened, I-I don’t know where I am, and-and, please, please is anyone there?! Hello?! Anyone?! ANYONE?!“ James shouted, sounding insane


James stared at the recording device. He took a long hard stare. ‘Why is this thing working? How is it working still? It SHOULDNT be working right now!’ James thought to himself

“H-h-hi little green l-light, ummm i-is anyone there? T-trayaurus? Anna? Dr Iggotta? A-ari? T-t-tom? ANYONE!?” James had a long awkward pause “s-sorry about that. Heh. Ummm Little red light thing? Can you talk to me? Uhhh ok, i-i dont know if you really care but. I-im really hungry. Thirst is pretty much non existent h-here. I should have died f-from hunger by now. Time passes extremely slow here.”


“But… no one else is around to argue, and at this point… I’m just talking into this control panel to keep myself together. I… I need to keep a record. There might be some poor bastard in the future who ends up like me, and… if this ever actually makes it out… maybe, maybe I can help stop that from happening. That’s all I have going for me right now, and I really need something to go for, hahahaha…“

“It’s dark. Really dark. As in, this little light that shows my words are actually being recorded is the only visible light in this entire place. I can’t see my hands, and I can barely see the control panel here. I’ve had to basically use the light as a center, and remember how many steps I take and in which direction. I haven’t gone past a hundred yet. I’m too… I’m too scared to. Heh. I wonder if my fur is turning white, right now? I can’t even see what color it is anymore. Speaking of which, my ears have been a bit itchy recently. If I don’t concentrate on it, it’s fine, but I feel this… tingling all over my ears. I’m not sure why.”

1 year 2 months and 9 days

“ So, the best analogy I can come up with is… it’s like I’m walking through really thick black gel.”

“Navigation is largely affected by… conscious impulses to travel in a certain direction. So, this definitely isn’t a complete reality gap, at least according to my theories. If-if it were I wouldn’t have been able to move at all, since space wouldn’t have existed. Holy crap, okay, okay, this makes a lot more sense than it did before, great, great job, James, you’re getting there. …Come to think of it, I should’ve realized that sooner when I was able to move in a flat plane to and from little green. It also explains why I’m not dead from dehydration or hunger yet, time barely passes in here. Okay yeah, so, I stood right next to little green, and went straight… “down.” Okay, from here on out, imagine little green as the origin of a 3D space. I went straight… down, right, yeah, and then… and then I was then able to come back “up” to the light again. I’ve also been able to “fly” above it. Movement in here is slow, like I said, gel analogy, best I can describe it by.”

James looked around himself frantically as a loud echo of something was heard.

“A-anyways ummm i also made a strange discovery. Umm apparently weird paintings and stuff spawn here.”

“Like i was moving and then i hit a painting. Some picture of detective void or something” james said. Then out of nowhere james starts to “glitch”

“AHH FRICK.” James yells recoiling his hand from the recording module and curling into a fetal position. “S-sorry about that. It happens occasionally. I dont think my atoms are real jazzed about being outside of reality.”

[it is at this point the recording module glitched out and teleported from the void and back into reality]

“G-green? No! No no no NO! GREEN COME BACK!!! NO IM SORRY! PLEASE NO COME BACK!!!” James shouted into the abyss.

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