An infinite void

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The void 2

After 2 years and 3 months, the recording camera finally glitched back into the reality gap.

“ Reporting back for another update, green, SIR! Hahaha, come on green, lighten up. Ha! Pun not intended… Come on green, crack a little smile, it’s funny!“ james said to the inanimate recording module. James now had bags under his eyes

“… Fine, whatever. Ahem.”

“This place still seems like it barely follows Kejel’s Laws of Reality Parameters. And by barely, I mean, really just barely. I’m pretty sure my math is right, but… hold on, I’m gonna check again…“

“Jesus. Yeah, yeah, pretty sure it’s good still. Okay, this place… if we’re using the standard Hume scale, I’m pretty sure I’m in a reality where the Hume Field is… point zero… four… ish. Yeah, really, really, really fucking low, so… Like I said above, space-time exists on a very minuscule scale, so my biology is not getting shot to hell and back because of any malnutrition, but that also means… I… I’m actually not sure what that also means…“

“Adding on from the last entry. I’m… I’m not sure how my biology will react in such a low Hume concentration, actually. I mostly worked with higher than average Hume Fields, and the reality benders we tested never had a Field lower than 0.8. This… this is gonna be a first. An all-time first. I remember Site-179′s “Breaker”, they called it that because it broke the previous theory about the lowest limit of Hume concentration. Really expensive, really weird machine that brought down a small area to 0.4. 0.05 is… yeah.”

3 months later

“I was lying. I was lying, last log… I… I’m lying to myself. My own body, and… little green here too… We’re about the realest things in this place. And that means… over time… the Hume field’s going to want to… equalize, and… I’m… I’m gonna go for now, I have some… some calculation to do again. Green, Tom, and anyone else watching, take note I’m using Kejel’s Second, Third, and Fourth Laws, got it? Use… use 0.05 as the surrounding, my external field as… somewhere in between 1 and 1.4, use the Second Law’s error estimation correction, and my internal as… as… as… crap. I’m not done yet.“

Recording log 2

“I am real. I am super-real. Super duper real. Ultra real, the realest guy in a world of no-real.“


“You have no sense of humor as usual, green. I’m talking about the CP, green. When we got sent here, I think… I think our reality got cranked up a notch. Green, didn’t you pay attention in class? Hey, don’t get f***ing smart with me, green. Okay, the point is, the CP surge got us up to… to…”

Two months, eighteen days, seven hours later.

“No, green, not even fucking close, you must’ve converted Kejel’s Third Law equation wrong. Because of the malfunctioning CP we got blasted by, we’re somewhere in between 2.2 and 3.6. Yes, that’s good green, that’s very good, because that means we have more time than we thought to… to… yes, green, before we f***ing DIE, okay?!“

“That… that tingling I’ve been feeling… That’s my Hume Field diffusing… My… my reality fading… Three years. I need to stabilize myself within three years.“

“You know… thinking back… I don’t know what the hell I was so excited about. This place is… god, this place. This place is is fucking… hell.“

“There’s no end. It just goes on. And on. And on.“

“I traveled in one goddamn direction for two, damn, months. God, I’m so fucking stupid, why did I think I could get out? I’m thinking like those old European shits that thought the end of the world was at the horizon. Fucking stupid, James, stupid, just-just- GAAAAAAAAAAAH—“

“There’s no bottom. And fuck you, green.”

“I’m sorry, green, don’t go out, I’m sorry I turned you off, come back, come back, please—“

“… I turned [REDACTED] today. Happy birthday, James.”

“I was adopted, did you know that? Yeah, my parents left me in a box on the side of a street. Got picked up by some Fox couple, which explains my not-so-Wolf names. I don’t even know my original last name. Just thought I’d share. How about you, green?”


“You know, green, you’re a great listener. But I never hear you talk about yourself. Come on, don’t be shy, there’s no one else around, right? Hahaha, right? Hahaha… hahahahaha…“

“God, my head hurts. And my feet feel like they’ve been asleep for forever.“

“I worked at a comic store as a kid. So much cheaper back then, and I got free stuff at the end of each week. I liked Spiderman the best.“

“I was in a box, side of the street.”

“I… what the fuck… no. No. No, no, no, no, no, no, green, have you seen my picture? The picture green, The picture of me, Tom, Luke, and whatever other nutjobs joined me, where is - come on, come on, where-where- Where did - no, no, no, no, no, please, please no, anything but, PLEASE.”

[The next recordings only play the control panel’s automated voice giving times, with intervals of one to three days, with several month-long gaps in between as well; also intermixed are James’s sobbing, screaming, and mumbling. These recordings continue until the time reading reaches two years, seven months, and 28 days, after which they cease to pick up any sound until two months later.]

[James’s voice is noticeably distorted now. Hypothesized to a combination of both him and the control panel finally showing signs of reality breakdown.]

James… cold. I can’t… I can’t feel my legs anymore. I think… I’m beginning to… Hitting that point I… talked about… Low Hume Field… Diffusion… Equilibrium… bunch of… stupid… garbage…

I don’t know what’s real in here any more. Hell, I’m not sure I’m real. Or… something… something close to it… If… If I really am going out like this, I… I… I don’t want to die yet. I don’t want to die yet. Oh, god I don’t wanna die yet…

I ran up in one straight diagonal line, for six months. I went down in one… no I just went down again… for… eight. There’s still no bottom, green, there’s still no bottom.

What have you been up to, Green? Have you been listening for me all this time? You’re a stubborn little guy, Green…“

“Man, I really suck at tap-dancing. Can’t feel my feet at all. Okay, you try then, Green“

“Heheheh, we’re gonna have to fuck with so much science when we get out, this place breaks apart rules like my hand is breaking right now.

Spiderwebs. My left hands. Spiderwebs.”

“My… my hands. I… my hands are going through each other… Green. Green! Green! Green, help, help, please, my hands, I can’t feel my hands, they’re going through each other like… like… they’re like ice water, Green, I can’t, oh god, oh god…“

“Huh… huh… huh… Green… You know… you know that… that stupid magic trick your uncle would show you where he’d pull his thumb off, but it was really just his other one tucked under?“

“I just did that. With my real thumb. It didn’t even hurt, it just came off. I think… Oh, god I’m gonna be sick. I-I- [Sounds of retching.] I think… I think it’s just floating right now, and I can’t even pick it up, my hand just passes through it, oh god, oh god, I-I-“

“ I can… go… right through myself… I can… feel inside me.”

“It feels… warm. I think i can feel my soul”

“When I sleep… my hands go in my head. I’m sleeping on my back now.“

“Static. I’m like static on a TV.“

“Chhhk. Chhhhk. Chhhk.“

“Ha. Hahahaha. Hahahahahahaha. Well, I-I-I only need one kidney, right?”

5 years later


“Sorry to say, green, but… there’s not much left here… I… it’s been hard. I’ve… 184. I’ve tried to kill myself 184 times. It didn’t work. …None of them worked. I’m… I don’t even know how much there is of me anymore. At least one foot, because I can move. Probably a few leg muscles too, but I’m wobbly. Insides are… insides are shit. Still a heart, maybe a lung. This place… really won’t let me stop… Tired…”

“I… did die, red. Come on green, don’t look at me like, I don’t want your pity and I don’t want shock, or anger, or fear, or, or… I can’t… When… 224, I miscounted…, but… there’s not much left here…”

“I died. I died, a lot. I tried to suffocate, I tried to snap my neck, I tried to bite myself apart. And… and… This place. It’s not real. I left, I saw myself, on the ground and I couldn’t— I couldn’t— I couldn’t go anywhere. I couldn’t leave. There’s no way to leave, I just floated back down, and each, damn, time, there was less and less of me. I-I- oh, god, how much more can I take away and still live?”

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