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The wonders of high school are usually written in the perspective of the stereotypical “not like other girls” girl, whom the entire time feels she doesn’t fit in, which with the viewer can relate. But what if one of these stories was written in the perspective of the kids you were generally inclined to dislike, and are not able to relate to. Such as the bully, or the rich kid. If you had the chance to see behind their masks, would you take it? *continuation of “Pranks Pajamas and Pretty bad Puns” by Ava Lindsay*

Drama / Humor
Kate Alice
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This is a continuation/rewrite of Ava Lindsay’s “Pranks Pajamas and Pretty Bad Puns”.

She is another author on Inkitt but it seems that her account might be dead, so I took it upon myself to finish the book she was writing.

Though I still do recommend checking out the original first 17 chapters. (I follow her so it should be easy to get to her account)

Why is this also a rewrite?

In order to continue the story from where it left off it was inevitably going to be in a different writing style as I’m the one writing it and not the original author. So in order to keep everything consistent I wanted to rewrite the first 17 chapters and continue from there.

How different is it going to be from the original?

Obviously the writing style is going to be different, plus I am changing a couple other aspects of the story to make it make sense in my mind and go with the plot that I’ve created, but other than that it’s going to be pretty similar to the original.

When can we expect chapters to start being posted?

I’m not completely finished with writing and/or editing yet, plus I still need to finish Death’s Peak so it might take a couple of months for me to get a consistent uploading schedule.

Other than that I hope you enjoy it once it comes out!

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