Encounter : Her Man

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With brother Alec in shool, Leo will not worry about me. But thinking of what we three been through, it is hard to tell We appear as brave, but deep inside we are being ripped at our supposed to be happy life.

Drama / Action
Arnie Espanola
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With one click, my bank balance hits zero. How can I pay my house rents, tuition fees and other things If I don't have any penny. Maybe, the world is kidding me.

" Let's go. Felice and Vena is waiting. " Athena, my best friend since primary school infront of me demurs. " Hola...." I say, staring intently at my account card.

I cannot help myself but to panic. I remember the words used to tell me by my dad before he passed away is that " Babygirl, money is precious. But you know what the good thing is? You can always make more. Just trust the process ." Except I spent my 10 years saving my money and yet used it up all in just a one blink by paying my mother hospital bills. I could have gone on a trip around the world, pay my rents and tuitions. But, it's okay. It's for mom anyways.

" Join us tonight? Vena is having a party. " Athena ask, as We walk towards Vena and Felice who is waiting at us on the corner with a tired eyes gaping back at us.

" No. I'm going to my brother's pad tonight. " I say with an uneasy smile " Unless, I have a place to stay with. "

" That's right." Athena replied. " Your brothers are rich, but yet you are here suffering. " She adds.

" Yeah. But, I like to stand on my own feet not depending on theirs. We've been through a lot already. I don't want to be a burden to them. " I explained, while Athena look at me in disbelief.

" you're unbelievable, Woman. " Athena mocked, as I hear Vena and Felice laughing to what Athena has spoken.

With a deep breath, I stepped out of my reverie to face them three. And look around to see our surroundings. To my dismay-we are near at the nearest club opposite the bank I was withdrawing with earlier.
Before long, Vena pull me out to enter the club.

As we go inside, I spotted some people making out, some having themselves sink into a drunken state, and some is making their way to the corner to start dancing. How disgusting, the place is. I felt the urge to vomit just by looking at them.

" Vena? " I called out. " What were we doing here? I thought I already told you three that I'm not going to join you today? " I say, staring at them. " Oh. Great. " I mocked, as I notice them staring at some guys in the corner instead of listening to me.

" I'll send you off later to your brother's pad if that is what you're worrying about? Just enjoy. " Vena replied, while the other two still gawking at the guys. Handsome, lethal, dangerous is the thing I can describe them. This guys are so, not good for my friends.

"Okay. " as I sink myself into the chair across from my gawking friends who is busy stalling at their guys.

I then cracked my eye close, as I frown and open my eyes as I felt the intense gaze of someone. I just feel it.

As I cracked open my eyes, I stare at the guy "You okay? " He asked.

" Yeah. " I say with a smile.

" Jill Caspian"

"huh? " I say while I stared at him confused. " Jill Caspian is the name. You are? " named Jill say, asking me.

" I'm Aimee Castelle"

" Is that your friends? " Jill say while glazing at my friend who is now dancing at the dance floor. I followed his gaze and realize that, I have been here at the club for almost an hour.

" Yes. "

" why didn't you join them? " He asked, as he gazed at the bartender's area. Maybe, looking for something to order.
" I don't have the heart to. " I say as I get a spare chair to let him sit. "sit" I say lending him the spare chair beside me.

"You want one? " Jill says while pointing at his beer in his left hand. " Kind of, to spice up my mood. I think. " I reply.

I take a deep breath, as Jill lend me a can of beer. I sip slowly, as Jill and I continue our conversation.

" Ae, let's go. " Athena called out getting my attention, then I gaze at my phone to see it is past 12 midnight. Oh Hell.

" Bye. "

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