Encounter : Her Man

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chapter 1

I was nervous to say the least, I hadn't seen my mother since I was seven, that was 18 years ago. Plus, father just passed away back then.

18 years without my parents, what a joke right!!

I've been living with my two brothers, Leo and Alec together with Alec little daughter Lily.

Now as I looked at Alec, Leo and Lily having a snack in the dining happily I feel complete. Growing up, we didn't had the best childhood. Me, Leo and Alec embraced our childhood as a miserable one.

We embrace pain, hatred and undeniable connection with each other, we've been through a lot.

My mother, on the other hand left us to work abroad to tend to our needs. Almost 18 year had passed since She left us, but still couldn't find her way to go home.

" Come here. " Leo mouthed. Then made my way towards them and sit in across Lily, my only nephew.

" That was the fourth bowl uncle. " Lily say to his Uncle Leo who is taking another bowl of crackers. "Hey. Mind your plate little girl. " Leo mocks at Lily but Lily just make faces.

Alec and I barked out a laugh, motioning with my bowl to get some crackers to eat.

" Sis, how's school? " Leo asked, which made me stop laughing. I gave him a small smile " oh you know, nothing much. " I said.

" Hey. " my eyes widened in surprised as the guy I met in the bar last few weeks that I shamelessly had the conversation with came in our house uninvited. When his eyes shifted to mine, I forgot how to breath.

" Jill. " Alec called him out, but his gaze is still on me. " you're here. I thought you're not available today? " Alec added.

" I thought so. But Mr. Seo canceled our so called meeting. It's a good thing though. " Jill replied, now facing Alec.

I felt my heart leap inside my chest, for a second. It might have been, a full minute or two.

"Oh. Btw, I want you to meet my sister Aimee. Ai? " Alec say and called me out " He's Jill. And Jill it's Aimee. " Alec says introducing us both.

" Nice meeting you Aimee. "

"Nice meeting you too. Jill. " I mocked, while my two brothers doesn't even notice the exchange glances we've both doing not unti-----

" Aunt, do you know this guy before? " Lily asked that made my two brothers stared at me, then turn to Jill with their questioning looks.

" Yes " we say in unison.

" Where? " Leo booming voice say. I close my eyes and inhale the refreshing air. Then open my eyes to see the blazing eyes of my two brother looking to Jill as I waiting for his response.

" Few weeks ago, we met at the club. It is when Vena, Athena and Felice send me off here in the house. Remember? " I say, looking at them.

" Whaaaaaaaat? You went to the club? " they both shouted in unison. I cover my ear, while looking at them sweetly.

" I was forced okay. Sorry. It's Vena's birthday that day, so who am I to be a killjoy. It's just a night though. " I say, then the both guys turn to Jill and say " did you do something to her? " Alec asked coldly, Jill then stared back at the same density of my brother's look. As if they're fighting themselves in silence. "No. " Jill say blankly.

Leaning against the seat of the dining, I took a deep breath and shout " Stop overreacting brother. Stop it you too. "

" Were not. " Leo chided.

"Yeah right. " marked the sarcasm there. I just look at them in disbelief. While Jill is there at the side across Alec looking to them blankly.

Hell, are they.

" We just talk in the bar, nothing else. " I say, while Jill stared at me as telling it to my brother's is so wrong.

" It's Okay. Eventhough Jill is lethal, dangerous and a deadly man. I trust him. " Alec say, I looked at him not caring in what he spoke.

" I can't tell. Bro. "

" Btw, why were you bring Jill here? I thought today is our family bonding. " I say looking to Jill, waiting for his reaction incase he is offended or what.

" oh? Leo and I were leaving later with Lily . To answer your question Jill is here to babysit you for a year. And one more thing, you'll be using Jill's card. " As long as Alec finish his words I shouted " what? Babysit me? What am I? A kid. Bro, you gotta be kidding me. "

" And one more thing, why his card? I can use my card alright. " I spoke.

" No Sis. You're card will be freeze tomorrow onwards. "

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