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"I hate you, I despise your mere existence. I had no choice but to marry you for my family. I love someone else. Samjhi tum? For me, YOU are merely a servant of this house. Nothing more than that". Only a shattered heart can understand the specific, unfathomable and undescribable pain of knowing that, the person you love from the bottom of your heart, loves someone else. A woman's heartbreak is deeper than a man realizes. It destroys her vision of love, shatters her heart, destroys her self-esteem, tortures her spirit and damages her soul. That's what happens with Khushi. Will she forget all the pains, insults thrown at her unceremoniously only because she loves her husband? Or she will choose her dignity, her self-respect rather than its one-sided, UNREQUITED LOVE? Cover done by: @brokecorgi

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Shantivan :

Naughty sunlight started to peep in a couple's room where a girl of early twenties and a man of late twenties were sleeping under a cold sheet with a calmness on their face. But they say calm was the precursor to the storm. Are these calm and serenity also calm prior to the storm?

The girl began to squirm in the arm of the man, awakening him with her. They felt shrouded in a different warmth. They looked at each other and found themselves enveloped in the arms of the other. The girl felt his breath on her bare shoulder, and they were shocked to find themselves naked under the cold sheet. Being in this position, the man started screaming at the girl "What is this Khushi? What the hell are you doing in my bed"? And then he started to get flashbacks of how he went to a party and there his friends made him drunk and how he took Khushi as his girlfriend Lavanya and ended up with her on this bed.

He frowned and thought he was intoxicated, but Khushi wasn't right? Then why couldn't she stop him? Then he thought of something and went berserk. He shouted at her face, "you gold digger, witch, you took advantage of my drunkenness to blackmail me later, didn't you? But listen to me carefully, I don't love you and I will never love you because I despise your very existence. I can't stand you. Samjhi tum! That was the biggest mistake of my life," and left there, leaving behind a shattered.




Arnav and Khushi, who have been married for six months, may be described as the happiest couple in the world. But they knew better what the reality was! Arnav hated to see Khushi's face because he believes that she trapped his Di and nani with her innocent face, and he had to marry her leaving his sophisticated girlfriend Lavanya behind.




"Arnavj, I know you don't like me, but can't we give the marriage a chance? I'll do everything in my power to make you love me. Please don't do that to us..." a weeping Khushi told her husband on her wedding night.

"What did you say? Chance! Love ! Stop the drama, will you? You may deceive my Di and Nani with your innocent face, but not me! I know women like you pretty well. I know why you trick my Di and Nani with your supposed innocence. This is all about the money, isn't it? I had to marry you only for my family's sake. I hate you. I despise the mere existence of alright. All I care about is Lavanya. So don't you dare try your drama on me". He said angrily.

"Wha..what?? Y...yo...you love somesom...someone else''? She gulped her throat listening to this.

"SHUT THE HELL UP... JUST SHUT UP" he shouted.

"Listen and listen carefully, I will never love you ever. Do whatever you want. You're no more than a servant to me. Serve my family and never come across me. Understand! Do you really think Arnav Singh Raizada is foolish enough to consider a middle-class orphan like you my wife? Never" and stormed away leaving his newly married wife weeping behind.

Khushi was brought back from the horrible past by a shake. She raises her eyes and sees that Anjali looks sadly upon her. Her eyes are teary. Khushi tried to smile for her and asked, "what happened di? Is there something you want? I apologize for being a bit late today."

Anjali stares at the girl she chose for her brother. The brother who leaves no opportunity to hurt her. She started blaming herself. Guilty of ruining her life. She shouldn't have proposed to her in the first place. She should not have interfered in the life of her brother and tried to improve him by making him leave this slut of Lavanya and marry Khushi. She had no right. She knew the true face of Lavanya, so she wanted her brother to have the best life partner. Being his sister, his mother, she wanted to do what was best for him. But now she realizes that he never deserves Khushi, he only deserves a girl like Lavanya. ( I don't mean to insult anyone. If by any chance anyone feels hurt or insulted then I apologize).

So now she has decided what she needs to do, and she will do it without blinking. She has to think beyond her chotey. She has to behave like a mother, like a big sister which she failed earlier, blinded by her chotey's love.

She cupped Khushi's face and told her something that left Khushi shocked. She watched Di's face without flinching. But she knew that after what happened today, it was the only right thing. Then she gave a robotic nod. Her tears began to flow like a river, but she knew she needed to do it.

She cupped Khishi's face and told her something that left Khushi shocked. She watched Di's face without flinching. But she knew that after what happened today, it was the only right thing. Then she gave a robotic nod. Her tears began to flow like a river, but she knew she needed to do it.

Khushi kumari gupta has always been an affectionate and benevolent girl. She loves everyone. She was an orphan but people who loved her never let her feel like an orphan. One day she met Anjali and Nani in the mandir and became friends with them. After some time they showed Arnav's picture to her and asked her to marry him. She fell in love with him in a heartbeat. With that blooming love in her heart, she started to dream of a love filled married life and a beautiful future where she also will have a family like others. But everything got shattered on her wedding night itself. She discovered the extent of hate her husband had for her in his heart, and she started to live in her cocoon. She felt scared of him, his anger and his cutting tongue and his spiteful words.

But last night, when he got drunk and started to get romantic with her, she couldn't refuse him even when he mistook her as Lavanya. She felt dead when he took Lavanya's name with so much passion but still she couldn't deny him. She thought, even if he mistook her as someone else but still she got one night of her husband's love. She got selfish. She let herself flow in the ocean of love and passion. But when today he tagged the most beautiful night of her life as the biggest mistake she gave up on everything. She felt cold and blank. She died then and there.




After stroms away from RM he started for Lavanya's home. He thought to come clean with her about what happened between him and that gold-digger. It was the first time, he was going to her home after his wedding with Khushi. .

Even if the wedding was not if his choice, but he didn't want to cheat because Arnav Singh Raizada, never cheats. Not in business, not in relationship. "Then, what was that you did to Khushi? Wasn't that called as cheating"? A sharp sound came somewhere from inside. He shrugged that and went to Lavanya's.

But little did he know that destiny had planned to make him see who is a real gold-digger.

Lavanya's Apartment :

When he saw that the front door was open, he went in there without knocking and the scene he saw there made him sick. He saw that his so-called love was in bed with another man and rode on him with loud moans.

He banged the door loudly, startling them. When he got their attention, he took the predatory steps towards Lavanya. Lavanya was shocked to see him there this early morning and bumped her throat seeing his red eyes.

Arnav stared at her for some time and then strangled her neck and asked her in a loud whisper, "why Lavanya? WHY DID YOU BETRAY ME LIKE THIS? WE LOVED EACH OTHER RIGHT THEN HOW COULD YOU BETRAY ME?"

Lavanya pushed him with such force that he staggered back a few steps. She started to laugh and mocked him, "haaa haaa!! Haaa haha!! I, fashion iesta, The Lavanya Kashyap, loved you? You...? What a joke!!! Huhh!! She spat.

"Who said that? I was with you only for your money and power. Nobody will like to be with a man like you. And you are asking me about my sexual relations? In the two years of our relationship you never kissed me for a single time. Even if I wanted to initiate something, you stepped back saying after marriage. So what do I do? I have my needs alright! So I have fulfilled my needs. Huh. Only after marriage! Disgusting"! She said on his face.

Arnav stared at her face blankly. He thought she loved him, but she was only with him for his money, fame and power? And only because he didn't want to be in a physical relationship before marriage she finds him disgusting? How come he became so blind, and he called Khushi gold-digger when Lavanya was the actual one. Reality slapped his face in the form of Lavanya's betrayal. That's why they say that karma is a bitch, it will come to bite you.

He left from there vowing himself to destroy Lavanya for playing with his feelings. But felt ashamed of himself thinking about Khushi. How much he hurt that pure soul even after knowing how much she loved him. Yes he knew that Khushi loved him. He accidentally overheard his di's and nani's conversation about Khushi one day. But he never gave her and her love a chance and always mocked her, hurt her and today destiny mocked him and laughed at him.


Here is the 1st part of this FS.

Words Count - 1796

I hope you all will like it. If not then forgive me.

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