In the Blue Lights

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A love at first sight can only bring heartbreak at first chance, and good for me then, I ruin everything I touch. The spotlight wasn't something Lana could escape from, it followed her everywhere, burning brighter when an opportunity knocked, and maybe that's why she fell for him, he possessed a light that's sole purpose was to save, and she needed to be saved.

Drama / Erotica
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“His blood pressure has been unstable, since we left the scene. We tried sedating him, but he’s using. There’s no telling what the sedative will do with the drugs already in his system.”

“How many inches away from his heart?” Turning towards Miranda, I secured my apron over my body, pulling my glasses from the top of my head, onto my eyes. This was going to a risky one.

“Three, sir.”

“He conscience?”

“In and out.” Inhaling a small bit of air into my lungs, I prepared myself to do whatever I could, to save this young man’s life.

“Stephanie already took some blood, I want to know ASAP what he’s on. Your regular street highs aren’t going to make you drive full force into a café.”

“Yes, sir.” Giving Miranda a nod of approval, I stepped into the OR, sanitizing my hands, before snapping a blue pair of latex gloves over my hands, pulling a mask over my ears, covering my mouth

“Dr. Pierce, he’s lost too much blood.” The nurses assisting me in the surgery stepped to the side to give me some room.

“Harvey, my name is Dr. Pierce, can you hear me?”

“F-Fuck, i-it hurts, dammit it hurts!”

“I need you to relax for me, Harvey, I’m going to do everything I can to get this out of you.” The five centimeter rod protruded out of his chest, leaving me very little room to work with. “I need blades eleven and fifteen. Preparing a clear path for incision.”

“Yes, sir.”

“You have any hobbies, Harvey? I’m a football guy, the Giants aren’t looking so good this season.”

“I-I’m a baseball guy-” His words began to staggered as he choked on the air caught in his throat, causing his eyes to roll to the back of his head.

“His heart rate is dropping significantly.”

“Begin compressions.” Careful not to place too much pressure onto the womb, I began to place five compressions onto his chest, as Oliver squeezed air back into his lungs. “Take over, I’m going to cut while I have the chance.” Adjusting my glasses onto my face, I began making my incision to carefully remove the rod, without disturbing anymore of the major arteries. “We need to plug this as soon as I move it, understood.” With a steady hand, I pinched the skin, cutting a perfect line.

“Ready when you are, Doc.”

“Now.” Blood was spilling from Harvey’s mouth, as I eased the rod from his chest, as Jeanine, pinched the skin to stop anymore bleeding. “A milligram of lorazepam, not a shot more.” Grabbing a needle to stitch close the opening, I watched as Harvey’s heart rate remained in staggering territory. “Thank you, Jeanine.” Carefully pinching the skin, I sewed the womb close, once I was sure nothing else was a hindering factor.

“You are a miracle worker.” I smiled lightly, bringing my gaze to Oliver.

“Follow the line guide from the front, do it quickly.”

“Yes, Dr. Pierce.” I nodded, stepping away from the operating table.

“Good work, everyone.” Walking away from the operating table, my shoe tapped the trash can to dispose of my blood soaked gloves, hanging up my apron onto the hook to be washed and sterilized. Reaching my hand under the automatic dispenser, I rubbed the sanitizing substance over my hands and up my forearms, walking out of the OR.

“Gio, just the man I wanted to see.”

“Lou, how can I be of assistance?” I turned to Lourdes, as she handed me a file.

“Tony Salinas, he watched your video from surgery last month.”

“Which one?” Lou, rolled her eyes, as my lips curved upwards into a smile.

“The Barroeta heart surgery, he wants you to assist him with a heart transplant next month.” Opening the file, I read the logistics of the thirteen-year-old boy, born with a heart deficiency that was preventing blood to properly flow throughout his body.

“He’s already had a transplant?”

“Two years ago. The new heart hasn’t adjusted well to his cardiovascular system.”

“Tsk.” I click my tongue. “Clearly. I wouldn’t recommend operating on him again, It’s still so soon.”

“His parents are insisting on it, their willing to do anything to save their son.” Lou knew just how to pull my arm.

“I’m not agreeing to it right away, set up an appointment with the boy, I want to do my own analysis on his condition.” Lou smile.

“Thank you, Dr. Do Good.” I rolled my eyes, walking towards the elevator to head to my office. After, two surgeries and one emergency one, I wanted nothing more than to take a nap on my couch. It’s been a busy week, saying I’m tired would an understatement.

“Hi, Dr. Pierce.” Some of the RN’s have been becoming quite friendly with me.

“Afternoon.” Giving them a small smile, I walked over to the front desk, ready to torment my favorite lady. “How are you, gorgeous?” Ms. Glenda looked up from her computer, giving me bright smile.

“I heard you saved three lives today.” I shrugged. Though I appreciate the praises, making sure my patients live to see another day means way more to me.

“Just doing my job.” Grabbing a Dum Dum from her candy jar, unraveling the paper wrapper, I placed the small blue sucker into my mouth.

“How’s Josie?”

“Growing by the day, too fast for my liking.” Ms. Glenda smiled.

“He’ll be just as tall as his handsome daddy.” I smiled, pushing off the desk, sticking my hands into my pockets.

“If I’m lucky.” What I wouldn’t do, to slow time down to keep him little for forever.

“I emailed you your patient files for next week.”

“Thank you, my goddess.” With a playful wink, I began walking down the hallway to reach my office. Not being on the schedule for the weekend is exactly what I need, after the busy week I’ve had. I’ll be sleeping till noon tomorrow if I’m lucky.

Reaching into the pocket of my scrubs, I grabbed my key, sticking it into the brass tumbler, opening the door to my office, pushing the heavy steel door close with the back of my foot.

Used to spend my nights out in a barroom.” Tapping the drawer open, I reached for a Donut Shop K-cup, placing it inside the coffee machine, as I hummed the lyrics to my favorite song. “Liquor was the only love I’ve known.”


“Come in!” Calling out to the guest on the other side of my door, I reached onto my desk to grab my phone.

“I’ve been trying to find you all day.”

“Here I am.” Looking up to Lindsey, I watched as she fidgeted from side to side. “Was there something you needed?” Though I love my job, there has been an awkward inconvience. My ex-wife. Nineteen years together, eleven years of marriage, a five-year-old son, only to divorce two years ago.

“I talked to Lou about my shift change, she said as long as your comfortable, we can get back to my old rotation.” The very same rotation that caused us to interact with one another nearly every single hour. Truth be told, I fell out of love with Lindsey way before I filled for divorce. Whether she likes to admit it or not (and she doesn’t), everything came second to her job. Love can’t survive when you have to beg your spouse to spend time with you. Hell, I felt like I had to schedule an appointment like one of her patients, just to touch or kiss her.

“You’re the one who suggested the change, so, if your comfortable, I’ll sign off on it.”

“Great.” Lindsey smiled. “Josie’s been wanting to hang out with the two of us together, I told him I’d talk to you about it.”

“I’ll have to check my schedule, I’m supposed to be assisting Tony Salinas in a surgery soon.”

“Really! Gio, that’s amazing.”

“I haven’t agreed to anything yet.” Plopping down in my chair, I unlocked my phone to respond to my missed messages.

To: Mom

-Keep me updated

-I’ll be late picking him up, going out with James.

To: James


-But I’m not staying out all night.

“Well, how about this weekend? I’m free.” Lindsey sat down in the chair in front of my desk, moving her shoulder-length brunette hair to rest behind her neck. “I was going to have lunch with Claire and Denise, but I can always reschedule.”

“I’ll get back to you.” I watched as Lindsey’s smile faltered slightly, tugging her bottom lip inbetween her teeth. But it only lasted a second, as she immediately cleared her throat, forcing her lips into a grin, standing up from the chair. Nearly two decades together, and she still thinks she can pull one over on me.

“I’ll let you get back to work then.”


“Liar!” James yelled over the music, causing our booth to erupt in laughter. “You did body shots on how many strippers in, Vegas.” Nate lifted his hands, surrendering to the commentary. I didn’t drink often. Josie is getting to the age, where he wants to do everything daddy does, and we’re defiantly decades away from him being able to drink.

“How could I say no to great tits, and a pretty face.” Shaking my head with a small smirk on my face, I brought my bottle of Heineken up to my lips, sipping the remaining amber liquid that was cool down my throat.

“Gio, you’re on for the next round.” Calvin nudged my shoulder, shaking his empty bottle.

“I’m starting to think you guys invited me out, just to be the bottle bitch.”

“You said it, not us.” Rolling my eyes, I pushed my body up from the leather sofa, heading towards the direction of the bar. Nino’s has been a hangout spot for us, since we were boys. From fake ID’s at seventeen, bachelor parties in our twenties, now to occasional Friday’s away from the wife and kids.

“Excuse me?” I spoke to the bartender, as I adjusted my jeans that were now becoming quite uncomfortable. I haven’t had sex in three years, and with all the attractive women here in tiny dresses or barely any clothing, I felt like teenage boy who’s just seen breast for the first time.

“How can I help you, handsome?” She tugged her pierced bottom between her teeth, leaning over the counter.

“Six bottles of Heineken, please.”

“Coming right up, sexy.” My eyes followed the bartender as she walked to the cooler at the other end of the bar, sitting three bottles on counter, when a woman approached her.

I wasn’t sure if it was alcohol or the fact I have three years of sexual frustration pent-up, but I couldn’t take my eyes away. Even in the darkness of the bar, her blonde and caramel highlights made her light brown hair pop, reminding me of my favorite candy bar.

It wouldn’t hurt if I panned my eyes down a bit.

My eyes traveled down her body, her fit body, that was covered in a hot pink mini dress, with a cutout on the abdomen, and two slits on either side. Father, help me, she’s got legs for days. Her butt length hair was in voluminous curls, hiding her face from where I was standing.

Shifting my legs back and forth, my teeth bit into my bottom lip, as she flipped her hair, laughing with the bartender. God, her ass is fantastic.

“Have you been served, sir?” Turning my head, a bald, burly, tattooed guy was standing in front of me. I would hate to piss him off.

“Uh, yeah.” I pointed to the girl. “She’s getting my beers.” He nodded.

“Anna!” Christ, goodbye to my eardrums. “Stop flirting with the customers, and get him his beers.” I wasn’t rushing her.

“Okay!” As the bartender grabbed the remaing three beers, the host of my gaze turned to face me, and damn was I fucked.

A/N: This is a work of fiction, I am not a doctor, or in the medical field.

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