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Maya is a lonely girl dumped by her parents when she was a kid and raised by an old woman named Samia. Maya works with her friend Naomi at a cake shop that is owned by Maya as a birthday gift from her faithful husband, or at least this is what she thought until one day Maya opened her eyes to find herself laying down on a bed in a hospital where she found out that she was living in a lie, the man she loved, the family she was about to have, and even the woman who raised her. She is alone, destroyed, and has been betrayed, doesn’t know what to do or why even this happened. What will be her plan, will she be able to cope with the major changes happening? What are the other things that she will discover through her journey?

Drama / Romance
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Chapter 1

Amjad Al-Hawari is a doctor from a rich and well-known family, he is the owner of The Care hospital. Two of his sons work with him; Adam and Youssef. Adam is the eldest, he is a neurologist and married to Sarah who is an obstetrician at the same hospital together with her brother Jack who works with Youssef in the emergency department. Amjad has a third son called Khaled who is a police officer and in love with his sister’s friend Nada, their engagement is planned to be next Thursday. Lastly, the youngest is Sherine who works with Nada in the media.

Al-Hawari family invited Nada over dinner at their house tonight, while everyone is home and getting ready, the doorbell rang and it was Mirna. Youssef was shocked and said to his sister ” why is she here?” His mother Nadia welcomed her and invited her to come in. ” Hi everyone,” she said, while all of them greeted her, Youssef didn’t, he just smiled at her quickly and whispered to his brother Adam “someone answers me, what is she doing here? mother won’t stop trying to make us together?”.

Adam replied “Enough Youssef, let it go and don’t ruin this night for Khaled, and by the way Mirna is looking at us”. Nada arrived minutes later, and she apologized for being late, after the greeting and having a little chat they went to the dining room to have dinner. They started eating, chatting, and making some jokes about Khaled and Nada since they are getting married soon. The mother Nadia asked Mirna about her parents and how they are doing. Mirna was the only child, her father is a famous lawyer, she likes Youssef and tries to get his attention but he doesn’t like her.

On the other hand, there was a girl in her twenties called Maya, raised in a poor and simple house for an old woman called Samia, she didn’t have kids, Maya was everything to her. Maya owned a cake shop near her house that was given to her as a gift from her husband as she was passionate about making cakes, she worked in it with her friend Naomi.

Naomi was at the cashier and Maya was packaging a piece of cake for a customer when Roy came in, Maya looked at him with a bright smile on her face, he sat on one of the tables waiting for her, she finished with the customer and brought Roy a piece of a carrot cake with a cup of cappuccino. “I missed you,” she said. He replied,” I know, I am sorry darling you know my status, the work, and my parents were at home I couldn’t come to you.” Maya looked away with a sad look in her eyes, Roy held her hand and said ” I am sorry, don’t be sad, I will be staying with you for two nights, how about that?” Maya was happy when she heard that, “I will eat this yummy cake and go home first, finish quickly and follow me” Roy said. Maya went back to her work while Naomi asked to leave early today, Maya stayed in the shop alone until she finished her work then she went back home.

After the dinner at Al-Hawari house, Nadia nocked on Youssef’s door while he was in his room reading a book, she came in “Is there anything, mom?” Khaled asked. Nadia replied him ” Are you asking as if you don’t know ?”, Youssef put the book aside, stood up from his chair, and went to sit on the couch next to his mother.

Naida: Why you don’t like Mirna?

Youssef: Mom, why are you insisting on this topic? and on her particularly?

Nadia: She is a good girl, we know her and her family, her father is a great lawyer and he runs your father’s legal work.

Youssef: I don’t want to get married, alright? Please don’t mention this topic again.

Nadia: No, I won’t stop bringing this up until you two get married, she is perfect.

Youssef turned his face aside, closed his eyes, and took a deep breath then looked at his mother and said ” Good night, mom”, Nadia replied, “Good night, think about what we talked about just now, ok?” Youssef said” Good nightttttt.”

Roy was standing in the living room, talking on his phone while Maya was changing her clothes in the bedroom.

Roy: Me too ....... Darling enough..........Alright, soon don’t worry.

Maya went out of the room, he looked at her and ended his phone call quickly.

Maya: Who you were talking to at this hour?

Roy got confused, he put his hand on his hair and looked away saying ”My friend”, then he approached her and put his hands on her shoulders saying ” Let’s go to sleep”.

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