Escaping too You ~book 3

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Chapter twenty-eight

My hands slide further up Ryann’s thighs as her fingers fist in my hair and gently tugs on the ends. Her moans are erotic as hell, and as her hips swivel against my growing cock, she knows exactly what she’s doing to me.

And I know I won’t be able to stop myself if I allow this to continue much longer. I’ve missed this. The taste of her, the feel of her as I’m buried deep inside, and I’ve missed the deep emotional connection that we hold as we come undone together.

“Ryann,” I rasp against her lips, “I’m not sure.....”

Her lips immediately collide against mine, rendering me speechless as she takes control. Ryann knows what she wants, and she’s not in any mood to be persuaded otherwise. “Thomas, I need this. Please, don’t deny me what I want and what I know you want.”

Growling, my fucking arousal, I urge her to wrap her hands around the nape of my neck. Standing, I support her with my hands, cupping her ass as she wraps her legs around my waist. Walking us back to our room, I kick the bedroom door shut as I gently lay her down to the bed. As much as I want to rip everything off and fuck her and feel that deep connection again, I have to be mindful of her injuries.

I watch her shimmy out of her underwear, and I quickly undress, feeling like I’m an overly impatient teenager about to have sex for the first time. But what can I say? This has been over two weeks in the making because getting myself off in the shower is not curbing my desire for her.

Pulling Ryann towards the edge of the bed, I kneel between her thighs. My fingers caressing the apex of her skin as I slowly pump myself. Trailing kisses in a careless path, I find myself right where I want to be, and the taste of her wet pussy is a delight I’ve missed.

Ryann’s hands are instantly in my hair as her back arches up from the bed. With each stroke my tongue delivers, I feel her wiggle with pleasure as her moans ring out.

“God, Thomas, don’t stop!” She practically screams—God, how I’ve missed this sound.

I have to force her thighs from closing in around me from her impending orgasm. My tongue flicks across her sensitive bundle of nerves causing her to moan out again as her hand’s fist in the bedsheets. Inserting one finger, she’s tight. So fucking tight, and with the hitch of her breath, I’m afraid I’m hurting her.

And I know Ryann, she won’t say anything. Not at first.

But as I’m about to withdraw my finger, Ryann stops me with her hand on my arm, “Don’t stop.” She begs in a breathy voice.

“Does it hurt?” She shakes her head no, and I’m not sure if I should believe her or not. But as I watch Ryann lay back down to the bed, she cocks her head slightly to the side, watching me closely. Finally, she takes hold of my arm forcing me to move in and out and taking control of the moment.

As Ryann arches her back off the bed, I know she’s back in her element. The control that she holds, I’m watching her reclaim it as I get her off. Because listening to her screaming out my name, it’s her escaping and reclaiming the aspect of her life she wants.

In a way, she’s escaping to me.

“Fuck, THOMAS!” She cries out as she withers with my finger still stroking her and my tongue fucking lapping up the perfection that is Ryann’s smell and taste. Her screams are easily heard through the condo from her spasming orgasm. One that has been long overdue.

Coming up, I hoover over Ryann, watching her wide hazel eyes look up at the ceiling before connecting with mine. Her chest is rising and falling with deep, panting breaths. Leaning down, I connect our lips, my tongue slipping in and forcing her to taste herself. Ryann moans against my lips as my hand starts to glide up and under Ryann’s nightshirt, only to have my hand stopped before I hit her stomach and her incision site.

Pulling away slightly, I see the slight panic in her eyes, “What are you afraid of?” I ask softly.

“It’s ugly, please don’t....” the pleading and self-doubt shatters my soul. I don’t want Ryann to view, what will be, her new scar as something ugly and hinders her beauty in any way. Because if anything, it enhances it.

Reconnecting our lips, I cut her off before pulling away, “You’re still my same beautiful, babydoll. I love you, and the only thing that wound is going to do is enhance your beauty.” I watch a smile form into the corners of her mouth and feel her hold on my hand lax, allowing me to continue my original path.

As my hand moves further up, the material of her tee bunches above my hand until it’s revealing the long incision site across her belly. I’ve seen the site many times, but never in a romantic, intimate moment like this. Most of the time, Ryann makes sure it’s covered and that she’s dressed in loose-fitted clothing to keep it hidden and her clothes from sticking to the area.

I keep my eyes connected with very hesitant hazel eyes before breaking and trailing kisses along her site. My fingers gliding over the staples that will hopefully be coming out soon. I marvel at the extraordinary strength that Ryann has shown, the courage she has. Even in moments of chaos and self-doubt when she feels her weakest, I watch her confidence rebuild with a quick reminder of the person she is now. Even now, I’m watching the hesitation fade from her eyes as I show her the beauty I see.

“All I see is beauty, babydoll, and my opinion is the only one that matters.” I purr against her skin. “Don’t ever second guess your beauty and worth, again.”

I watch Ryann bite her lower lip as I slowly bring myself over her again. My cock nestling in the sweetest spot possible, just at her opening. Ryann bucks her hips up slightly, urging me to enter and coating the tip of my cock in her wetness.

Brushing away the loose strands of her hair, “You have to tell me if it’s too much.” She nods her head slowly as she urges me down to her lips.

“Just go slow,” she whispers before reconnecting our lips.

As our tongues start to dance, I slowly ease myself in. Ryann gasps out against my lips, causing me to pause. I’m waiting for her cue, waiting for her to adjust to the sudden intrusion, and when she reconnects the kiss, I slide the rest of the way in.

“Fucking, hell,” I groan out. I knew she was tight just from fingering her, but my god, her walls are soft and already pulsating around my dick. I haven’t even started to thrust yet, and I’m not sure I’ll be able to without blowing my goddamn load.

I catch Ryann’s mouth twerk into a knowing smile, “Miss me?”

Oh, that confidence, I love that fucking confidence. “Miss you? I’ve been fucking craving you, babydoll.” I growl as I slowly start to thrust in and out. Her body immediately responds as I watch her back arch and her nails begin to claw into the skin of my shoulders. “You’re my addiction, Ryann. I can’t live this life without you.”

Ryann’s eyes go wide with lust, admiration, and so much fucking love that I don’t need to hear her say those three magical words. I can already hear her screaming them. Wrapping her hands around the nape of my neck, she pulls me back down to her lips as my thrusts become faster, and our kiss drowns out her moans.

The faster my hips thrust, the more her walls tighten and pulsate around my cock. I can feel Ryann is on the brink. She’s ready to let go, she’s ready to come, and I want to watch her orgasm take her into another world. One that is not filled with all of this vile drama.

“Thomas,” Ryann moans against my lips, “I’m going to come.”

“Come,” I purr, “Babydoll, I want you to come.”

Ryann’s hand fists into my hair as she cries out my name. Her walls tightening and spasming around my cock, and with one last final thrust, I spill deep into her core as I call out her name.

Ryann holds me close to her, my head burying into the crook of her neck as her floral, vanilla scent invades my pores. Inhaling deeply, I marvel at the scent I’ve missed, and I marvel at the woman under me.

Placing a kiss to the tip of Ryann’s nose, she lets out the cutest little giggle possible, and I slowly withdraw from her. She winces slightly, and I suddenly feel an emptiness that fuels me to want to bury myself deep inside her again.

But I have to tell myself, not tonight. I can tell she’s feeling some sort of discomfort.

“Are you okay? Did you take your meds tonight?”

Ryann eyes me with a slight annoyance, “I’m fine, honey, really. Just a little sore.” And I know she’s more annoyed with herself and her body than she is with me for asking. “And yes, I took them tonight.”

Crawling between her legs again, I urge her up and place a swift kiss to her lips, “Stop doing that.” I warn. “I shouldn’t have let this happened tonight, not until after your recheck. You are still healing, be proud of where you are now. On a scale of one to ten, how is the pain?”

Ryann bites her lower lip, “A three.”

Smiling, “Good, compared to the....”

“The eight a few days ago,” she finishes my sentence with a soft tone filled with an accomplishment she didn’t realize she reached.

Kissing her lips again, “See, be proud of that. Not annoyed because your body is still reacting to the healing it’s going through. With that being said, if you get me in trouble with the Doctors on Thursday, I’m throwing you under the bus, temptress.”

Ryann lets out a joyous laugh as I disappear into the bathroom to collect a towel and return to the room to her still laughing. Tossing Ryann the towel, she wipes away the wetness between her legs before throwing the bath towel down to the floor. “Don’t lie. You love a woman in control.”

Laughing, I climb into bed, under the covers, and encourage Ryann to join me. She shuffles across the sheets and settles into my outstretched arm as she lays her head onto my chest. My arm wraps around her, with my hand resting on the exposed skin of her thigh. “I only love you in control, babydoll.”

“Hmm, I love you.” I feel her breath glide across my skin with warmth.

Smiling, I place a kiss to the top of her head, “And I love you.” I gnaw on the inside of my cheek before finally deciding to tell Ryann what I was up to in Cali, “Umm, so I have something to tell you.”

Ryann shifts in my hold to prop herself up on an elbow, her hazel eyes slightly unsure of what I could possibly have to say. I’m trying to keep my poker face on, but with Ryann, it’s pointless. She can read me before I have time to divulge. “Travis told you, didn’t he? About the email?”

I feel my lips go into a tight smile, “He did. But I did what I had to do. Pearl and Dax have been fired.” Her eyes go wide as her mouth flops slightly open, “They no longer have the flash drives or any copies.” I pause a moment and watch Ryann cock her head to the side, her long auburn hair falling off her shoulders and tickling the skin along my chest. “Pearl is also responsible for Shelia being able to sneak onto the property and giving information to Jamie on how to find you.”

Ryann’s mouth thins before partially opening, “ it wasn’t Max?”

Running a hand over my face and through my hair, “I don’t have that answer, Ryann. It doesn’t appear that Max gave away your location, but Jamie was paid twenty thousand dollars to take care of you. Ten grand went into his bank account. The other, we’re still trying to track.”

“Meaning, you suspect Max to have received that money.”

I nod my head slowly. “It’s what we suspect, but we’ve hit a dead-end in trailing the money, again.”

“And where did the trail end?”

Playing with a strand of her hair, I find a soothing comfort in the soft, silk-like strands I’m twirling. “To an offshore account before being bounced around bank accounts in the states.” Ryann frowns as I watch her mind start to pounder. “What?”

She shakes her head, “Nothing.”

Well, that’s not convincing. “No, not nothing. You’re thinking of something.”

“After we graduated High School, the Johnson’s were having financial troubles. I remembered overhearing Max talking with Mom and Dad about it. He said that the bank was going to foreclose on the property....” I watch her brow furrow slightly, “Then when I got out of rehab, I overheard him talking on his cell. Max was there to pick Jen up for a date, and I heard him talking outside near the tree line of the woods. He didn’t see me. I was coming back from the pond because Jen and I got into a giant fight.” She explains. “But I overheard Max telling his dad to calm down, and something about the feds not finding out because of jumping banks and the name on the account wouldn’t raise any suspicion.”

“What name, Ryann?”

I watch her bite her lip before the black of her pupils overtake her hazel eyes. “Jennifer Anderson.”

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