Escaping too You ~book 3

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Chapter thirty

“Good afternoon. How are you feeling today, Miss Anderson?” Dr. Turner asks as he walks into the room, looking overly cheerful.

Today is the day we find out if Ryann can finally get her staples out. The nurse already removed the four sutures in her head, but the million-dollar question, will the staples come out?

Hopefully, the answer is yes. Because I know if the answer is anything but a yes, Ryann will be severely disappointed.

“Good,” Ryann answers with a smile, “A little tired here and there and the occasional pain. But it’s nothing like it’s been. Each day it gets better.”

“Good, now I’m going to have you go ahead and lie back, and we’ll take a peek at your surgical site.” Ryann lays back on the exam room table as the doctor opens the front of the gown she was given to change into before her exam. I watch as Dr. Turner starts to apply pressure to random sections of Ryann’s abdomen, waiting for her to flinch or show any signs of pain. “Anything hurts?”

“No, just a little tender but not painful.”

Dr. Turner hums, “Good, good. Now,” he starts before trailing off with a slight warning to his tone. “I can take your staples out today, but you will still have restrictions as your body is still healing—no lifting anything over twenty pounds, no heavy workouts. Walk every day. And if you start feeling dizzy or have pain lasting longer than twenty-four hours, call me.”

Umm....what about sex? “And sex?” I nearly blurt out, causing Ryann to erupt in embarrassed laughter.

Even Dr. Turner looks slightly amused, “Something is telling me that restriction has already been broken.” Maybe only once or twice.....or five. “Sex is fine, but....” Always a damn but, “Nothing too vigorous.

“So, you’re telling me.....” Ryann practically bolts up from the exam table, and I can see the soft pink of awkwardness slowly start to creep up her neck.

“Oh, my god, Thomas.” Her eyes are wide, and I can’t help but look at the lacey material of her plum bra. Ryann immediately fumbles with the ends of her gown to close the material. “Are you done?”

No, I’m having too much fun embarrassing you, but instead of pushing it further, I know when to surrender.

Ryann gives Dr. Turner a sheepish smile, “We did break that restriction but only recently.”

Dr. Turner holds up a hand, “You know, most patients lie about breaking restrictions, and most of the time, I can tell by their healing progress. But if you had told me you followed every rule I laid out, sadly, I would have believed you. Everything looks and feels like it’s healing the way it should.”

Ryann beams at the doctor and me before laying back to the table and opening her gown again. Dr. Turner starts removing the staples one by one. Talking about the goals he wants to see Ryann achieve before her next recheck appointment before their conversation changes over to unknown sights to see around New York.

And I’m starting to feel like a fly on the wall as I listen to their conversation. And with each clink of the removed staple clashing into the little metal tray, I feel my stomach flip.

Oof, I think I’m going to get sick. I’m usually not one to get queasy with things like this. Hell, I did fine helping Ryann do the after-care. I’m not sure why watching him remove the damn things from her skin is causing an issue.

Catching Ryann’s attention, “Hey, you okay?”

Nodding my head, “Yup, just fine.” A lie she immediately sees through.

I catch Dr. Turner looking up mid-removal, “Put your head between your legs Mr. Copeland and breath.”

Noted, and I do as I’m instructed. Taking deep breaths in and out. My eyes locked on the pale tan laminate flooring with random black scuff marks from the chair’s wheels and the little rolling stand he has positioned beside him. With each clunk of the small metal staples, I feel my body automatically draw a deep breath in.

Instead of focusing on what’s happening around me, I force my mind to think of today’s agenda. After we leave here, Ryann has an appointment with her therapist, and I never know how long those appointments will last. Anywhere from an hour to two. I honestly think her doctor clears her entire schedule for Ryann or comes into the office as soon as she calls. That or maybe the doctor lives in her office. It probably has one of those desks with a bed under it.

Then we’re off to meet her mom and sister for a late lunch. I’m still not excited about this adventure. Something isn’t sitting right with me today, and I know it’s centered around this meetup. Not to mention, I still need to find time to talk with Jen. Not that today would be the perfect timing for it. Because I’m sure Betty would love to know that her son-in-law has a fraudulent bank account....oh, but wait, but it’s Jen’s name on the account. Implicating her if the FEDS were to come a-knocking.

Fucking hell, when I manage to rid our lives of two dramatic toxic people, five more seem to pop right in.

“Alright, Mr. Copeland,” I feel a large hand at my back, “we’re done. How are you feeling?”

Slowly, I lift my head and sit back up. My eyes immediately making contact with Ryann’s wide hazel eyes as she cocks her head off to the side, her hands pulling her gown close.

“Are you okay?”

Giving her a thumbs up, “Just dandy. Is everything good?”

Dr. Turner smiles, “She’s set. Now, I want to recheck her again in about two weeks. From there, we can decide if she can continue her healing back in California.” He pauses for a moment, “unfortunately, I do not think she’s ready to travel cross country by air.”

I catch a flicker of a smile dance across Ryann’s lips. I knew she’d be excited to stay in New York longer. Hell, I think she’d prefer New York over Cali. Fuck, I prefer New York over Cali. New York doesn’t hold any of the bitter and devasting memories. Instead, it’s new, warm, and loving memories that I have here with Ryann.

“We will stay however long you tell us,” I tell the doctor.

I watch Ryann suddenly raise her hand slowly, like a timid student unsure of their answer. “Erm, I have a question.” And I’m not sure if the question is for the doctor or me at this point. “Umm....but I was wondering, how long?”

I look at Ryann, slightly confused. How long for what? Then it hits me, like a ton of bricks.

I watch the doctor take a seat on the rolling chair next to the exam table, “Professional opinion, ideally a year. Especially with the major surgery you had.” I reach for Ryann’s hand, lacing our fingers together. This is a topic of discussion we’ve barely tread on. I want to talk to Ryann about the miscarriage and the thought of having another child together. But I felt like it was too soon, and I didn’t want to push Ryann over an edge she wasn’t ready to jump off of. I can tell she’s barely hanging on as is, and I didn’t want her to feel like I was pushing her to talk if she didn’t want to.

I know she’s one hell of a strong woman and has her mind practically made up with any decision she makes. But I also know with sobriety, no matter how long you’ve been sober, it can take one life-altering and devasting moment to slip back to that old friend. I’ve been fighting the urge since the accident, and I can see in Ryann’s eyes that she’s still terrified that she’ll slip up.

It’s a terrifying thought and a habit I know neither one of us want to slip back into. But sometimes, the want and need for an old desire controls the function of our bodies. Even with your mind fighting tooth and fucking nail against that urge, against that old and reliable friend you once had. Even if that old and reliable friend was destroying your life.

I watch as Dr. Turner starts to scribble on a piece of paper, “I know this isn’t the news you probably wanted to hear. And I’m not going to pretend that I specialize in that area or have all the answers you two may have. But what I can do is give you the name of an OBGYN that you could call and set up an appointment with. She’ll be able to go more in-depth than I could. The one thing I can warn if you were to get pregnant this soon, you may not be fully healed, which could lead to complications.”

Ryann forces her tears to stay at bay as she slowly nods her head up and down in a false understanding. “Thank you.” She says softly before taking the piece of paper from the doctor.

Dr. Turner gives both Ryann and me a tight and sympathetic smile, “Now, in two weeks, I’ll see you back here.” I watch Ryann meekly nod her head in agreement, “And if you two are interested, I could see if Dr. Pond is available to come by and talk. If you have any questions....”

Ryann’s grip on my hand tightens before loosening, and I can feel her heart shattering from the news she didn’t want to hear. “Thank you, that would be great. Can you have someone call me and let me know if Dr. Pond can make it to her recheck appointment?” I ask for Ryann.

The doctor looks from Ryann then to me before nodding his head, “Of course. You two have a good day.”

I bid the doctor farewell and wait for the exam room door to shut before getting to my feet and stepping between Ryann’s legs. Pulling her into my chest, I place a kiss to the top of her head as I feel her break down and cry into my shirt. “Babydoll, what’s wrong?” I know what’s wrong, but I’m not really sure how to even approach this conversation. Ryann shakes her head against my chest, “Babydoll, I’m not really sure how to.....” trailing off, I take a deep breath in and force Ryann out of my hold and to meet my eyes. “Are you thinking about having children?”

“I....I, umm....” She blows out a frustrated breath between her stuttering words, “I feel like I’ve failed.” If my heart hasn’t already broken for this strong and amazing woman, it just fucking shattered. Because it’s not her who has failed, it’s me.

Cupping her cheek with my hand, “Babydoll, you did not fail. There is no way you could have prevented what happened.” Maybe I should listen to my own advice instead of being a giant ass hypocrite. “Sloane still survives within us. This may not have been the right time for our family to begin, but our family will begin once you’re healed and ready. As soon as you say the word, we can start our family.”


With confidence, “Babydoll, I promise you.” Placing a longing kiss to her lips, I can feel Ryann’s sadness slowly dissipate and melt away as her spirits lift. “Positive note, you don’t have to worry about being a temptress.”

Ryann laughs as she swats at my chest, pushing me away slightly. The shoulder of her gown falls down her arm exposing her cock stirring lacey bra. “Hmm....” She purrs as she takes hold of my tee and pulls me back towards her, “Don’t lie, you love my temptress side.”

I love every fucking side of Ryann. The bad, the good, the sexy. All of it. I want it all. “Are you trying to tempt me now?”

Ryann bits her lower lip. I immediately growl as my lips hover over hers, “I would never.”

“Fucking tease,” Our lips meet for a quick and passionate kiss. One that screams to the world that as long as we have each other, we can get through anything. We’re each other’s, life preservers. We will fight until the end to protect each other, even if it means we’ll both drown.

Thank God, we have amazing friends and family to help us too. Because without them, I’m not sure Ryann or I would still be afloat.

“You love it,” Ryann purrs against my lips.

Smiling, “I love you.”

There is a soft knock on the room door, forcing Ryann and I to part just as the nurse walks back in with Ryann’s new instructions to follow and her follow-up appointment. Ryann’s face slowly ignites into a vibrant red as she quickly pulls her gown close again.

“Miss. Anderson, these are your new instructions, and your next Dr. appointment is listed below along with Dr. Pond’s information. You can get dress now, and once you’re ready, your bodyguard is waiting for you outside of the room.” I can tell by the shakiness in her voice, Travis is making her uncomfortable and intimidating her.

I attempt to suppress a laugh, but it escapes from my lips and wins me a slight whack to the gut.

“Thank you,” Ryann says sweetly.

The nurse leaves the room and closes the door behind her, and I’m immediately hit in the head by Ryann’s discarded gown. In a rush, I remove the garment from my head to find Ryann already dressed. And of course, she is taking my breath away in her black flowy tee-shirt dress. It also doesn’t help that one side of the dress is tied in a low knot and resting and slightly exposing a sliver of her middle thigh.

“Temptress,” I pout.

Ryann laughs as she leads the way to the door, with her hand outstretched behind her. I immediately take her hand, “Don’t worry, I’ll make up for it.”

“How about this, we go to your therapy appointment and back to the condo for some fun.”

The devious smile on her face is fucking delicious, “As much as I want to do that, we can’t skip lunch on my mom and sister again. But we can go back to the condo afterwards and have some fun.”

Twisting my lips off to the side, I know Ryann can still sense my hesitancy, “I still don’t think this is a good idea.”

Ryann cups my cheek with her free hand before standing on her tiptoes and places a kiss to my lips, “It will be fine. Mom will get over the engagement. Promise.”

Attempting a reassuring smile, Ryann leads the way out of the room before falling in line behind Travis. But, even with Ryann’s reassurance, I don’t think that is what my gut is warning me about. Something else is brewing, and I have no fucking idea what could be coming our way.

Once again, I feel like we’re about to get blindsided.

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