Escaping too You ~book 3

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Chapter forty-four

Ryann driving down the 101 and I-5; it’s like her own personal racetrack. How in the hell she didn’t get pulled over is beyond me. I mean, I speed, but they must have a special lesson in driver’s ed in the Hoosier state how to weave in and out of traffic like a boss and not crash or get pulled over.

And, of course, Ryann refused to tell me where we were going. And she was getting way too much enjoyment ignoring my questions as she turned the radio up and sung louder with a broad smile across her face.

I felt like a kid again. Riding down to the coast with my family for a day out on the beach. I could hear my mother’s laughter as she sang along to whatever song came across the radio and the smile across my father’s face watching the love of his life. Those memories are rare when they flash across my mind. I don’t like to think of the happiness our family once was because I don’t know how many of those memories are true. But I don’t want to waste any more time trying to figure out at what point my father stopped loving my mom.

But I love having those happy memories back again. The ones of Mom and me driving on our own. Going on new adventures and discovering little hole-in-the-wall places that aren’t on the tourist maps. She would always find intriguing restaurants that always had the best food. I swear I want to make memories like those with Ryann and with the family we’ll have.

But the moment Ryann backed into a parking spot at the Abalone Cove Shoreline Park; it was like a wave of nostalgia washed over me. The last time I was here was when I was ten, maybe twelve. It was just Mom and me, and we walked the trail to the caves and down to the tide pools before adventuring out to the beach. We’d found ourselves spending the entire day here until the sunset. At times, Mom could talk an old friend into letting us stay past closing, and we laid out on the beach once the stars dotted the sky and gazed up.

Those memories are the ones I love to remember. And those memories are the ones I want to remember.

Now walking hand in hand with Ryann along the sand and dirt path, I can’t help but smile as I look to her. Her auburn hair pulled up high into a ponytail, the strands blowing in the wind as I catch her looking across the scenery. From the pure peace and joy on her face, I can tell Ryann is in her element out here. I know there were times when she’d run away from the house; she’d come to the beach, but I always just assumed she went to the prier or Malibu. Somewhere close to home.

Walking down onto the beach, the tide is low, but the orange and red hues from the sunset are beautiful and are casting the scene into a painted portrait.


“Hmm?” She hums as she tears her gaze from the water and to me.

“What made you think of coming down here?”

A smile dances across her face, “Because walking on a beach always helped me.” I watch her turn her head back to the ocean before coming to a stop and suddenly taking a seat. Looking up at me, she pats the sand-covered ground, urging me to sit next to her. Plopping down beside her, she immediately leans into me, and I wrap my arm around her, holding her as close as physically possible. “After meetings, or if I didn’t feel like I could make it through one, I’d come out and just sit on the beach and watch the water. Sometimes even people watch.”

Chuckling, the beach does provide a nice view of people watching. You see everything from an almost drunken naked person trying to streak across the beach only to be taken down by the police to families enjoying a family day out. Children laughing and running into the water as mothers and fathers join in on the fun and chase after them.

I won’t lie, I very rarely come to the beach anymore. It’s kinda hard to do when you take ten steps and get recognized. Sometimes all a person wants to do is walk in peace and not get recognized. And today, on this beach, it’s near closing, and the crowd here is small. But it doesn’t stop me from turning my head into Ryann’s to try and conceal myself from a couple walking past. Playing it off, I place my fingers under Ryann’s chin, urging her lips to mine.

The moment is sweet and simple. No tongue, no feeling each other up. Just a longing kiss holding our passion for one another.

“What was that for?” Ryann giggles.

“Thank you.”

Ryann shifts in my hold before suddenly laying across my lap. Her head resting on my legs as she looks up at me. Her hand comes up as her fingers brush across the stubble across my chin. Taking her fingers between mine, I rest our hands across her stomach and watch the ocean in front of us wash over the sand. Another couple walking past us takes notice and gives an awkward wave with silent giggles. I don’t bother to return the wave, but Ryann does. Once again, I’m left praying that they don’t take her possessive politeness as an invite to come and talk.

Most of the time, when she does this, it’s to prove a point. To make women aware that she’s with me, and she will not be seen as invisible. She claims that she’s killing them with kindness.

“You don’t need to thank me.”

“And you need to stop waving to fans. You know, one day, one of them is actually going take your wave as an invite to come up.” I watch Ryann bite back a smile before she can speak, “And don’t you dare say you’re killing them with kindness.”

“Fine, I’m killing them with sweetness.”

Rolling my eyes in amusement, I find my gaze on the ocean. “Mom used to bring me out here all the time when I was a kid. I haven’t been back since she died.” Looking down at our hands, I find Ryann tracing the tip of her finger across the palm of my hand. “She loved to sit where the water met the sand and have the water rush over her feet. She’d sit there, and I’d be out in the ocean swimming or trying to surf.”

“You can actually surf? Is there nothing you can’t do?”

Laughing, “Except surf. I’m lucky I can barely get myself up on the board without falling over. That was all a body double in that movie. Once I was able to get myself up, they called cut, and the switch was made.”

“Ohh,” Ryann cajoles. “Sooo, the famous Mr. Copeland can’t do everything?”

Poking her side, she lets out a squeal of laughter, “Stop that!” She swats my hand away, but I manage to sneak in another poke to her side, causing her to squirm. “Thomas!”

“Babydoll!” I mimic back. Tickling her side, Ryann bolts up to her feet and starts to run. Her giggles leaving a trail for me to follow, and I give chase.

Watching Ryann run out into the ocean, the water splashes up around her bare legs as she laughs out. When I finally catch up to Ryann, I wrap my arms around her, spinning her around; I rest one hand on her hip and the other at the small of her back. Bringing her into me. The water rushes over our feet and up to our calves, and I see the mist of the air coating Ryann’s flawless skin. Making her glow brighter than I ever thought was possible.

“I hate it when you do that.”

Wiping away the water dotting her skin, “I love hearing your laughter.”

“Then tell me a stupid ass joke. Don’t tickle me.” The playfulness in her voice makes me smile.

Chucking, “You want a joke?” She nods her head before cocking it to the side, patiently waiting for the punchline. “What’s a golf club’s favorite type of music?”

Biting her lip to keep her amusement hidden, “Why I don’t know. What is a golf club’s favorite type of music?”


Ryann snorts out in laughter as a hand comes up to cover her mouth. “That was cheesy.”

“But you’re laughing.”

“Because it’s cheesy,” she says around her laughter.

Bringing her lips to mine, I feel my hand slide down her backside and give a firm squeeze. Ryann shrieks out before I sweep her off her feet and start walking us further into the water. The ocean splashes up to my waist, sending a slight cold chill to take over.

“Oh, my, gosh, Thomas, the water is freezing.” Ryann clings onto me, nearly climbing on top of my shoulders.

“It’s not that bad.” Ryann attempts to jump from my arms, but I keep a tight hold of her in my arms. “I’ll walk us out on one condition.”

Eyeing me, “And what condition would that be?”

“Kiss me.”

“Why, Mr. Copeland, are you wanting to be seen with me in public? I thought I wasn’t your type.”

A small wave crashes against us and sprays water around us. Ryann closes her eyes instinctively, and I get the well-known taste of sea salt on my lips. “You’re my only type,” I say against her lips.

Placing a kiss to her mouth, her arms wrap around my neck as her hand snakes up into my hair. The sun has nearly set, and I know we need to get back to the car. The Park has long since closed, but I can’t seem to pull away from Ryann’s exploring tongue that still causes my heart to flutter.

Slowly, I pull away. Ryann looks up at me with tranquil hazel eyes. “I love you.”

Smiling, “I love you. Now, let’s get into some dry clothes.”

Throwing Ryann over my shoulder, she lets out a fit of laughter as I feel her hands fisting in the material of my tee, “Thomas, put me down.”

“Not a chance, babydoll.”

Walking out of the water with Ryann slung over my shoulder, I make the trek back to the car. I may have added in a few ass smacks along the way, winning me a smack or two to my own ass. The parking lot is empty, and our car is the only one left in the lot. Ryann backed the Benz into the parking spot, so the back is facing the ocean. You can barely make out the body of water, but you can hear the soft waves still wash up on the shore. It’s a relaxing and calming sound, and I’m not ready to leave.

Setting Ryann back to her feet, she fishes in her pocket for the keys and unlocks the car. Suddenly, she places her palms flat against my chest, “Erm....wait here.”

Arching a brow, “Wha...what? Why?”

“Just do it,” she laughs. “Promise, it’s nothing bad. Just give me a sec.”


Ryann is practically giddy as she darts around to the back of the vehicle. I hear the back hatch opening as I catch the car slightly rock from side to side. I can make out Ryann’s shadow as she fiddles with something in the back before she suddenly flicks the small little hatch light off. Casting the vehicle into darkness. And with the tinted windows, it’s next to impossible to see in without any light casting out.

“Ryann, whatcha doing in there?”

“Just a minute,” she hollers back.

Leaning against the front passenger door, I attempt to sneak a peek inside to see what she’s up to, but I can’t see shit. Internally, I curse myself for tinting the fucking windows this dark. Now, I’m starting to feel like Ryann, that, or I’m just impatient.

“Okay!” She sings from the back.

Feeling my lips twitch into a smile, I push myself off the side of the car and walk around to the back. I find a stack of dry clothes waiting for me on the rear bumper. Taking the dry shorts and tee in my hands, I look into the back of the car and find the seats folded down, and there is a blanket down with pillows creating a soft barrier for us to lean against. There is also a small cooler against the car wall, and maybe even plates on top of it too.

But what nearly knocks the air out of my lungs, Ryann casted in the low glow of a lantern. She’s sitting in the center with her legs under her wearing one of my tees. Her hair is now down in a messy wavy look. Dear God, almighty, I’m not sure I’ll be able to contain my enjoyment from this sight. Looking around me, I don’t see anyone in sight. The Park is closed, which means we aren’t supposed to be here either.

“I called in a favor.”

Looking back to her, her lip is between her teeth as she attempts to hide her nerves. “A favor?”

She nods her head coyly, “Well, Carl did. His brother is Chief Park Ranger and pulled some strings. We have until sunrise to leave.”

Pulling off my wet clothes, I quickly get into my dry sports shorts and tee and eagerly climb into the back of the car. Sitting against the pillows, I urge Ryann to straddle my lap, and she happily complies. My hands rest on her exposed thighs, and I slowly sneak my fingers up further as her body starts to sway and her skin ignites under my touch.

Wrapping a hand to the small of her back, I keep her body anchored and slipped my other hand further up her tee. My finger skimming where her underwear should be. I try to keep my moan in, but it escapes with the twitch of my cock.

“Babydoll, look at me.” Urging her to open her eyes, I find a pair of heavily satiated eyes staring back at me in the low glow of the lantern. “Today was amazing.”

Ryann smiles as she bites her lower lip and sending a vibrating growl through my body, “I also brought food....Umm, if we....” Ryann rocks her head back as my itchy fingers graze up her intoxicating body. “Get hungry.”

Oh, I’m hungry, alright. Slipping my hands out from under her tee, I pull it over her head. Exposing every perfect fucking inch of her. Then, pulling her down to my lips, I feel Ryann’s hand slip under my shirt. Her fingers trailing along the outline of my abs before slipping down the front of my shorts. My breath immediately hitches, “I’m fucking hungry for you.”

With her forehead pressed against mine, I can practically see Ryann’s mouth twist with a smile. Her hand slowly and torturously pumping me. “Then what are you waiting for, Mr. Copeland?”

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