My billionaire husband the one for me

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Xavier knight. Who is a young successful businessman. And one of the power full people in the new York city. He is well known as cold rude and arrogant man but no one ever saw his sufferings and struggles ha had gone through. His past made him like that. Ariana Williams who has a very painful past but she make herself stronge by consoling her self "it is going to be alright" She is a very cheerful and intelligent lady , and mostly one of the beautiful soul in the earth. what happen when both the broken souls become together.

Drama / Mystery
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My billionaire husband the one for me

Hello guys actually this is my first book that iam writing so pls give your support and encouragement for me and plz comment thank you let's start!

Xavier is in his office checking and signing some of the files which are placed on his desk .while he was checking ,his office door burst open and some one entered into his office .and he already knows who it was,so without even looking up he asked what is it.
And here a cheerful voice answered him,
Do I have to got some reasons to come and look for my buddy. said sagar
Ofcourse no but I know you will always take something to annoy me so what is it .said Xavier without looking at him .
Yah! How can you say that, iam hurt you know what you changed. Said sagar while plasing his hand on his chest.
Such a drama queen.said turning his gauge towards sagar with a small smile on his face
Sagar huffed and sat in front of him while crossing his hands across his chest.
Ok ok I' I'll treat you dinner today is that ok .said Xavier
Double ok your apology is accepted. Said sagar with a smile
The two friends talked for a while, and know sagar became serious,means he is about to tell something about work .Xavier understand that and become silent to listen what he is about to tomorrow we have an interview on finding secretary for both of us, so be ready to interview them.
Xavier nodded and sagar left from there after their
At knight
Xavier reached his mention after a tiring day,and went straight to his bedroom.After fresh up he went down the stairs, entered into his kitchen and took some juice bottle and poured it into a glass, and gulped it .
After that he went to terrace and watched the stars,while remembering some of his memories from his past.
While looking at the stars he asked him self a question
That always roming in his mind.
Why ?....

Arianas pov
She is here in her flower boutique working on making some bouquets and arranging different types of flowers in order . She is working hard to earn money to pay her rent and her expenses, On her own .
Yes ofcourse no one is there for her to depend on someone. Because she has no one in her life.
She grew in an orphanage, when she was 8 the orphanage got distracted by some of illegal issues so the kids are shattered,because of that she had to live in streets and begged for food.
while starving and then a couple adopted her and admitted in a good school.
she is kind and understanding by her birth, so she always studied hard get full marks in every thing. But the time passing by the couple getting jealous and irritated by her good grades,behaviour,and mainly her buty.
Because they also have a daughter after ariana stepped in their house .and she is always less in every thing compared to ariana.
Her adopted unty did not like her from the beginning so she always abused her and even tried to stop her from studying further ,but her uncle convinced his wife by saying that she works as a maid in their house,so the money they were investing on her is turned on to our repay to her work .and she is agreed to it. it helped ariana by paying her fees to her studies.
when she is about to graduate in two days the couple throw her out of there house. Because her graduation is way higher than their daughter. She can easily get a job so they abounded her from their house.
But little did ariana know that there is something more than what she thinks about her abondence. She come out of her thoughts by the door bell indicating some one has entered into her shop she quickly comes in front and gave what they wanted and resived amount from the customer.
After her work she came into her small apartment, and went straight to her bedroom, after fresh up she prepared a lite dinner to her,after finished her dinner , went to sleep.little did she know there is something thing else going to happend to her life.
That's for all know meet again with another episode until then but guys.❤❤❤

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