My billionaire husband the one for me

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My billionaire husband the one for me

**next morning **

Ariana woke up in the morning because she need to deliver a delivery which she got yesterday.

**flashback **

Ariana is about to close her shop but a car suddenly comes in front of her and a man come out and said.
"Hello iam nick sorry to block you but I need a huge bouquet of red Rose's by tomorrow morning.
Ariana smiles at him and tells
"Yes sir you can "
The man left a sigh and tells the address to her and he left after that giving a last apology.

**back to present **

Ariana made a huge bouquet of red Rose's and get them ready to deliver .
She left to the address after making sure that everything is ok.
Ariana went to there and entered the building which is boldly built and named knight's co.
She got stunned by the beauty of the building, while she is admiring the beauty of the building she saw the receptionist and went to her.
The receptionist is wearing a white shirt which is too tight that if she took a deep breath her shirt will be RIP apart and a tight pencil cut skirt with tones of make up.
She shook her thoughts and asked.
"Excuses me"
The receptionist looked at her with a hint of disgust in her face and asked.
" yes how can I help you" with a forced smile.
Ariana tells her that she came there to deliver a bouquet and the receptionist tells her the way and ask her to put them in the big vase that is present in the main hall which is seemed to be waiting hall too.
While she is fixing the flowers she heard a familiar voice which she heard yesterday,she turns around and looks at him,with a sweet smile.
"Good morning missy"
Said nick cheerfully.
Ariana chuckles and said.
"Ariana its ariana Williams "she said and greete him with a smile and looked around.
She noticed that the hall is getting little bit crowded.
So she turned around and asked nick .
"Sir may I know is there something is happening here "
Nick smiled and said.
"oh please call me nick and yes there is a interview going on here for finding the secretary to the CEOs .
Ariana thought of something and asked him hesitantly.
"Nick is anyone can participate in it with a good qualification ?".she asked him nervously.
Nick turn to her quickly and nodded at her with a smile saying "yes ariana ".
She looks around and asks him
"Then may I get application please I need a job and I have a good qualification too".
Nick says "why not but did you get your certificates with you "he asked her .
Ariana shook her head as no.
"Then let's get your certificates we still have 15 minutes to start the interview "said nick .
Ariana node and stars to walk out side .
But she stopped on her track when he heard him calling for her .
Nick came behind her and said that he will take her to her home,a d take her back because she will be late if she took the public transportation.
Ariana hesitantly agreed to him and went home and xhanged into something formal and came back to the company bringing her certificates.
After that she filled the application.
And is waiting for the interview.
**xavier pov**

Here iam getting ready to go to work
He were a black suit with hair neatly jelled and is devilishly looking handsome.
After that he came downstairs and greeted mrs Sofia
With a smile apart from sagar she is the only one who can see his smiles and talks.
She is like a mother to him .
He sits an the kitchen bar stool and started to have his breakfast soon he finished and went to his car and drove away to the company.
As soon as he stepped out from his car he put on a cold face and held his chin high and walking authoritiesly
While he is walking towards his desk ,he glanced at the people who are there to participate in the interview but a particular person caught his attention.
A girl looking very decent and professional .by her dressing and site there with the determination in her eyes without nervous or any fear.what he was impressed the most importantly is,she is beautiful and confidently sitting there with holding passion in her green eyes. She looks at him for a second and again back to her form .
He was stunned that she looked at him and still she didn't even re glance at him. who ever the girl is if once she saw him that will definitely stare at him and drool over him, but ariana is didn't even give him a glance even after saw him.he was surprised.
And went to his office.
Soon the interview started and one by one is coming every turn the girls who are came inside for interview are drooling at the two handsome mens sitting in front of them,Xavier get bored and soon started to annoying. He got up stood by the big window and looking outside,while sagar doing the interview.
Soon he smelled some sweet smell unlike the strong smells of perfumes of the girls who tried to seduce them,followed by a sweet voice.
"Good morning sir iam ariana Williams "

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