Second Life Roulette

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The Crew

Ciel found that other people, males and females of every different ethnicities and backgrounds, were filling the room to greet her. They were obviously thrilled that they had a new Second Lifer. Ciel noted different things about each of them as Nate introduced her to everyone.

Gia. A curly redhead who had a contagious smile, dressed in dungarees and boots.

Abeed. A friendly boy of Islamic descent with an innocence in his dark eyes that made Ciel want to cry for him.

Christina G. A brunette girl with a friendly smile, coloured nails and dressed in netted leggings, boots and a purple dress.

Yeter. A Turkish girl who wore mostly teal and white. She mainly seemed sad.

Bora. A small Korean girl with choppy red hair and a pink Lolita dress.

Klaus. A blond german boy with a serious, military vibe to him. Guess someone needed to take charge.

Ivan. A tall Russian gentleman in farming slacks with a couple of bandages.

Mia. A girl who looked no older than 13 was hiding behind Ivan. She was dressed in a white nightie.

Lastly, there was Antoine. A latino male who kept to himself mostly. From the bandages on every part of his body his tracksuit didn't cover, except for his face, he had been here the longest.

All of these individuals had one thing in common; this was their Second Life after their tragic deaths. Just like Ciel.

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