Second Life Roulette

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The Rules of Second Life

Finally, Ciel started asking questions. "What even is this place, anyway?" she asked.

Christina's smile faded slightly. "Well, we have one thing in common. We all died tragically.." she explained.

Nate lightly patted Ciel's shoulder. "If our death was tragic enough, we're reborn here as Second Lifers. The last thing we all remember is how we died." he stated.

Mia was still quietly hiding behind Ivan. "Even Mia?" Ciel asked.

Ivan nodded, patting Mia's head.

"The Second Life isn't entirely safe, though. The natives here are crazy. Their scientists own flesh-eating maggots. That's how Abeed's twin brother went." Yeter interjected.

Nate was quick to notice the horror on Ciel's face. "There is a way out. In the Second Life, there are four puzzles. All we need to do is find the clues then solve them so we can move onto Paradise." he assured Ciel.

"Paradise?" Ciel wondered.

"We'd be safe there. Once we've solved the puzzles. So far, we've had no such luck." Christina remarked.

Ciel thought about it, looking from the innocent Mia to the heavily wounded Antoine. She was always good at puzzles. She could do it. She'd get the others to Paradise. Every single one of them.

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