Second Life Roulette

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Clue Hunting

It was easier said than done. Clue Hunting was a lot harder than it seemed.

Yeter had said that each of the clues for the riddles were supposed to be hidden in plain sight. If only it were that easy.

"If it was, it wouldn't be called a puzzle.." Ciel thought as she walked through the salt-ridden town.

The bunker was merely on the outskirts of the town. Isolating itself from the town's sinister aura.

Ciel, Nate, Gia and Antoine had all gone out to look for the elusive clues. They had split up into two; Gia with Antoine while Nate opted to go with Ciel.

Ciel took this chance to get to know the town that was part of the Second Life. It seemed like a normal, British sea-side town. Like Teignmouth. With little vendor stalls and old style shops, it was easy to forget that many Second Lifers died here.

Small piles of decomposing Second Lifer bodies was the unpleasant reminder. It made Nate shudder at the idea that Ciel could suffer the same fate; she'd just got here.

Ciel felt her spirit waiver then surge. 'I can do it' she told herself.

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